SlutDex Entry: Jailbait

    Jailbait is known as the barely legal Pokeslut. When a person becomes a Jailbait they regress in age to eighteen and become highly promiscuous, wearing highly revealing clothing that shows off their slim bodies.

    This Pokeslut delights in finding older trainers to seduce. They are particularly fond of seducing happily married men in high positions: wrecking their personal and professional reputations by making them look like dirty old perverts.

    SlutDex Entry: Drowshee

    A person who becomes a Drowshee exhibits powerful psychic abilities when stripped of their clothes that manifests themselves through beautiful strange glowing lights. These lights allow her to alter the minds and desires of whomever she wishes.

    It is said that a Drowshee was considered unattractive before becoming a PokeSlut and now seeks out those who spurned her so that  she may use her powers to make them her obedient sex slaves. Anyone who is able to resist her seduction ability is then subjected to a more powerful attack know as fetishization. This technique corrupts and makes its victims fantasize about and act out non-conventional fetishes.

    There have been reports of Drowshees making people become sissies, chubby chasers, extremely submissive bottoms and even latex and leather enthusiasts among others. There has been much debate within the fast emerging PokeSlut Scientific Community on whether these mental alterations are based on the subconscious of the victim or the individual Drowshee's sense of twisted poetic justice.

    Pokeslut Go!

    It became the most popular mobile game of all time: an AR game where you could catch cute little monsters who obeyed your every command. Little did anyone know that the coding for this adorable waste of data had started life as a top secret but forgotten Psy-Ops program meant to make enemies of the state more docile and passive.

    When the behind schedule programmers of the game found the code in a dusty hard drive, they thought their prayers had been answered. Within days of the game coming out, a small section of the populace began to undergo mental changes based on creatures based within the game. Even more shockingly, these people started to document bizarre transformations and powers based on their mental reconditioning. There are even some reports of the transformed becoming entirely submissive to those who “capture” them through the AR feature on their phone.

    This site will serve as a way of documenting all the different varieties encountered by those of you playing the game. Perhaps if we can gather enough data we can find a cure, before these strange transformations spread and infect others.

    Go fellow Pokeslut Trainers, and submit any findings for our SlutDex! And be careful out there…

    I'm not dead and I shall return someday...

    Taking sometime from caption writing and exploring the local fetish scene around me, having lots of fun in the process.

    If you have any interesting idea on how you'd like me to return to the smut writing scene, by all means send me a msg.  

    Not So Mighty Morphed Powerless Bimbos!

    Finally Rita Repulsa had defeated the Power Rangers once and for all! She had sent one of Finster’s X-rated Evil Space Aliens, the Big Bad Bimbomaker, to fight the rangers and during the battle he had turned them all into dumb bimbos! He had severed their connection to the Morphing Grid, turned their uniforms into trashy dresses and took the positive traits that made them rangers in first place and replaced them with vapid basic bitchdom.

    “OMG like what happened you guys? Our powers are totes gone and I think I’m blonde now? What T F??? I think he turned us into bimbos or something?” The former pink ranger Kimber prattled on.

    “Well he didn’t have to do much to you for that to happen, skank!” Said the former yellow ranger Trina cattily. “But ummm… wasn’t I like Asian before?”

    “I dunno, wasn’t I black? And a guy too? It’s hard to remember… although I could totally go for a black guy right now, I’m like so horny!” Zack, now Zee, giggled.

    “OMG just stop, my brain hurts enough as it is and your making me think of huge cocks. We’ve got to fix this before it becomes permanent!” Bebe the blue bimbo scratched her pretty little head to try and make it work harder. “Maybe we could ask that big head to help us. Oh gawd, I would love to give big head to a big headed cock! My cunny is getting all wet!”

    “Unf, I’m trying to fight it! Trying to hold on to what makes me me: being a ranger, martial arts, school…” Jaycee chanted those words as a mantra in vain as her grip on her old life slipped away. “Being a slut, fucking, shopping…”

    “I really wish this was a battle I’d been late for! Why are my tits so much bigger than you other sluts? Is it cos I used to wear that shield thingy?” Tammy Lee caressed her busty chest as she fell victim to the monster’s power like her team mates.

