Fast Food Stuffing!

    Almost 11 minutes of me stuffing my face and showing off for the camera! Some fat chat and lots of burps ☺️

    Fridge Raid Curvage Video!!

    Anyone wanna watch me surround myself with food as I greedily as much as I can fit in my big belly?

    First, I pull up a chair to the fridge so my fat ass doesn’t have to waste calories moving so much

    Once I get my fill in the fridge, you watch me waddle over to my bed and lay down in a mountain of food

    I’ve never felt more gluttonous and full as I can’t help but continue to fill my gut with all the food around me.

    Probably my favorite video I’ve filmed yet 💖 it’s a feedee dream to have that much food around all the time 🐽

    Beer Funneling Video!

    Watch my belly get bigger and tighter while I funnel beer! After I’m done I oil up my swollen gut and massage and play with it while moaning about how full and fat I am!