i’m so disconnected from everyone these days i truly wonder how i ever got close to anyone in the past. like wow i really had meaningful relationships with people?? how

the only people i talk to and see nowadays are my dad and my boyfriend. i talk to and see my boyfriend’s family/friends too but it’s not like that’s ever significant or special for the most part

i’m sitting here lonely wishing i had someone to talk to but at the same time if i had someone to talk to i probably wouldn’t be interested. i act like i have no one to reach out to but in reality i have at least a handful of people i could reach out to at any time, and i don’t do it because at the end of the day i don’t really want to talk to them. idk what’s wrong with me!!! i say this all of the time but i truly wish i could just clone myself n be my own best friend. i’m the only one i know who understands me n can relate lol