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2022-07-01 04:58:19

    grandma has been watching me play Bloodborne lately and she cheers for the bosses instead of me


    just so we’re clear, this was the monster she was defending

    “she might have babies” , she says


    obviously the best part of this video is her critical analysis of me as the player character and the moral implications of my actions, which actually do align flawlessly with Bloodborne’s real canon lore, but,

    my personal favorite part of this is the very beginning where you can hear the YOU DIED sound effect in the background as she drags my punk ass with that “im getting tired of going to your funeral.” grandma told me to Git Gud and tbh I have yet to recover.


    please for the love of god turn ur sound on


    *boston accent*  “It takes a pet like NO PRABLEM! Nat afraid at alll, Thats a great cat right there..”


    Here he is all grown up!

    His name is Maui and he still takes a pat like no phrawblem

    But he’s still giving you the stink eye because he’s actually a New York bodega cat at Willy’s Deli in Brooklyn and you know how New Yorkers are about Bostonians

    That’s a great cat right there

    Also his whittle white peety paws 😍😍😍


    I love how they’re evaluating him like a car


    always reblog Maui, a great cat right there