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    In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur who was immortal. In a fight he did not partake in, he got wounded by Hercules and because of the fact that he could not die, he lived in terrible pain. Chiron was very wise, unlike the other centaurs, who were agressive and violent. Chiron is symbolized by the wounded healer. He was a wise teacher and healer, who could heal others, but not himself.

    In Astrology Chiron represents our wounds and our way of healing the wound. It also shows in which area, we are wise and able to help others.

    Chiron in Aries/1st house:

    Chiron in Aries will heal by finally taking action. They should find their strength within. They tend to give other people confidence and boost their ego, but deep down they themselves are really insecure. People might have rejected them for who they really are. They tend to hide their true self and are afraid of rejection. You have trouble asserting yourself and may keep quiet in times, where you should speak up. You feel like you don't even deserve to exist or that they're not good enough. Your wound lies in your identity and you can only heal it by finally realising your worth and building up your confidence.

    Chiron in Taurus/2nd house:

    Chiron in Taurus biggest fear is to lose something, wether it be security, money, possessions or a person. These people are typically over-protective of everything that's important to them. They may feel quilty about being so materialistic, after all financial security is very important to them. They may be clingy or develope some abandonment issues. They are very caucious and tend to be the avoidant type. Your path of healing will be to strengthen your spirituality, get in tune with your body. You should learn to take risks and that some thing in life simply won't be there forever. You can deal great with the money of others, so you probably have very good business advice.

    Chiron in Gemini/3rd house:

    Chiron in Gemini may has been ridiculed in their youth for their ideas or their way of speaking. They simply weren't taken serious. They are afraid of voicing their opinions and tend to hold back before talking. You feel stupid and dumb. They are unable to communicate with others freely and feel like other people are way smarter than them. Your healing journey will be to develope some confidence in your way of speaking. You can express yourself through music or art in any form. You can heal other people through your art/music. A lot of unique singers have this placement: Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Drake, Rihanna, Kesha. As you can see all these singers are amazing. Take pride in your brilliant and unique mind.

    Chiron in Cancer/4th house:

    The wound of Chiron in Cancer lies in their family. These people feel unlovable or that they don't deserve nurture, care and love. These people experience emotional pain quite frequently. They feel lonely and abandonned. They may even experience numbness and emptiness at some point of their life. The cause for this lies at some childhood or family trauma, they have experienced in their youth. There are two kinds: 1.They can be insecure and have trouble at nurturing other people, due to never being nurtured themselves. 2.They may be very warm and compassionate people, who can easily absorb the feelings of others, which can leave them drained, since they are so empathetic. They tend to care and smother other people but aren't willing to accept nurture for themselves. You can heal by realising your worth and accepting love. Everyone deserves love.

    Chiron in Leo/5th house:

    These people are most likely to experience a creativity-block. They ferl like they are uncreative, unoriginal and unimaginative. They are always wary, because they feel like other people secretely hate them. They ferl unseen by people and not recognized enough. These people also tend to be introverts, because they don't like attention or the spotlight, in fear of not bein accepted, but there can be a second type who is working really hard and wants to be accepted and applauded, but doesn't get the recognition they deserve. You're really accepting of other people and value their efforts, while you yourself don't ferl good enough. You should empower yourself and have some confidence in all the things you are doing. I promise you, someday your efforts will be seen. Extremely famous celebrities with Chiron in Leo, who worked hard and got all the recognition they deserved: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jimi Hendrix, Cardi B and Zayn Malik. Don't give up.

    Chiron in Virgo/in 6th house:

    Chiron in Virgo are perfectionists and very organized, this is because they experience shame quite frequently. They are aware of how other people see them and try to come off as clean, put-together and reserved as they can. Their aid for others might go unnoticed or people tend to just trample all over them, only contacting them when they need help. Chiron in Virgo might've experienced some health issues of some kind. These people are also very often extremely anxious. They should learn to relax and to say no to people. They should stop putting other peooles problems above their own. Only then will they truly heal.

    Chiron in Libra/7th house:

    Chiron in Libra are in constant search for their "soul mate". They don't feel whole without a relationship and always feel like someone/something is missing. They might feel that the world has been unfair to them. These people hate feeling lonely and often need someone to be with together, doesn't matter if romantic or platonic. They get hurt by loneliness but also by relationships that've gone wrong. They are also very avoidant in their dealings and hate conflict. They love fairness and justice and people around them feel this. They may also have a need to feel beautiful and might feel inadequate, when they don't look a certain way. You should learn to love yourself first before entering a possible romantic relationship. Find your stregth within and don't look for YOUR strength in OTHER people.

