Fast Food Stuffing!

    Almost 11 minutes of me stuffing my face and showing off for the camera! Some fat chat and lots of burps ☺️

    Weigh In and Measurements on Curvage

    If you’ve ever wondered how much I weigh or how round my belly and thighs are, this is the video for you! After weighing and measuring, I sit down and talk about my weight gain journey, my struggles of being fat, what my friends and family think, and my goal weight! I also put on my pregnancy belt to ease my back pain from having to carry my massive belly and tits around all day 🥵

    Fridge Raid Curvage Video!!

    Anyone wanna watch me surround myself with food as I greedily as much as I can fit in my big belly?

    First, I pull up a chair to the fridge so my fat ass doesn’t have to waste calories moving so much

    Once I get my fill in the fridge, you watch me waddle over to my bed and lay down in a mountain of food

    I’ve never felt more gluttonous and full as I can’t help but continue to fill my gut with all the food around me.

    Probably my favorite video I’ve filmed yet 💖 it’s a feedee dream to have that much food around all the time 🐽


    It feels sooo good to have a bloated belly fully of junk food and fast food, doesn’t it 🐷? Nothing feels as good as being pinned on the couch by your own gluttony, does it? But you can’t hide the effects anymore piggy, you’re clothes are ‘shrinking’ fatter than ever and your gut is spilling further into your lap every day with no sign of stopping. How’s you let yourself get so out of control piggy?

    I just kept eating until I couldn’t move and then ate some more✨