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Pandas, other bears, and whatever else crosses my mind. I'm easily amused.. I'm Zee. I'm 40ish and live in the Pacific NW. My interests include pandas, pop culture, animals in general, food, travel, swimming pools, books, attempting to understand "why" and also sometimes "how". I like to visit the past sometimes but I sure wouldn't want to live there.

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2015-02-03 02:42:08

    Thin Lizzy doing Whiskey in the jar. Another originator of folk metal.

    :Stary Rant

    Yeh know, before metallica white washed irish music with their video n played up to a negative steriotype of irish.people as alcaholics.

    AND didnt even pay for the trad copyright for a trad tune. They weazeled out of it saying thin lizzy wrote it and it was out of copyright.

    Thieving talentless muppets

    :End Rant


    Damn, I love Thin Lizzy. One of my most favorite bands in my childhood and I still enjoy listening to them today.

    Maria McKee:  Never Be You

    I was a late fan of Maria McKee - I didn't get into her work until about 1992.  I didn't see "Streets of Fire" on its first release (I only saw it for the first time a few months ago and the ONLY ONLY ONLY nice thing I can say about the movie itself is that the set design was cool and OMG Diane Lane) but if I had I probably would've become a Maria McKee fan sooner.  Love her voice.

    The Clash:  London Calling

    I'm not really sure when I first got into The Clash except that I loved them from the first time I heard them.  Late 70s?  Early 80s?  IDK. London Calling was released in 1979 so I guess it was sometime around then, maybe 1980.  

    Anyway, I'm always complaining out how kids today seem to want to be pigeonholed but it's not like we didn't do that sort of thing to ourselveves back when I was young because there was a definite thing about how you could be a headbanger or a punk but not both.  Well, whatever.  While I could and would never identify as a punk, I always did like punk rock and I would absolutely include The Clash as one of the greatest punk bands ever.

    John Waite:  If Anybody Had a Heart

    Okay, y'all, if you insist on playing this song, at least listen to the vastly superior version by my long-term imaginary boyfriend.

    I did not know who wrote it (I really don't like this song, it's only John's voice that saves it for me.  Sorry, Graham Nash, you know i love you but UGH no I do not like the CSN version AT ALL.) so I looked it up and it was co-written by JD Souther and Danny Kortchmar.  OF COURSE.  JD Souther only ever writes songs that I love or hate; I don't think he's written any that I kinda like or that I kinda don't like or am meh about.

    Clearly I need to go listen to "Only Lonely" now.