    Back at the command center, Zordon and Alpha-5 watched in horror through the viewing globe at the fate that had befallen their rangers. Gordon tried to teleport them back but it was no good: now that the suits and morphers were slutty outfits with no real power, the Morphing Grid was cut off from them. Soon the whole command center would be offline. As Alpha-5 powered down and Zordon began to fade from this dimension they only hoped that Rita would at least spare the rangers’ lives when she conquered Earth.

    And she did. Empress Rita loved having the former goody good teens as her six slutty slaves to amuse and entertain her with their shallow, petty antics. Her army of monsters loved them too, but for very different reasons.


    From Stud to Silly Boy in One Night (caption challenge for mister-k-captions)

    It was a day like any other. K, who preferred his initial to his real name, was out with his girlfriend Maureen on their weekly outing.

    She had wanted to go to an amusement park and it was his day off so…any opportunity to show off his armcandy, he’d gladly take. And proud of her he had good right to be. Slim, curvy, attractive and attentive she was one of his best conquests.


    Regardless of having her on his arm, K liked to flirt with anyone that smiled at him. Being considered universally attractive made this a possible proposition of any female passing by and he liked seeing how far he could go and fast he could snag digits before Maureen caught on, though he’d never admit that to her. Counting for today, he had 3 numbers in his pocket and one written on the inside of his left hand from the cute cotton candy salesgirl. A sucker for a solid body shape he had bought Maureen a set of darts and let her throw them while “buying them cotton candy” for the walk.

    “Did you see? I nearly hit the target and got the big bear!” Maureen gushes, grabbing his arm and pointing at the dart booth. “I got this keychain instead…” She pouts but is still upbeat.  “Oh, a fortune teller! Let’s go see!”

    K had no interest in a fortune teller. He found them to be crocks and liars; they couldn’t possibly understand someone driven didn’t believe in Fate, everyone crafts their own Destiny. But Maureen always had an air of innocence that begged to be humored. “Okay honey, lead the way.”

    Inside the tent was an old man in a robe who had an odd crystal ball on the table. It glowed despite having no source of light. “I see that you have come, the Fates never lie; they simply spin the lines.” He said, simply. “The feather is the key.”

    “What are you talking about, dude?” K says with an unimpressed roll of his eyes. “I thought this was a fortune telling booth, my girlfriend wants some mumbo-jumbo so grab her palm and be done with it.”

    Maureen bounds ahead. “I want to know my future!”

    “All dreams come to pass, if you truly desire them.” The man says, ignoring K. “Put this in your hair and wear it while you sleep and you will wake with all dreams realized.” The fortune teller hands her a black feather and smiles.

    “Really? I want to move past nursing into pediatrics and…I want to keep K, forever.”

    “Keep him? Why?”

    “I love him…he just…flirts too much…”

    “He does have the wandering eye, I see. You saw the ink on his hand, too?”

    Maureen nods. “I just…I want him to only have me…”

    “It will be done, if that is the Fate you wish to see.”

    “Are we done here?” K is impatient and not liking where this conversation is heading, pulls his wallet out. “Do I owe you anything?”

    “An apology perhaps, before it is too late.” The older man replies ominously.

    “Yeah, K. Say sorry!” His eager companion cosigns.

    “I’m sorry, alright. Sorry I wasted 5 minutes of my life listening to that fatalistic garbage!” He storms out, upset that he’d been found out in his numbers game yet again and Maureen follows, in a snit as he’d promised to stop doing just that. She doesn’t speak to him as they drive home. Despite his misgivings and demands, she refuses to hand over the black feather and sleeps on her side of the bed on the every edge away from K after they eat dinner.

    This is unlike Maureen, who even on his worst days, tends to happily cling to his arm and demand attention. “I just flirt…that guy has no right to put his nose in where it doesn’t belong. I love Maureen…I just…whatever. Old hustler doesn’t have a thing to his name but his fake mumbo-jumbo anyway. K rolls over, after watching his petite girlfriend fall asleep with a small frown on her face and follows suit.

    The next morning K wakes up to something odd. His body feels funny. Like there’s fabric on it. He twists around to get up and finds his girlfriend, in lace underwear…but different.

    “Maureen!” He trills at the top of his lungs. “Whaaa…?!” K double takes at the voice coming out of his own mouth. As she wakes he rolls back, in some kind of shock and nearly falls to the floor.

