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    Growing up fat, you get made fun of for everything you do, even basic shit like eating and laughing and breathing are funny when you do it because youre fat! And its so hard to not carry that with you as you get older, like I’m still embarassed to eat or dance in front of people or smile in pictures and its ridiculous and I hate it and I wish I was treated with more humanity


    Thin people can reblog this btw

    they wont tho lmao

    Look out! Transphobes are now using the term TEHM (Trans Exclusionary Homosexual Man). From what I’ve seen they primarily target trans women just like TERFS and hang in the same circles as them. Stay safe and avoid anyone you see using that term!

    not trying to derail from the fact that these shitheads are probably also very transmisogynistic but this is their primary m.o. and as a trans mlm i’d like to see this specific information being passed around so my brothers and i can keep ourselves safe

    More terfy bullshit to be aware of y'all

    another thing to add to the dni



    The Outbursts of Everett True was a comic strip that ran in papers from 1905 to 1927, wherein the aforementioned Everett True regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude. Men have not only been taking up too much room on public transport for about as long as public transport has existed, but the people around them have been irritated about it for at least a hundred years. The next time someone tries to claim that manspreading is a false phenomenon, please direct them to this strip so that Everett True can correct their misconceptions with an umbrella upside the head.

    I have never before heard of Everett True, but if he “regularly beat the everliving shit out of rude people as a warning to anyone else who might consider being rude,” I have a strong spiritual connection with him.

    I fucking love him


    i can imagine this guy’s voice very clearly in my head but i couldn’t put a name to it 


    He also jabs racists in the eye!

    I love the justice grandpa of fists

    I’m very lucky to own a book that’s a collection of most of these comics (sadly not all of them) and would highly recommend hunting these down if you can. Sorry for the lack of a scanner but phone photos will just have to do.

    He was a enjoyable cuss who didn’t care for war mongering.

    Especially profitable war mongering and excuses for it!

    He certainly didn’t like selfish husbands and fathers!

    Politicians who turned on their words once they got theirs weren’t safe.

    He said fuck the police!

    He absolutely didn’t like people ruining little things for kids.

    He stood up for foreigners. Especially those doing their best to communicate with limited second language knowledge.

    He was not having any tomfoolery when it came to gun safety and laws. Especially with youth involved.

    You had better not abuse a animal with him nearby. He’d right that wrong real quick!

    And best of all him and his wife were both prickly cusses together. Relationship goals.

    I have a new role model


    <>“justice grandpa of fist<>s”

    It’s nice to see a fat dude in a political cartoon that’s NOT being used as shorthand for greed and corruption.

    Hes like the personification of motherfucker unlimited

    Reblogging this newer version of this thread with so many more strips I haven’t seen…why did this character ever disappear. Where did you go, Everett.

    we need him more than ever…

    Absolutely losing it over how he put that dog kicker through the fucking wall

    how INSANELY fucking funny would it be if 48 hours before the election this year both joe biden and donald trump inexplicably at the same time just dropped dead. like it was just their time to go. their half-corpse bodies had just had enough of this shit and they both just gave out. i think that would be the tipping point that would destroy america once and for all

    like to charge reblog to cast