It feels sooo good to have a bloated belly fully of junk food and fast food, doesn’t it 🐷? Nothing feels as good as being pinned on the couch by your own gluttony, does it? But you can’t hide the effects anymore piggy, you’re clothes are ‘shrinking’ fatter than ever and your gut is spilling further into your lap every day with no sign of stopping. How’s you let yourself get so out of control piggy?

    I just kept eating until I couldn’t move and then ate some more✨


    You’ve really let that greedy appetite of yours turn you into a piggy, didn’t you? You’ve completely let yourself go and fattened yourself up into a round ball of pudge. And you can’t stop yourself anymore. You watched your feet disappear behind your gut, probably watching the numbers on the scale disappear behind it too, and yet you can’t stop stuffing your face, can you? 😈

    I can’t stop but I don’t think I want to 🥵

    I love stretching out my belly too much🐷