    “K!” His newly rubenesque girlfriend cries, catching him just before he goes over the edge. “This…is new.”

    The next ten minutes are a blur. Maureen is curvy and much taller than before. He is a child-sized man in Spider-Man pajamas, barely waist high to her now. Both of them always slept nude and the house appeared to be the same one they’d went to bed in. Nothing made any sense until K saw the black feather on her pillow. It must have fallen from her hair in the middle of the night. Then realization dawns on him.

    “Maureen!” K trills, yet again. “What did you wish for?!”

    “Just…to be successful as a pediatrician?” She replies unsteadily. “Maybe…that I could be everything you ever wanted and you could never cheat on me again?”

    K smacks his forehead. “Well…you’re beautiful…but…I’m a pygmy!”

    “I’m…big.” She moves around. “You…really like big girls like that one at the cotton candy counter, huh?” K turns red as she circles him on the bed. “Someone’s blushing! Ooo, I could just eat you up!”

    “Well…I’m tiny! Is that what you wanted?!”

    “No…but it never really mattered to me. You’re such a little sweetheart I just wanted to keep you.” She squeezes him from behind. “All of you isn’t tiny though…” She growls in his ear, pulling his pants down. “My stars…that’s the same even if everything else isn’t.” She giggles. “You were a good size before but…with the rest of you being so small? Jeez, it’s almost scary!”

    That sounded like his Maureen. Breathy and horny in the morning like he always could appreciate. K takes a deep breath and steadies himself as she nibbles his neck and starts to slowly stroke him to full erection. “I think…maybe we should give these bodies a test run before we go find that old man and beat his brains in.”


    Naked and ready, the couple starts to copulate. Or tries to.  Try as he might, with his short legs and her wide and tall body, he can’t penetrate her.  Missionary he can’t reach both feet and hands to the floor or mattress to get leverage because she’s too big and raises him above the level of the floor. Doggy style is a similar washout because he’s not tall enough to change his angle around her now very big and round ass to penetrate any further than an inch or two. It’s like a bumblebee trying to hump a Humvee no matter which way they slice it.

    “Hold still!”

    “I am!”

    “Then why do I keep slipping?”


    “Because what?!”

    “Because you’re little now, sweetie.”

    “Don’t call me that!" K is angry and hurt but has to concede the point. The irony is not lost on him, given she was much shorter and thinner than he was before and huffs and flops back on the bed, exasperated with the situation.

    "Honey…?” Maureen asks, lying next to K and enfolding him in one arm.

    “What?” K is petulant and turns away from her.

    “…we could try me riding you…” She whispers. “It should work, right?” She knew that was his least favorite thing to do, as he loved exerting his dominance, but he couldn’t hold one of her arms down with his whole body now if he wanted to.  This was different and she was going to show him so. “Please?” She rolls him back towards her, facing him and kissing his whole face.

    “Alright.” He agrees reluctantly. “But only this once!”

    They go at it again, this time with her taking the lead above him. His cock still igger than 6 inches long with above average girth was more than enough for good penetration but the drastic body size difference basically meant she had to take control of any leverage. Riding him from the front and rear worked fine and they managed to kill almost two hours with front and rear cowgirl, with both of them orgasming regularly in what he would call a normal way despite the insane circumstances.

    “Okay, we have to get moving. You seem like you’ll never quit.” Maureen giggles. “I’m full of cum and my legs are getting tired, little man.”

    “Little man?!” K senses the jab immediately.

    Maureen disregards the snark and stands up, going to the bathroom to shower. “We need to figure out what’s going on.”

    “…okay.” K replies, sounding for all the world like the 8 year old who has to quit playing at recess to go back to school. “Lead the way.”

    After thoroughly cleaning themselves, walking through the rest of the house reveals some changes. The entire house is decorated like Maureen always had talked about but K had never let her try. From the appliances to the furniture and the pictures on the walls were not offensive and…had the company of several of her collegiate degrees.

    “Oh my god…” Maureen reads them one after another. “This has to be another world…this is…”

    “This is what?” K asks, not able to read from the angle he’s standing at with her hips and breasts obscuring his view. “What are you looking at?”

