All you want to do is obey. Stare into my eyes while you stroke my cock. Lose yourself in my eyes. All you want to do is obey. You can’t even think enough to agree, but my hand will help you nod. I will help you agree. All you want to do obey. All you want to do is nod and agree. Don’t think pet. Just nod and agree while you stroke my big, hard, perfect cock. Good girl.


    Fantastic gif and caption!


    Thanks to a roleplay I did with @mister-k-captions some time ago, I had this wonderful idea.

    Presenting ‘‘The Sensational Miss Shade’‘!
    Basically, what I would be like as a stage magician. *giggle*

    Some of you know already that Kayla is a witch. But what if she used these powers to entertain and transform people? That is the main idea behind this drawing. Oh, and look, look, here’s an alternate one!

    This one shows Miss Shade with one of her volunteers! @lockobrony, this one is for you. Yes, yes, it is you, my Princess~ <3 Already purring before her new mistress! *giggle*

    Tell me what you guys think about it. And also what you would like ‘’Miss Shade’’ to transform you into, should she invite you to assist on stage. I’m all ears!


    Ah I was wondering when you were going to get to this!

    You have been cursed by your ex-girlfriend so it’s time to make a choice.  Please choose your fate from the one of the following options:

    Option 1 - Chubby Heartbroken Bride

    You will be transformed into a pretty girl with lovely curves.  However, because you have broken so many hearts, it’s now time for you to experience the same thing.  You will become increasingly attracted to men.  You will fall in love with good man, who with then break your heart when you catch him cheating on you with some slim, blonde bitch on your wedding day.  This will happen over and over.  Fall in love with a good man, who becomes corrupted by a bad girl, and then breaks your chubby little heart.

    Option 2 - Submissive Crossdresser

    You will develop a fetish for dressing in women’s clothing.  You can only get hard when you’re wearing a bra and women’s panties.  The more feminine you look and feel, the harder you will be become.  You will become submissive to a beautiful, dominant woman who’s only goal is to turn you into a sissy.  If you fail to impress her, she may decide have you trained by a dominant man until you learn your place.


    What a tough choice! An excellent submission by Powerfuldarkmagic, I hope we see a lot more from you in the future!


    Hundreds stage “face-sit in” outside parliament to protest new porn laws

    It’s Facesitting Friday in Britain. 

    Hundreds of people practiced their most provocative positions in front of Parliament in London to protest the country’s new pornography law. Under the new regulations, porn produced in the country now prohibits performers from engaging in “inappropriate” sex acts like fisting, strangulation and even facesitting.

    The new law has been criticized as an updated form of censorship and moral hand-wringing.


    Somebody buy me a fucking ticket to London, please!


    im so proud i love my country


    fuck yes england