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Pandas, other bears, and whatever else crosses my mind. I'm easily amused.. I'm Zee. I'm 40ish and live in the Pacific NW. My interests include pandas, pop culture, animals in general, food, travel, swimming pools, books, attempting to understand "why" and also sometimes "how". I like to visit the past sometimes but I sure wouldn't want to live there.

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2015-02-03 02:42:08

    One hundred thirty-three years ago today, The Times published its first edition. Happy birthday to us. That’s the front page above. (Look at all the ads!) Explore it further here: Front page, Dec. 4, 1881

    A couple of notable headlines from the first edition (Guiteau is Charles Guiteau, who was executed for assassinating President James Garfield):

    Guiteau’s Remorse: The Assassin Makes a Damaging Admission in Cross-examination

    Ahead of Edison: The Remarkable Fire Alarm System of Los Angeles Explained.

    More historic front pages are here.

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    Matt Ballinger


    The Tidings of Moshaulum is like the Battle of Ceann Abdraidh and Magh Mucrama on bad mushies.

    The unfortunate Mac Conn ends up worse off again. First he gets his face melted and then he gets decapitated. Not a good time for Mac Con.

    The myth is really badly written but it has lots of nice details like that in it if you can wade through the compilation of genealogies, brehon law tracts and deliberately archaic poetry.

    Like Fionn and Lugh show up to fight for Mac Cons war band. The greatest warriors in myth. Why? Who knows, but its nice to see them make a cameo.

    Its a bad compilation of the myths and the author took the chance to use it to create precedent for an altered brehon law tract and some altered genealogies. It mustve been written by someone on an internship.


    An unpaid intern?


    Internships are supposed to be paid? Interns here work for “experience”.


    When I was a kid, interns worked for experience but nowadays most American internships are paid; the idea is to prevent employers from taking advantage of workers.  That's just the *idea*, mind, plenty get taken advantage of anyway.