    “A bachelor’s degree, Master’s, PhyD…I’m a practicing M.D. of Pediatric medicine, honey…”

    “What is this? That is not possible!” K exclaims.

    “Oh, but it is.” Says a familiar voice. “Oh…but it is…”

    “You!” In the threshold of his front doorway stood the old man from the tent. “Maureen, let’s beat his head in!" He looks up. She is still frozen in place. "Maureen?”

    “She can’t hear you. Time has stopped for a few moments for us to chat. You asked for ‘the meaning of this’ so I’ll keep it brief for your tiny brain to grasp.”

    “You’re lucky I’m the size of a third grader…”

    “Luck has nothing to do with this. This…was a change in yours and her Fates.”

    “Change them back.” K says flatly.

    “I thought you didn’t believe in Fate?”

    “Whatever bullshit this is…change it back, now.”

    “I cannot. She picked this for you both. The only thing that I am responsible for…is that you two can remember your alternate lives at all. That *was* my gift to you.”

    “Wait a minute…”

    “Catching on aren’t we? This is an alternate timeline and I merely spun your fate in a different direction, A different thread in the tapestry of all time.”

    “How long will this last…till we go back to our old thread?” K asks, trying to sound councilatory. “I mean, won’t that upset something if we don’t?”

    “Don’t worry about it. What you need to worry about…is your memories of that alternate time that you hold so dear. Because…while they will never vanish for you…when I leave here Maureen will only remember the you from here and now. Not the you from before, tall, confident, lady magnet. Just the little boy born the same day she was but cursed with mysteriously faulty genes so…you never really grew up.”

    “You…are taking her away from me…”

    “She left that person behind. You, on the other hand, are going to be trapped in a world where you will never be happy because you dared disrespect Fate.”

    “This is all because I didn’t apologize?!” K screams. “You can’t be serious.” He takes a deep breath and glares at his feet. “I’m sorry, man!” He screams. But…no one is there.  “Oh no…”

    “Hey little guy…” Maureen checks her watch and does a double take. “What am I doing here? Not sure why I didn’t go into my practice…”

    “Because you are making time for me?!” K squeals. “That’s why!”

    “Yes, making time for you…yet again. A full grown man with little kid issues, a little kid body and little kid attention needs.” She shakes her head dismissively. “I have a grown woman job, luckily I can make my own hours but…they don’t revolve around YOUR needs.”



    “Listen here buster. I didn’t work my ass off to get through med school and try to find a cure for you as one of the leading pediatric doctors in the country…just for you to pout because you can’t demand my undivided attention anytime you want! You wait for me and THEN when I have time we can spend it together.”

    “But I’m your boyfriend!”

    “Again with that? I’m your CAREGIVER. I will never let anything happen to you, like I promised your mother but please spare me. I treat children all day. I can’t DATE and physically BE WITH someone so small in my personal life that he could get his ass kicked by an elementary school kid! Or do I need to introduce my full-sized boyfriend again?”

    The nature of the torment finally dawned on him. That he would live the rest of his life in her shadow, without the ability to make his own choices or even make love to the most attractive woman he’d ever seen. All while tortured with the memories of the times she had patiently waited on his every whim, with unwavering fidelity. She couldn’t know…she had only wished she could aspire to greater things, keep him and take care of him. And that…she would do, unwittingly at the cost of everything else in his old life he had taken for granted.


    A well written piece of deliciously evil transformation from @thehangmansangel hope we see a lot more from him!

    It's On The Tip of My...

    Hey there, remember me? We met on a dating app, we fucked and then the next morning told me I was just an one night stand? That you needed to sow your wild oats before you settled down with someone? Well, I have a question: how are you going to sow those oats without this in your pants?


    Yep, this is your dick on my hot little body. I’m sure you’re probably checking inside your pants right now and yes that is a pussy, my former pussy to be precise. Found a little spell in this old book my grandma gave me.

    I’m sure you want me to swap us back right? I could do that, I guess. I’m having a hard time remembering the reversal spell though, it’s right on the tip of my tongue but I guess all this new testosterone is driving me to distraction! Tell you what. You come round and jog my memory by being an obedient cum sleeve, maybe I’ll use the spell. I’m sure once you’re on the tip of my cock I’ll have no problem remembering!

