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    Helping Hand

    Requested by @veganwonderment

    Pairing: Evie x Fem reader

    Warnings: none

    A/N: collaboration with @limesangstandfluffohmy

    Enjoy! :)


    Y/N worked quickly at the hems of the dresses, but still managed not to ruin them. She only had thirty minutes left to finish before Evie got out of class. Y/N had heard the other girl saying how stressed she was, trying to complete all her orders, so naturally she had decided to lend some anonymous help.

    She wasn’t as skilled at fashion as Evie was but luckily the blue haired girl had her notes and designs still out, likely due to her being more frazzled than usual.

    So Y/N followed those and made pretty good work. She’d almost say that her work looked exactly the same as Evie’s. She worked hard and had almost finished when the bell rang. She hurriedly packed up her things and rushed out, making sure to blend in with the crowd so Evie doesn’t catch her.

    The next day, Y/N woke up to find she had multiple blisters on her fingers, so she applied some bandages and went along with her usual business. That was, of course, until she saw Evie.

    “Y/N, what happened to your hands?” she asked, worried.

    “Nothing…” Y/N said, trying and failing to sound casual.

    “Uh-huh.” Evie said, raising an eyebrow at her. “Then you’re just wearing plasters as a fashion statement? Which I have to say, doesn’t look very stylish.”

    “I just… got some blisters from doing a project.” Y/N replied, trying to be as cryptic as possible.

    “What project?” Evie asked determined to get a straight answer.

    “Oh, you know. The one for that class that we do the stuff in.” Y/N replied, inwardly cringing.

    “Right, that one… I thought perhaps you’d known something about all my dresses being miraculously finished when I returned to my room yesterday, but I guess not, since you were working on that ‘project.’” she said slyly, placing air quotes around the word.

    Y/N’s jaw dropped before she smiled sheepishly, knowing she’d been caught. “…I thought you could use some help.”

    Evie gave Y/N a brilliant grin in return. “It was much appreciated. Though if it happens again, I’d love to be able to thank you properly.”

    Y/N looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean?”

    Evie grinned and reached forward to give her a peck on the cheek. “Go on a date with me?”

    Y/N couldn’t help the grin that spread across her own face. “I’d love to.”


    Writer - @harry-hook-me (myself)

    Request - @67chevycamaro

    Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Descendants characters or scenes from the movies, all credits goes to the creators and producers of Disneys descendants.

    Summary – Harry watched in awe of his girlfriend Y/n Sparrow, daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow, as she beat the living daylights out of a guy who decided it would be a good idea to touch her in a place only he was aloud.

    Warnings – some swear words, reference to smut and low key sexual assault but nothing too triggering

    Prompts – “she’s fierce”

    “she’ll be the death of me”

    AN- again sorry its so late, but I hope you enjoy it - Lou x

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    Summary: Mal and her friends walk in on you and Harry in the middle of an intimate moment.

    Warnings: Oral sex  

    Author’s Note: This is the sequel to Left Behind.

    You rolled your eyes and clenched your fists, pushing past all the brightly dressed Auradon students. You never would’ve thought you’d actually make it here, especially after Uma’s stunt at Ben’s cotillion. 

    You knew adjusting to Auradon wouldn’t be easy but this was 1000 times worse than what you imagined! The amount of people who kept thinking you would be willing to forget that you’d been abandoned on the Isle for 17 years was ridiculous. Even worse, your sister and old gang were some of those people.

    You mentally scoffed. As if. The only thing you and Mal had in common was that you were both Maleficent’s kids and you both had long purple hair. Something that you debated changing lately. 

    “Hey Mal! Has Ben-” Your eyes glowed and you spun around on your heel. “Get some fucking glasses!” You snapped at some preppy Auradon boy who reeled back in shock, slamming into the lockers with a loud slam.

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    -Harry tends to get very jealous very easily

    -Someone looks at you funny? They’re threatening you as far as he’s concerned

    -A look lingers a little too long? They’re obviously trying to get with you

    -You can usually calm him down right away, and he lets them get away with only giving them a murderous glare

    -But when someone outright flirts with you, right in front of him, all bets are off

    -He’s very confrontational storming up to them and getting in their face

    -You grab Harry’s arm, to try and distract him while the poor guy runs away

    -And luckily you succeed

    -The two of you spend the rest of the day together, just you and him, hanging out

    -This will also be one of the few scenarios in which he’d be open to physical affection, so expect a lot of cuddling

    -And Harry’s once again reminded why he gets so jealous in the first place, he wouldn’t trade the world for you