Wolfenstein, for those who don’t know, is a videogame series with soon to be eleven entries in the series, all of them entirely centred around killing Nazis ever since the very first game in 1981.

    ‘way to make it political’ buddy do you know what series this is


    hey remember the old days when “Nazis were bad” was a politically neutral statement.  That isn’t sarcastic i’m genuinely nostalgic 


    Maybe if people stopped calling anyone who disagreed with them a Nazi, it would have stayed nonpolitical. You can’t blame people for getting defensive after you’ve trained them to watch for thrown rocks.


    I have to agree with Sunder here. Considering that innumerable corporations all treating any political views that aren’t at least hard left as ‘Nazi’- this is entirely rational.

    You can’t punch a person every day for 4 years and then laugh at them for flinching when you raise your arm.


    The black areas represent the remaining natural dark skies in the United States


    I’ve been in the middle of the ocean at night and now live in texas and it is so hard to explain to people that no, they have not ever seen the night sky. It is so hard to explain to people that what they think is a proper night sky is fucking pathetic. A disgrace.

    People talk about how you can’t see stars in the city and yeah, that’s true, but their concept of “seeing stars” is being able to make out orion’s belt.

    So, so few people have see the sky in all its glory and it’s not sad. It’s a fucking crime. Seeing a perfectly dark night, no clouds, not a hint of light pollution? That’s a fucking religious experience.

    The sky the vast vast majority of us grew up with is not the sky that inspired us to look up. It is not the sky that inspired constellations. You can’t even see most constellations.

    Your ancestors looked at the night sky and said “surely, that is where the gods must live.” And you might be lucky if you can see hardly more than a handful of stars.

    The sky is full, fucking FULL, of stars, and you’ve never seen them.


    Light pollution must be reined in - there’s a phenomenon in protecting any aspect of the environment: after a generation or so, people don’t know what they’re missing. Be that stars, trees, birds and lizards in their gardens, everything.

    Exessive town and street lights are the enemy. Trees, and rules around external lighting help, but Buffer zones, good old fashioned green belts are so important.


    I think a lot of people who seem uninspired by the night sky have never actually seen it.  I recommend everyone take at least one trip to an International Dark Sky Place to see what the night sky SHOULD look like.  And then, when you return to your own town, start advocating for change.


    you’re hearing it more and more


    Spotify Premium ad: “Imagine playing music without interruptions! Infinite skipping! Replay the song you want! And even do it offline? No ads! Whatever songs you want! For a small monthly payme-” Me: *nods, turns off Spotify and turns on my MP3 player and does all the things they offer, but for free and with songs they don’t even have*


    For those of you who might not know how to do any of this:

  • To convert CD audio into mp3s, you just follow the steps here
  • To play mp3 files, you download an mp3 player like Winamp here and away you go
  • On mobile? There are plenty of free mp3 players for your phone available, too, so check them out
  • You don’t need to be tethered to an online streaming service for your music. Be free.


    You can also rip audio files from youtube and find files all over the internet. It is far easier to come across great and lesser known music if you dont limit yourself to spotify.


    Here’s a tutorial on how to get the music and playlists you like with unlimited listening/downloads. This is a free way to do it that I believe is a balance between cost, time, and pros & cons:

    If you have the CDs, it will be easier to rip them. Most music managers include this feature and you will have all the track information loaded into the file. There are also pirate websites where you can download entire albums with their metadata attached, but there could be risks associated (I would worry more about viruses than lawsuits these days, though). Deciding a method for acquiring music is a balance of the required time, the alternative costs, and other pros/cons like supporting the artist or taking the risk of pirating sites.

    1. Find the song on Youtube. YT has pretty much every song at this point, usually in comparable quality to what you would get on a streaming service.

    This is great if you already listen to music on Youtube, but there might be a better method for going direct from Spotify, though this will work either way. The main downside to this method is that official music (and even lyric) videos sometimes have non-music portions so you might have to listen to the whole thing to be sure. SponsorBlock will highlight non-music sections for most artists, so if you have it installed you can tell at a glance if this is the case.

    2. Download the audio from YT. There are many ways to download YT videos completely for free. It’s probably against the YT terms of service, but you’re not going to get sued.

    I like y2mate for downloading YT videos (or their audio in mp3s) because it’s a simple, ad-free website. You just paste in the URL for the video you want to download. Sometimes it’s laggy and you have to come back later, but usually after a few moments the video loads, you select your download quality (the highest), and then save it. For easy file management, download everything in folders for the Artist, and then sub folders for the Album, and name the MP3 file the “song name”.mp3.