    Just try not to do too good a job. After all, I may keep your cock if I enjoy having one too much!

    Look At My Strap-On.


    Look at my strap-on. Now look back at me. Say hello to your mistress. You thought I was just a chubby chick to pick up after you struck out with everyone else at the bar. Wrong. I’m your new goddess.

    Look at my strap-on. You’re a little scared but that’s ok. Look back at me. My voice and eyes are calming and soothing.

    Look at my strap-on. You’re thinking what it would be like inside you. What? You don't think that? Of course you do. I’m your beautiful mistress who wants to fuck her new bitch. You can't deny me. Look back at me. How am I doing this? I’m a psych PhD specializing in hypnosis therapy and psychotropic drugs. Look back at my strap-on. It’s coated in said psychotropic drugs. The smell alone makes you highly malleable to my suggestions. Once you suck it you’re mine forever.

    Look at my strap-on. Suck it like a greedy slut. Lube it up with your mouth. Look back at me. Good bitch. Bend over. You’re ready.

    From Creepy to Cutie (Bimbofication story for Creepylittlecupcake)

    Her entire life people had called her creepy: the black clothes, the contemptuous stare, her body, her very attitude. She didn’t care. She preferred it that way. As she grew older she discovered what some had found creepy, others found beautiful and those who found her beautiful she could control and make submit to her whims. She was able to etch out a nice living from these people: charging money for pictures and videos, requests and even for the honor of her humiliating them.

    One man had made her an offer of substantial money to come to him in person and dominate him. Normally she wouldn’t risk such a venture but it was an obscene amount of money for a day’s work and he was a lot handsome than the usual mouth breathers who would make offerings to her. She’d make money and have some fun. If anything went awry she could defend herself.

    The drive was only a couple of hours. She pulled up to the address she had been given. She was impressed, it was a large Baroque styled house with a vintage Jaguar in the driveway. A man of taste and wealth? She had hit the jackpot.

    She took a second to compose herself before ringing the doorbell. She didn’t want her latest sub to see how impressed she was by his wealth. She put up a mask of contempt and indifference as a handsome man with intense features answered the door. He greeted her politely. He met her look with one of his own, one that sent chills all down her and made her feel flushed and hot. She shook it off. She was no amateur and no matter how suave this man appeared on the surface deep down he was a worm who paid good money for her dominating touch. She had broken countless men. This one would be no different.

    As they entered the house, he made some small talk. Showed her around, told her where everything was, etc. She wondered why, she wasn’t going to be here too long, just enough to make this guy squeal like a little bitch. As they entered the master bedroom she decided now was the time to assert herself. She shoved the man to the bed.

    “Alright you pathetic little shit. You may have money, class and taste but I see you for what you really are. You’ve got to pay for a woman to put you in your place. You’re going to be my submissive little bitch and service your mistress like the doting sub you truly are.” She sat atop him, grinding her curvaceous rump into his crotch. She looked down upon him, smirking a cocky grin. She had him now. He was going to crack and beg for all sorts of depraved needs. She wondered if he was a forced fem guy or a cbt guy, into feet or panties, or whatever else got this freak off. She felt so momentarily proud of her seemingly inevitable triumph she didn’t feel him rise up from under her. She felt a surge of power from his touch. It sent electricity through her as she let out an involuntary moan. She tried to keep it in, but a girlish squeal came out. He flashed his eyes at her. He had her right where he wanted her.

    “Are you so sure about that?” He met her glare with his own and she began to crumble. She felt his massive cock rise up from under her and rub against her pussy through her tight black pants. He lifted her off him as if she weighed nothing. He spoke to her in a voice that was both reassuring and mocking. “You seemed so cocksure and strong willed online. Now we’re face to face and I see none of that. You were supposed to be creepy, but instead you’re kind of cute. It’s pathetic yet endearing at the same time. What do you think, Cupcake?” The word imprinted in her brain. Some irrevocable feeling that this was her name now. Whatever it was before she couldn’t remember, something with a ‘Kuh’ sound?