    Chiron in Scorpio/8th house:

    Chiron in Scorpio is especially intense. Their pain revolves around some deep-rooted trauma and/or abuse. They are typically wary of other people and trust no one, have huge trust issues. They tend to hide their pain more often than not, afraid of loosing control. Power struggles can arise, these people try to seem strong and independent when in reality they could be crumbling inside. It is hard for these people to ignore theur trauma, it's constantly reappearing in nightmares or they may have some triggers that could evoke it. These people should do some shadow-work or work on their inner-child, since they are practically trapped within. They shouldn't be afraid of their darker and more taboo side and learn to accept themselves fully. They should also let some people get to know them, since some of them actually wish them the best. Don't be afraid.

    Chiron in Sagittarius/9th house:

    Chiron in Sagittarius are in constant search for a deeper meaning and a higher power. They might have experienced trauma relating to religion. These people want to search for their own meaning in life. They feel kind of disconnected from their beliefs and have trouble really beliefing in something, but still don't give up in searching for this "something". They may have felt in their life, that the whole point of existence is pointless and meaningless. What is the point of our existence? Why do we even exist? These are questions this natives have asked themselves more often than not. They proabably have changed their beliefs at least once. These people are typically very wise and make great philosophers. You will soon find your meaning in life, it's okay to question your belief system.

    Chiron in Capricorn/10th house:

    These people feel like their efforts and hard-work is unappreciated and/or gets unrecognized. They have a primal fear of loosing control and that their life will become chaotic. They want to be noticed and due to that they push their own limits. They have very high expactations of themselves, expectations that almost seem impossivle to achieve. They need to be in control regarding everything in their life. They are so analytical and observant that really nothing can escape their eye. You're great at teaching other people discipline and getting them to work for their goals. You will aslo heal through self-discipline. You should find a balnace between work and relaxation, since you tend to burn out and over-work yourself easily.

    Chiron in Aquarius/11th house:

    Chiron in Aquarius was always the odd one in every setting. They never feel like they truly fit in and might have experienced social disharmony. Other people might have not accepted them for their differences and no matter how hard these people try to hide their uniqueness it shows every time. They may have made bad experiences with friends (fake friends). They could've also been bullied in their youth. These people are very accepting and kind, since they know how it feels like to get excluded. They always try to make people feel included and comfortable people to be around. These people will learn that their differences are amazing and they shouldn't try to hide who they really are. There are people who will love you for your uniqueness.

    Chiron in Pisces/12th house:

    Chiron in Pisces may have trouble staying in reality and putting up boundaries. At some point in their life they may have lost themselves to their escapist tendencies or have experiences someone close in their life doing that (Drugs, Alcohol involved). It's hard for them to take a grasp and land a firm foot on the ground. They typically go with the flow and daydream. They are really great at evoking the minds and imagination of other people. They also have a fantastic mind and are hopeless romantics (you shouldn't ignore red flags). These people have great healing and spiritual abillities and can empathize with other people easily. But they should learn to sometimes put their needs above others and carve clear limits, people shouldn't overstep, to avoid getting walked over. You will find your healing in your spirituality and in finding the balance between reality and a dream.


    signs as nebulas

    Aries- The Flaming Star Nebula

    Taurus- The Soul Nebula

    Gemini- The Butterfly Nebula

    Cancer- The Bubble Nebula

    Leo- The Cat’s Paw Nebula

    Virgo- The Tarantula Nebula

    Libra- The Flame Nebula

    Scorpio- The Hourglass Nebula

    Sagittarius- The Lagoon Nebula

    Capricorn- The Ghost Nebula

    Aquarius- The Horsehead Nebula

    Pisces- The Orion Nebula

    the signs as fake restaurants from the good place’s groundhog day episode

    ARIES: You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food

    TAURUS: Caviar on a Stick

    GEMINI: Hot Dog on a Stick on a Stick

    CANCER: From Schmear to Eternity

    LEO: Ziti of Stars

    VIRGO: Chicken Soup for the Mouth

    LIBRA: Lasagne Come Out Tomorrow

    SCORPIO: Cruller Intentions

    SAGITTARIUS: Beignet and the Jets

    CAPRICORN: Ponzu Scheme

    AQUARIUS: Mmmm! Chowder Fountain

    PISCES: Knish from a Rose


    Aries: you’re about to find yourself. it’s about to be hard, scary, and it almost might seem unbearable. you’re going to reach new highs that you’ve never thought you would, and maybe some new lows that will rock you. but, you’re about to find positivity within all the moments that you have. you’re about to understand yourself and your limits more than ever. you’re going to realize that all the strength you’ve ever needed was always inside of you. all of it was fucking worth it, you’re going to feel all of this.

