do any of u guys wanna be my online sugar daddy legitimately 🥺♥️ will send sexy vids n pics on the regular, talk as much as possible, even down for phone calls or facetimes if we get comfortable enough with each other 💕 DM for serious inquiries only! rly need a daddy to take care of me in these hard times 😞💖

    i’m making content again so come have fun & gain access to all of my sexy pics & vids ☺️💞 link in biooo ✨

    part of the reason why i’ve always been so weird with making & selling content is i don’t want to be judged negatively for it but idk why i’ve been caring about what anyone thinks of me anyways, like i should be owning it & profiting off of the genes my parents gave me, plus sex workers get praised for what they do & how hot they are like idk what i’m worried about. i know i would kill it if i allowed myself to just be sexy publicly on the internet lol & it makes me so sad that i’ve wasted so much time being worried about shit that doesn’t matter 😭 i need to stop holding myself back immediately

    i finally got a prescription for a medication that actually helps my anxiety and insomnia and it makes a world of a difference i’m over the moon!!! i’m feeling inspired to start making content again as well as do so many other things!!! like i feel way more able to answer people and make art, pursue other hobbies like raising butterflies etc, i’m playing piano right now for the first time in years reteaching myself the songs i used to play n having so much fun i’m so happy :’) 

    happy easter everyone!!! i posted a couple of new photos on my OF 💜 head there to see the uncensored version of this pic & much more 🥰

    i’m so disconnected from everyone these days i truly wonder how i ever got close to anyone in the past. like wow i really had meaningful relationships with people?? how

    the only people i talk to and see nowadays are my dad and my boyfriend. i talk to and see my boyfriend’s family/friends too but it’s not like that’s ever significant or special for the most part

    i’m sitting here lonely wishing i had someone to talk to but at the same time if i had someone to talk to i probably wouldn’t be interested. i act like i have no one to reach out to but in reality i have at least a handful of people i could reach out to at any time, and i don’t do it because at the end of the day i don’t really want to talk to them. idk what’s wrong with me!!! i say this all of the time but i truly wish i could just clone myself n be my own best friend. i’m the only one i know who understands me n can relate lol