    The only sound she could utter was one of indescribable pleasure. She couldn’t form words, her synapses were on fire. The world went hazy and all she could see was him: a shining beacon of masculinity, a pinnacle of dominance. He told her to strip and she did so. She had worn black fetish gear underneath her clothes: leather corset, lace up panties and stockings. He chuckled as he removed them from her. “Far too creepy and in charge for someone so cute and dumb. Let’s find something more your style.” He grabbed her by the hand and took her to a walk in closet. He tossed her a lacy pink bra and thong. “There you are. Bimbo sluts shouldn’t wear dreary black leather. They should wear things that are girly and slutty just like they are.” Cupcake nodded eagerly and began to change into the lingerie he had set aside for her.

    Fully changed, mentally altered and unable to think of anything but pleasuring the man before her, Cupcake sank to her knees. She looked up at him from her lowered position, eagerly anticipating the unzipping of his pants and revealing his cock. She wasn’t disappointed to see it was just as massive as it had seemed to have been when she felt it underneath her on the bed. She began to lick and caress it. She grew wetter and wetter. She wanted it so bad. She couldn’t understand why it wasn’t in her mouth yet? She looked up into his eyes, trying to ask why but couldn’t find the words.

    “You want it?” He looked down at her, stroking her cheek gently. “You have to completely submit to me. Now and forever. You have to give up who you were: the dark angry girl; being creepy and dismissive. That’s not you anymore. You’re not my cute little cupcake. My submissive little girl who worships me and follows my every word. This is a better life for you. All you have to do is call me… Daddy.”

    Cupcake could feel words form in her mind again. She wanted to call this man Daddy. She wanted to worship and please him. As she began to utter the word, a small voice in the back of her mind cried out. This was all that remained of the old her, the her that liked to make men her servants, that mocked and debased them for wanting her. She told the voice to stop being so mean and went back to answering her Daddy.

    “Yes Daddy, anything you say Daddy.” Her Daddy smiled and the creepy voice faded out. Daddy gave a triumphant smile as he allowed Cupcake to finally put her mouth around his cock. He knew that she would be much happier as his personal bimbo than the life she had before.

    Gangster in Paradise

    Manny Mendoza had been a gunrunner across the border for the Columbian Cartel. After being caught and spending a nickel in a federal prison, he finally relented and gave up incriminating info on his bosses in exchange for a new life and identity. The ATF had assured him that no one would recognize him as Manny Mendoza. He had no idea how true that would be.

    It had turned out that during his capture one of the agents he had shot and killed was the son of an influential politician who wanted his son’s killer to pay. Manny was to become a woman that would work in a brothel run by his former cartel. This politician personally paid for Manny’s reconstructive surgery as well as the mental conditioning that would allow him to maintain his new identity and act as a sleeper agent for the government in future. It was a perfect revenge that could also serve the greater good.

    Now known as Mandi Manhandla, the former gangster is in a strategic position to gather intel for the Feds. Actually you could say she’s in a whole lot of positions on a daily basis!


    Best Anniversary Gift Ever.

    Oh honey this is such a thoughtful gift, a genuine magical grimoire! One that specializes in physical and mental alterations, you just know that’s always been a kink of mine. I know you were hoping to save it for our anniversary tomorrow, but when I saw it in your open bedside drawer I just couldn’t wait!

    I love that you just earmarked this particular spell for me, a naked busty maid transformation, just knowing I’ve wanted to experiment lately. I know you were worried about me going full on lesbo and caused that huge fight but I guess this means you came round huh?

    You’re so cute kneeling at my feet like that. It was such a turn on seeing you pretending to beg not to be transformed as I made you a cute curvy girl. You really got into the role play: crying as I melted away your muscular pecs into those gorgeous titties, begging as I made your cock disappear inside you and become a cute tasty little pussy and then silence as I cast the submission spell on your mind as you fell to your knees for me. You almost had me thinking that you never intended me to have the book, that you were planning on using it on me? Nah, you wouldn’t do that.

    You’re not going to believe all the naughty plans I have for us with this book. Today you’ll be a curvy brunette, tomorrow a stacked blonde, maybe after that I’ll make you a different race or something. Oh wow, I could totally take you clubbing! Just make you a boy crazy dance freak and just have a wild time together!

    This is seriously the best anniversary present ever babe, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to turn you back though. Ah well, we’ll worry about that later, time for you to clean up my maid.