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This is where my dirty porn goes. I reblog anything I like. If you want me to try and post more of a certain kink send me an ask. Though, if you do send a request for a kink I do not find appealing, I will not post it. Interests include: BDSM, Furry, Futa, Lactation, Stomach Bulges (to a degree), and a bunch of other stuff.

Last update
2018-12-06 01:27:56

    I had a free chunk of time at the end of the last stream, so: Adoptable.

    This is Jack, the …. the paperwork says “jackal”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not right. Jackals don’t have claws like that, and they certainly aren’t that colourful.


    Bid for her over on FA!


    I have nothing to do while Steam is eating up all of my bandwidth downloading sale-vidya, so I figured I’d add a futa option to Jack.

    There’s a while left in the auction, so, ye.

    As always, Bid for her over on FA.