    3. Upload to your music player/manager of choice. The file will currently be lacking metadata (Artist, Album, track number, etc) and will be added to the library as a song with its title set as the file name minus its .mp3 extension. Various music players/managers have different ways to add metadata (usually accessed by right-clicking the song) with varying ease.

    iTunes is free and and logical if you have an iPhone, but limited in its capabilities. I do all my management/listening in MusicBee (free for Windows) because of its playlist and management features, as well as having a very customizable interface. You can set it to scan the folders you download music to so it will automatically load things into your library, or do so manually. Once loaded into MusicBee, you can batch edit an entire album’s metadata at once easily with Auto-Tagging. Auto-Tag can fetch the details from the internet and fill in artist, tracks, album artwork, etc and save that information to the mp3 file. You can edit this manually if needed too. Drag and drop the edited songs to any other player you may want to add them to so it can find the files.

    4. Now you can use the player of your choice to listen endlessly, form playlists, etc. Some free music managers also have music discovery/recommendation features for expanding your collection.

    MusicBee allows you to create playlists with folders, subfolders, and dynamic features. You can export these playlists for cross-platform play on other computers with MusicBee installed. I think the playlist features on MusicBee are better than what is on streaming services. You can create an auto-playlist of your recently-added music so you can easily find the ones that are new and might need need editing, adding to other playlists, etc. I have custom tags for music by LGBT artists, sapphic love songs, and more. I also drag-and-drop these playlists directly into iTunes so I have them on my phone too (you can do this to make a new playlist or just edit/add songs to a current one).

    There are many music managers/players, including cross-platform ones with streaming, though they usually have fees for that feature. Because you aren’t streaming the music and rather storing it, you’ll need space on each device you want to play the music on, but memory is cheap these days.

    You can buy a 2TB external harddrive for less than Spotify or Youtube Premium costs for six months, so having to store the songs isn’t much of a downside. Plus, the song will never “leave the service”, you can listen to it offline, etc.

    I do encourage people to pay for art, especially from small, independent artists. You have to pay for art if you want to keep it alive, but there is debate over if streaming services are really “paying the artist”. Alternatives include buying and ripping CDs, purchasing merch or tour tickets (where artists make a lot of their money), etc to support them with something other than streaming views.


    ID. a tweet from Don Hughes @/getfiscal dated Feb 18 21. it reads, “Started imagining paying for Spotify for the next thirty or so years and got a bit dizzy, cancelled a bunch of subscriptions, installed Linux on my computer and then pulled out my old CDs to rip. Going caveman.” End ID.


    Seconding MusicBee! Also, you can use a library subscription to access Freegal, which allows (depending on your library system) up to five free downloads a week. Completely free, actually legal, yours to keep, no DRM or any crap like that.

    For indie producers, always check if they have something like Bandcamp! Bandcamp lets you download as well, and has significantly higher royalties going to the actual artists (Spotify pays them… very little).


    Jsyk, winamp rips cds natively.  You can set whatever bitrate you like.  Been doing *that* since last century. 


    I am vehemently deleting spotijerk (and youtube music) *insert middle finger here* from my machines whenever it decides to download and install itself :’) It’s either Bandcamp, or good old physical CDs for me.


    If you are going full GNU/Linux:

  • ABCDE is an CDs ripper (It uses CDDB and MusicBrainz to automatically tag the music you rip)
  • MusicBrainz Picard is a tagger that uses a database to properly tag stuff and helps you find missing tracks from albums.
  • Beets is a music library and manager that manages how your files is stored and helps you tagging editing, converting and other stuff you may want to do. It definitely beats iTunes breaking up albums because a guest artist is in the Artist tag.
  • MPD is a powerful music player.
  • artist-friedrich

    Monastery ruins in the snow, 1819, Caspar David Friedrich


    Reminder that high Gothic monasteries such as this one wwre perfectly capable of standing on their own, even with rather little maintenance. Monastery ruins in France, Ireland, and the UK are a direct result of radicals in government destroying them in the Reformation or Revolution. They are not monuments of the natural decay of a civilization; they are the public evidence of murders.



