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2022-08-08 18:02:50

    Disgaea baby dump

    I present Adell and Rozalin’s son who I don’t have a name for. It was fun combining their designs.

    Mao and Rasberyl’s daughter. I can’t decide if she should be Strawberyl or Mulberyl.

    And finally Zed and Melodia’s daughter Em. Don’t know if zombies can even have kids in this series but I don’t care!

    I did make a demon and angel pair of twins for Valvatorez and Artina but I’m not to fond how of how their designs came out so I’ll keep them to myself for now.

    セレナ on pixiv


    YAGOO: “Ah, Kiryuu! You dyed your hair black. Nice!“ Coco: “Shuddup~! Not like I did it because you told me to~!“ YAGOO: “Amane~ No flying in the hallway~“ Kanata: “Ah! I’m sorry…!“


    Kiryuu Coco: High school dragon. Dyed her hair black when her teacher told her “you’ll hurt Amane and Tokoyami’s reputation if you flaunt such a fancy hair colour“.

    Amane Kanata: Member of the Holo High student council. Lives with Kiryuu Coco. Holo High arm wrestling champion.

    Tsunomaki Watame: Member of the choir club. Eats potato crisps constantly because the oil in them is good for her throat.

    Himemori Luna: Her black hair is actually a wig. On her days off she goes out with her pink hair, but is careful not to let anyone from school see her.

    Tokoyami Towa: Has natural purple hair but dyes it black so as to not stand out as a devil. She talks like a gyaru but is an honour student who is never late or absent.

    Tanigou-sensei: Congratulates his students often.

    Some Disgaea fan art.

    Older Sicily. Incorporated some of Gwen’s style in her and curled her hair like  Krichevskoy. I tried drawing Ozonne, Flonne’s little sister from the novels, in more of the Disgaea/Takehito Harada art style instead of the novel style.Then finally angel Gorden and angel Jennifer

    This art style is hard for me to emulate so I hope they came out well.