SlutDex Entry: Jailbait

    Jailbait is known as the barely legal Pokeslut. When a person becomes a Jailbait they regress in age to eighteen and become highly promiscuous, wearing highly revealing clothing that shows off their slim bodies.

    This Pokeslut delights in finding older trainers to seduce. They are particularly fond of seducing happily married men in high positions: wrecking their personal and professional reputations by making them look like dirty old perverts.


    Wow, this totally explains why one of my friends is suddenly bragging about how much action they're getting! Keeps on going out every night and bringing home a new girl, but I noticed they were all pretty similar: either a chirpy brunette girl-next-door type or a faux punk with purple dyed hair. That bastard's just been farming Pidgey and Rattata the entire time!

    Ha, feel free to write and submit any SlutDex entries. Im sure you could discover some great new types!

    SlutDex Entry: Drowshee

    A person who becomes a Drowshee exhibits powerful psychic abilities when stripped of their clothes that manifests themselves through beautiful strange glowing lights. These lights allow her to alter the minds and desires of whomever she wishes.

    It is said that a Drowshee was considered unattractive before becoming a PokeSlut and now seeks out those who spurned her so that  she may use her powers to make them her obedient sex slaves. Anyone who is able to resist her seduction ability is then subjected to a more powerful attack know as fetishization. This technique corrupts and makes its victims fantasize about and act out non-conventional fetishes.

    There have been reports of Drowshees making people become sissies, chubby chasers, extremely submissive bottoms and even latex and leather enthusiasts among others. There has been much debate within the fast emerging PokeSlut Scientific Community on whether these mental alterations are based on the subconscious of the victim or the individual Drowshee's sense of twisted poetic justice.

    Pokeslut Go!

    It became the most popular mobile game of all time: an AR game where you could catch cute little monsters who obeyed your every command. Little did anyone know that the coding for this adorable waste of data had started life as a top secret but forgotten Psy-Ops program meant to make enemies of the state more docile and passive.

    When the behind schedule programmers of the game found the code in a dusty hard drive, they thought their prayers had been answered. Within days of the game coming out, a small section of the populace began to undergo mental changes based on creatures based within the game. Even more shockingly, these people started to document bizarre transformations and powers based on their mental reconditioning. There are even some reports of the transformed becoming entirely submissive to those who “capture” them through the AR feature on their phone.

    This site will serve as a way of documenting all the different varieties encountered by those of you playing the game. Perhaps if we can gather enough data we can find a cure, before these strange transformations spread and infect others.

    Go fellow Pokeslut Trainers, and submit any findings for our SlutDex! And be careful out there…

    I'm not dead and I shall return someday...

    Taking sometime from caption writing and exploring the local fetish scene around me, having lots of fun in the process.

    If you have any interesting idea on how you'd like me to return to the smut writing scene, by all means send me a msg.  


    All you want to do is obey. Stare into my eyes while you stroke my cock. Lose yourself in my eyes. All you want to do is obey. You can’t even think enough to agree, but my hand will help you nod. I will help you agree. All you want to do obey. All you want to do is nod and agree. Don’t think pet. Just nod and agree while you stroke my big, hard, perfect cock. Good girl.


    Fantastic gif and caption!