    Especially in England


    Thats normal


    Who knew her racism was load-bearing for the whole damn brain


    These happy tiktok dances with these fucked up stories over them are doing me legit psychic damage


    I don’t know what’s more disturbing about stuff like this - the voyeurism or the exhibitionism.

    Social media was a mistake


    Whatever happened to just being a drug addict? Why do we have to put on all this theater?


    i assume it’s because “if removing the racism made me implode, then the implosion was A Good Thing Actually”

    I don’t think that was racism that she got rid of

    So I've been seeing some discourse around the No Fly List leak that looks a bit like "hey everybody, we can't make jokes about this, the list is racist and there are children on the list" or "if you're talking about identity categories instead of the list you're missing the point" and I think that we CAN make jokes about a trans bi lesbian catgirl owning the US government while also appreciating the gravity of the No Fly List but what I think is troubling to me is the way that these discourse posts are treating the blatant racism and inherently fascist nature of the No Fly List as news.

    It is news that Maia Arson Crimew was able to download a copy of the No Fly List from an unsecured public server.

    It is not news that there are 1.5 million people on that list, many of whom do not belong on it for any number of reasons, and it is not news that there are children on that list, and it is not news that the list is a tool used to deprive people of their civil liberties. That's why the list exists.

    I'm aware that I'm getting older. I'm aware that there are entire adults of legal drinking age who were born after 9/11. I'm aware that it's not super common to follow up on foreign policy or national security debacles from when you were in kindergarten, but there are people who have been mad about this shit for twenty years and if you're just now hearing about how bad the list is for the first time, hell, maybe that's on us and we haven't been yelling enough (though when I'm yelling about how the TSA is security theater meant to make us accept encroachments on our rights, this is at least a part of what I'm yelling about).

    The No Fly List is a list of individuals maintained by the TSA who are deemed a threat to security for some reason or another.

    The TSA maintains the list, though they are given information for the list from the FBI, Terrorism Screening Center, and other entities. If you'd like to click this document, you can find 250 pages of FOIA'd documents about the No Fly List pre 2006. Much of this document is members of the FBI trying to justify why they need a copy of the list and lamenting that airlines have a copy of the list and they don't. This is very funny.

    There have been issues with mis-identifications and false positives for the list for as long as the list has existed. You can click here to read through an infuriating 200 pages about a Pfizer employee who was stopped at least a dozen times at airports and who retained a law firm to hound the TSA/CBP/ICE clusterfuck of interagency buck-passing for nine months to try to get the problem resolved. One of the three documents at this link includes a complaint from the president of the Terrorist Screening Center lamenting the way that the TSA would refer obvious non-matches to be detained, including infants and the elderly.

    At this point, the FBI/TSA/TSC/ICE/CBP claimed list was still relatively small, in the low thousands at most.

    However a 2009 cost-benefit report by the Defense Technical Information Center found that in 2004-2005 30,000 people contacted the TSA to have their names removed from the list; 30k false positives suggests a list somewhat longer than a thousand names.

    As long as the No Fly List has existed, criteria for being placed on the list has been subjective and selectively enforced.

    As the Crimew leak shows, there isn't a tremendous amount of biographical data, but there are hundreds of thousands of names and it is enforced at the discretion of the TSA in each individual airport in the US, which is how you end up with duplicates and toddlers and 100-year-old men on what is functionally a filter to keep Muslim people out of the US.

    The list has expanded every year that it has existed, and has been defended by republicans and democrats alike since it became one of the tools in our arsenal to fight "the war on terror"

    And for just about that long, people have been talking about how it is unconstitutional, denies civil liberties, and also just doesn't really work.

    It has never been transparent, it has always been a tool of surveillance, exclusion, and control:

    And people have been documenting, protesting, and suing over the islamophobic nature of the list - and the security state's weaponization of the list as a threat - for two decades at this point because in the earliest days of the No Fly List it was OPENLY ACKNOWLEDGED that it was based on racial profiling and people made (shitty, cruel) legal arguments for why it should be:

    THIS isn't funny. These are not the things that people are joking about when they choose to stay silly :3 in this conversation.

    But these things also aren't news. Nearly everything I screencapped here was listed as a source on Wikipedia, and what wasn't was available as simple searches on Archive.Org or easily looked up on news websites.

