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2023-03-25 19:24:13

    How did I only just now realise there’s a huge wooden ladder in Rumples dangerous and misc. forbidden shit vault? One that looks suspiciously like the one Belle fell off?

    He totally hid it away (where she couldn’t get to it) after she almost broke her neck, didn’t he? This fucking scared puppy of a man couldn’t even deal with Belle risking herself again, even accidentally.

    Fucking hell, Rumple - how did you ever kid yourself she didn’t matter to you.

    I just can’t with posts talking about how Rumple has everything and Regina has nothing as of the end of season three. Yeah, he had everything for about 5 minutes half a season ago. And Regina had everything for about 5 minutes in the finale. Before the writers ripped things away and piled on the angst. Both of them have had their past come back and bite them this season.

    Last I checked though Robin is still alive. With his wife, yes, but at least Regina no longer murdered her! We don’t know what is going to happen there. AND Henry is still alive giving her pep talks about being a hero, telling her he loves her. Remember Henry? Her son? That is not nothing.

    As for Rumple, he has Belle telling him she loves him even as he is doing his best to fuck that up (and I’m sure that is going to hit the fan one way or the other early next season). And I hope they can make it work, though it seems quite iffy at the moment. But he doesn’t have his son. And the writers have done their best to make it clear he will NEVER have his son again. So he will never, ever have everything. Nothing can ever fill the hole left by the loss of a child.