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    So you hate Remilie?

    Bloody hell, what kind of question is that? 

    Strictly, no.

    Remilie = Robert + Emilie together.

    Of course I don’t hate them together! I love seeing interviews, photoshoots, gifsets, art, of Robert and Emilie, or of Rumbelle, or Anyelle, anything with those two because they are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and even more so when they share the screen. They seem to adore each other and I’d love to see the two of them together at a convention in Europe. (Keep dreaming, Jessie!)

    I do severely dislike Remilie shipping though. I dislike real-life people shipping. I can understand thinking “They have chemistry together!” and I acknowledge that Remilie has chemistry. 

    I also dislike fanfics about real people, or people who roleplay as actors instead of characters. 

    To me, there is a line. There are no actual guidelines on how to be a fan of something. There is no rulebook, no fandom police, nobody to keep people in check. I like to think I’m using common sense. 

    I imagine myself as Robert Carlyle now. I am a talented actor. I have a wife and three beautiful kids. And I have a wonderful colleague, who I love to work with, and who likes me just as much in return. We do an awesome job and we inspire people and I could not be happier about that. But imagine me finding out that there is a place online where a bunch of people - not just one nutjob, but a whole group of people - talk about myself and my colleague, and how much they’d love us to get involved romantically and sexually. How some of these people believe that I’d be with Emilie if I had not met Anastasia. How I’d be with Emilie if I lost Anastasia. People who like to believe I’m cheating on Anastasia with Emilie. People who encourage these delusions in even more people, who say it’s okay to think that way, who encourage each other to make confessions about us anonymously, while I’m thinking: “Wtf that’s crazy! Don’t they understand we’re actors and colleagues? Can’t they stop it with these theories about us? We’re actual living people, not characters! This is insane, I feel violated.”

    And that’s why I can’t ship real-life people. Have you ever been shipped with someone? Have you ever had your friends hope you’d get together with this other guy? They’d push you together, try and set you up on dates, that kind of stuff? It’s freaking annoying. Now imagine your friends who want to see you two together set up a group for themselves, where they can ship you and your friend together. Wouldn’t you feel violated? 

    I know I would, and that is why I can’t ship Remilie or any other actors together. They’re people, not characters. And I refuse to encourage creepiness in other fans. That’s why I’ve been posting my disapproval of a Remilie group on Tumblr the past few days. Not because I dislike the term “Remilie”, and I wouldn’t even mind a Remilie group, with the beautiful gifsets and quotes about friendship and working together, and the images from Comic Con and what-not, because that is what I would call “Remilie”. It is also why I do not block the Remilie tag or something, because there’s beautiful stuff which I and others describe as “Remilie”, but which has nothing to do with shipping them romantically/sexually as people. But then in the group description they say “People are hostile, telling you you can’t ship it, that it’s shameful, in a usually very aggressive manner. Truth is, it’s not.”Basically saying: ignore people like CartoonJessie cause they aren’t making a valid point at all and you should continue shipping real-life people if you feel like it because it is a very normal thing to do. And that’s where I disagree, and that is something that gets on my nerves. I do not think this is ‘normal’ at all and I’d be alarmed if that would be the new ‘norm’ among fans. I do not hate Remilie, nor do I hate the shippers. I do think there is a screw loose if you ship actors together though, and I sincerely hope it’s something people can grow out off, before things get awkward for the actors. 

    Apologies if this reply is a bit too long for your liking….


    I think that inside all Rumbeller there is a little Remilie shipper too. One look at the Cc pictures, and you can see the affection. Emilie adores Robert. I think that sometimes, they lose themselves in scenes.... Like they become Rumbelle. I think that they have this kind of relationship which you have one-and-only emotional connection in it, that's why they are so close. I could ship their friendship, but they have extremely STRONG sexual tension; You can FEEL it through pictures and videos.


    Nope.  i think most Rumbellers appreciate the Bobby/Emilie FRIENDSHIP but the idea of talking about them and sexual tension makes me uncomfortable.  Bobby is very much in love with his wife and very much a family man.  Emilie is in a relationship of her choosing.  They have an emotional connection, a friendship, but any sexual tension is in the eyes of the person watching.  It’s not a fact and feels really disrespectful of the actors.