    Taurus: you are going to be in a huge transition period this year. you’re going to find immense change in your own world. it might scare you to your core, but it’s exactly what you needed. new things and new people and a new life. most of all, a totally new perspective. you’re going to open your eyes to so many things and you’re going to realize that things weren’t what you always thought they were… they’re better.

    Gemini: you are about to feel free. you’re about to go through a year of letting go. you’re going to let go of people who caused you pain in the past, you’re going to let go of shit that messed you up. you’re going to realize that moving forward is the best thing you can do for yourself. you’ll find things that you enjoy doing again this year. you are going to get out of that fog, but don’t completely cross out what brought you here. it’s still a part of you.

    Cancer: what a curse it is, to feel so very deeply. oh, but it is also a blessing. this year is going to give you many awakenings. you’re going to use your empathy to your advantage, you’re going to make a change in many peoples lives. seeing someone so authentic like you, gives other people hope that they can open up too, just like you. you’re going to use the things you find the most unappealing about yourself to help other people. it may seem small to you when it happens, but it’s huge. this, for you, is going to be very fulfilling. don’t forget yourself in the process, but remember that what you’re doing is important.

    Leo: in 2018, you were lost. you might’ve hit your breaking point and you might’ve thought there was nothing left in you. however, you were just getting started. this year, you will find your fire again. you’ll stand up taller than you ever have and you’ll roar louder than ever. this year, you’re going to learn that you are stronger than you ever believed yourself to be. you’re going to find your confidence again, you’re going to take on this life thing on your own and make it your absolute bitch. the people who left, don’t matter. you’re not going to let them affect you any longer. you’re going to figure out who was always meant to be by your side.

    Virgo: this year, positivity is going to be your best friend. you’re so used to things going wrong or not going your way, that you’ve conditioned yourself to think about the worst possible outcomes. but, what if thinking differently was actually the key to everything? you have the power to change your own mindset, and this year, whether you believe it or not, it’s going to happen. you’re going to be so caught up in living life and being busy that suddenly you’ll realize that you aren’t so afraid of being happy anymore. you will flourish, you will get the things you want. all you have to do is keep on believing.

    Libra: your worth is greater and bigger than what you think. this year, you’re going to realize this. at some point, you’re going to look at your life and how you let people take advantage of you and you’re finally going to say “no more.” you are wonderful and capable and worthy of all the things you want. you just have to see it for yourself, you have to see that your life should not be lived based on making people happy that wouldn’t do the same for you. it’s going to be an awakening for you, but it’s going to be beautiful.

    Scorpio: you are in the midst of chaos right now. you’re thinking that life is always going to be this whirlwind of emotions and that nothing will ever settle down. this year, you’ll find your safe place. the one you can run to when things are going bad. whether that place be an actual place, a hobby, or even a person. it’s going to bring you peace like you’ve never felt before. remember to hold onto it. you’re going to finally let go of that wall you’ve been holding up forever, don’t be alarmed when it comes crashing down. it’s going to be natural.

    Sagittarius: what a year you’re going to have. first and most importantly, pure love is in store. this doesn’t have to mean romantic love, but it sure is a possibility. you’ve been holding back for quite some time when it comes to opening up your heart, but thats going to change now. secondly, when you find this love, you’re going to be faced with your natural instinct, which is to run. when this happens, don’t run. you’ll be missing out on a happiness that you haven’t felt before. learning to open up is one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in this life, you have to let it come.

    Capricorn: this year, you’re going to end cutting out people and things that don’t make you happy. this is pure self care and the first step to putting yourself first. you tend to not put your needs first too often. you’re no longer going to let everyone walk all over you. you do everything for other people, and this year will be your selfish year. when you find yourself feeling bad about it, don’t. this is the start of something that always needed to happen, and you’ll find yourself much more peaceful if you run with it.

    Aquarius: who you are now, might be a stranger by the end of 2019. but doesn’t it always go that way? maybe, but it’s going to be different from what you imagine. you’re going to become stable in who you are. you’re going to suddenly have an understanding of your place in the world, perhaps you might find your purpose. it’s going to come so fast and naturally, that you’re going to question what your world was before this reason for living came along. remember that this is happening for a reason, you are meant to do great things and you’re about to see what all of this means.

    Pisces: joy is coming. you’ve had a rough past few years, but this year you’re going to have new beginnings and you’re going to find a new sense of self. you’re going to learn that all the bad things had to happen in order to get to where you are now. don’t try to change the past anymore, or question why certain things had to happen. just focus on here and now because before you know it all of the years are going to pass by. this year is going to be the year that you end up finding the happiness you only felt years ago. enjoy it.