so someone decided to upload a bunch of my nudes/selfies that i’ve posted on here to a website that is dedicated to leaked nudes and i’m freaking out lol :( normally i wouldn’t care, but the page has my legal name, instagram, facebook, and phone number linked to it. whoever did this is so fucked uppp i might just stop posting on here 😔 i don’t understand why scumbags have to ruin things

    y’all, remember how i got asked to perform at an event that’s happening next month?? well, i said yes, and then the dude who asked me to perform kept flirting with me lol. i told him that i wasn’t interested and then a few days later, he messaged me flirtatiously again. so i said “is this the reason why you asked me to perform?” and he got PISSED!!! said “no what the fuck, i take my collective very seriously, i’m offended you would even say that. i won’t be hitting you up to perform anymore, see you around” so now i guess i’m not invited anymore, all because i asked a very reasonable question in response to someone disrespecting me/my wishes lol.... i literally just have no words 😞 i know there’s some good guys out there but why do so many of them have to be scum?

    anyways i’m in a pretty bad situation that i want to get out of and all of the friends i came here to visit essentially ditched me so i kind of need to get a hotel to stay in tonight but i don’t have that much money in my bank account, i would really really appreciate if anyone could donate to my paypal literally anything helps and if you donate let me know i’ll send nudes as thanks ♥️

    a guy that i barely know (i met him at toadface about a week ago) bought me a ticket to hulaween and the pre-party (the pre-party itself is +$75 and hula tickets are like +$270 right now). then yesterday, bassnectar announced that basscenter is going to be happening again in virginia over labor day weekend. the hotels in that area started selling out immediately, and i was freaking out because i know i can’t miss basscenter again. when i told him this, he booked a suite five minutes from the coliseum for all of labor day weekend, no questions asked.... what a man. what do i do lol

    for the longest time now i have dreamt of majoring in some area of psychology, becoming a (yes) grad student, and progressing to, some day, complete research in cognitive neuroscience. as far fetched as that sounds, i really don't care- i can't think of anything i would enjoy more. the reality is though, i'm afraid. afraid of wasting years on a degree. afraid of obtaining that degree and not making a decent salary. afraid of not being able to own a home or raise a family, if i ever decide i want to. afraid of never getting where i want to go, or getting where i want to go and failing. what if it's a mistake and i don't enjoy it? what if, at the end of my life, i regret the time that i spent here? is fear holding me back from living the way i want to, or am i thinking rationally? life is so short. i wish i could find something i enjoy to be good at. the ability to sing is so useless when you have a fcking speech impediment.  anyway. idk how i'm ever going to pick a major.