    Really wish talk of Remilie could at least stay on that tag, rather than going on the actor’s tags.


    We’re a peaceful group of people shipping them together. It’s as much your right to antiship it than our to ship it. Except that we don’t come to your posts to claim we do and openly judge you for not shipping. We accept you don’t like it, we accept you don’t like us, we even accept that you trample our right to express ourselves. Now please, do us all a favour and block us


    The post, which was in the Robert Carlyle tag, was about how “inside all Rumbeller there is a little remilie shipper too.”  That’s blatantly untrue, which was my point. Claiming that the have ‘sexual tension’ is a squick to many people.  Telling all rumbelle shippers that they ship remilie is untrue and quite frankly rude.

    If you don’t want people to rebolg a post with commentary don’t put it in tags like Robert Carlyle.  If you want only commentary from remilie shippers than put it on the remilie tag.  

    “We accept you don’t like it, we accept you don’t like us, we even accept that you trample our right to express ourselves.”

    No, I don’t like the ship, but you know fuck all about how I feel about you, so don’t tell me I don’t like you.  Until this post I wouldn’t have said that, so I guess you created a self fulfilling prophecy.  And how the hell am I “trampling your rights?”  A post was made about “all rumbellers” and as a rumbeller I provided my POV.  Obviously the statement was untrue.  I didn’t tell you not to ship it.  I didn’t tell you not to post it.  All I said is “I wish” it wasn’t on the Robert Carlyle tag.  How is that trampling on your rights?

    You can post on the Robert Carlyle tag as much as you want, but you’re going to have to deal with the fact that people have the right to respond if you chose to do so.

    If your goal is to create a safe haven for remilie shippers, posting to the Robert  and Emilie tags isn’t going to be productive.  It’s going to create strife and drama and get you more negative attention.  A lot of people are squicked by real life shipping, especially when Bobby is married and Emilie is in a relationship.

    I’m just glad Bobby is anti social media and wouldn’t ever check his tag.


    +1 nothingeverlost

    Look, Remilie shippers, I get really excited watching all the Comic Con footage too. I *love* it when there are Remilie interviews, Remilie photoshoots, I even love the Remilie gifsets that are being made. I love the quotes of Emilie talking about Bobby, and the other way around. I love their friendship and their affection.

    And yes, I’d love to see more Remilie, as in Robert + Emilie together on camera. 

    But I will not blatantly ignore their private lives. I won’t ignore Bobby is happily married and has 3 beautiful children, who would be freaked out if they realized there were people shipping their dad - not a character, but their actual daddy - with one of his colleagues. There are people out there who wish Bobby and Emilie together more than they want Bobby and Anastasia together. People who would want a divorce and all the heartache it brings to the couple and their innocent children so that Bobby and Emilie could be together. 

    And meanwhile, Emilie has Erik, and if you’ve seen her pictures, you just know she’s happier than ever. 

    Enjoying every moment that Robert and Emilie spend in the spotlight together is alright. I’m grateful for those moments. But heck, I’ve seen writing prompts around like “Bobby is a little uncomfortable about his weight gain and Emilie reassures him he is still fine + they have sex” make me go O__o

    Don’t write about actual living people like they are fictional characters. They are real people, with families and friends that would want you locked up in a psychiatric institution for even thinking those things of the people they love. 

    When did Rumbelle stop being enough for you guys? Heck, if you love their chemistry, which I do too, there’s plenty of Anyelle to choose from. The amount of characters you can mix up in pairings of these two actors is amazing. Nobody judges you for pairing up two fictional characters. 

    Some things you like are better kept a secret - like shipping actual married people together with their colleagues. (It’s in the same category as telling your high-school teacher you have a crush on them. You don’t tell anyone that shit, least of all the bloody teacher.)

    There are things that shouldn’t have support groups. Like shipping real-life actors together, not minding if you could hurt them or their family if they found out. Support groups are for people who are suffering or misunderstood.

    You’re not suffering or misunderstood. If you wish Remilie together more than you want them to be with the people they love and feel like it’s your right to express this in whatever way you like, you’re just being creepy assholes.

    My advice? Stop thinking in this disrespectful way of these wonderful actors. Don’t want to do that? Then keep it your dirty little secret.  Just my two pennies on this subject.