i’ve never talked about this with anyone before, but i preform my own “rituals” when i have thoughts of bad things happening to me or those i care about. i feel as if though the actions will deter the thoughts from manifesting into reality, so to speak. and i know that’s ridiculous, that’s why i haven’t told anyone. but i didn’t really realize this was a component of my ocd… like, i knew i was doing these things, but i didn’t realize that they were just weird compulsions. i thought that my ocd only expressed itself in other ways and that i did these things because i’m weird on my own, u know? but i don’t remember it always being this way, so maybe it has gotten worse. anyway, i’m gonna take this advice

    @windrider258 omg!! it sucks that you have to deal with this too, but i’m glad someone knows how I feel at least. i can’t stop sometimes either, like once i start picking, everything else goes out the window. i’ll literally sit in bed and do nothing but pick for hours, it’s really bad. to make things worse, i noticed that having a lot of school work triggers it, so instead of working on the homework that stresses me out, i procrastinate with this awful habit. most of the time, i don’t even realize i’m doing it, until i start hurting and/or bleeding of course. my therapist suggested i hold a smooth stone instead when i feel the need to pick, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as calming or fun. i’m thinking of putting glue on my fingers, but it seems like super glue would do a better job at imitating skin 🤔 lmao lmk if u find anything that helps