Hate when someone be lookin phenom as hell and you want to tell them platonically but cant bc you already complimented them and so cant give another compliment on the same day bc then it would look like you're tryna make a move but you cant wait on it either bc it looks even worse when you bring it up unnaturally like "heyy you were really pretty in that instagram post last wednesday" ya kno ??


    Idk how many more “SO CUTE: cat pets [prey animal]” videos I have to suffer through on my dash before people understand that your cat is not friends with your parakeet or your mouse or your guinea pig. cat’s do not “pet” small prey animals. every video I’ve ever seen of a cat “petting” a small animal has been a cat playing with the animal as a predator, bopping it, and clearly testing boundaries under its owner’s supervision.

    likewise, the prey animal is almost always visibly stressed and uncomfortable. So even if the cat is behaving, the other animal is in duress.

    I don’t care how much you trust your cat or how well it’s gone until now. Don’t let your cat interact with your birds and rodents. Please.


    this goes for reptiles too. cats are a danger to most snakes and lizards.


    Friendly reminder that domestic house cats are responsible for the extinction of dozens of species bc they really do kill for fun

    Might be a bit personal here but): Trying to get back into ~e dating~ and downloaded Hinge, going through it for a while, but havent swiped right on anyone bc I just, feel insecure? Like its pointless to press button because I'm not attractive enough . WEIRD pit in my chest feeling that im not ""enough"" to participate