    All you have to do is just *look* at the sources on Wikipedia to see that people actually have been talking about it for quite a long time, very publicly, and that there has been a lot of public outcry about the list as it balloons and punishes innocent people with false positives:

    And when you've been looking at stories like these for twenty fucking years it feels wonderful to say "holy fucking bingle" and celebrate that for once someone did something VERY COOL in order to shine a light on this massive (and apparently underappreciated problem).


    nooooo @txttletale, don’t be shy, show us everything that @ohsalome wrote before you deleted her reblog and blocked both her and me, so you could continue to misrepresent reality and keep building up fallacies in your circle jerk echo chamber of worshippers of imperialist, genocidal, colonizer pos country. lemme help

    yeah totally nothing to hide by ommiting this part of reblog. totally not disingenuous at all and just ludicrous to try to portay nation slowly figuring out and building their own structure after years of enslavement as something bad and viliyfing, as if it was possible for ukraine to immediately do some insane progress jump. data and logic hurts the narrative too much huh

    oh and @ruisa-faa

    you first


    Love how tankies keep calling CEE people Nazis just for not wanting them to westsplain the collapse of the USSR to the people whose countries were actually forced into the Soviet Bloc


    Bringing this back since apparently txttletale is the new tumblr funnyman everyone keeps reblogging for making vaguely progressive takes in a snarky/quirky way


    Oh yes. Progressive far left wishing us to die is totally an unexpected turn of events, I promise.


    Well... That didn't age very fucking well... 😂😂😂



    Gotta say I really love the pictures these guys ran with, CNN joining in the game trying to get some of their old viewers back.

    We don't know what they are, but they were discovered in November, no specific date given.

    Really wish that they wouldn't make it so easy on the people coming up with conspiracy theories, give the incredibly easy logical hop over to them finding them and keeping it quiet until all midterm elections had been certified and everyone sworn into office.

    Because that just sounds crazy given the date that the information about them dropped doesn't it?


    So like sexual assault allegations, "children in cages", racism, and stopping flights from certain countries, I guess we're gonna start pretending like it's different when he does it.


    Turns out the date is now known, it was November 2. Well before the midterm elections, let's just hope the conspiracy nuts don't hear about it or they might think there was something nefarious happening, like they do with that whole laptop thing. Can't have crazy talk like that now can we.


    So let me get this straight: a former vice president had classified documents for six years, four of which were spent not even as a public servant?


    And he got tens of millions of "donations" from the Chinese government while he was holding them.


    Also he shares seemingly everything with his crackhead son who is constantly losing laptops and getting his shit leaked all over the internet.


    >And he got tens of millions of "donations" from the Chinese government while he was holding them.

    Wait, I know this one. I learned it yesterday. The "Penn Biden Center" at U of Penn allegedly got a lot of Chinese donations, right? And the Uni itself says they never got any gifts for the center from any foreign entity, even though the U itself got 30 million, according to public records?


    Can someone please tell me this was a pair that was trying to do the death spiral that mating birds of prey do, and somehow in the process they ended up stuck on a road sign. Because if it is, this is definitely one of the funniest “Okay, maybe we WERE a little bit over our head when we started this…” moments.


    I doubt it. One of these birds is a juvenile (the top) while the other is an adult (bottom). The juvenile would have no interest in mating.

    Honestly when I see hawks doing stupid stuff 9/10 times its a harris hawk—this seriously just looks like one of those stupid hawks time. They are one of the only social raptors, so this leads to some funny things, like


    The harris hawk argument for stacking is “your back is less Pokey than a cactus so imma use it”

    Not even falconers are safe…

    They even hold hands

    Please, what are you doing harris hawks, learn how to hawk


    Sometimes even raptors can be birbs.


    That last bit isn’t accurate and it’s a fairly common right wing justification of why Star Trek’s utopia is unatainable. Humanity didn’t invent replicators and become a utopia, humanity made first contact and gained enough perspective to try and get its shit together - and centuries later invented the replicator because it HAD.

    Replicators wouldn’t just fix all our problems, because resource shortage isn’t the issue. Resource HOARDING is the issue. A small percentage of people taking more than everyone else is the problem - and replicators wouldn’t solve that, cuz the rich people would just hoard those too.


    Others have already made that first point in the notes. I included it because I thought it was funny.

    The fact that you think “rich people hoarding is the problem” kind of discounts you from any discussion on economics.

    Especially when the current economics crisis was caused, quite heavily, by government lockdowns hindering production and basic economic activity for a year and change, and another government starting a war, which lead to more government sanctions,that increase the price of gas, and by extension everything that depends on gas.

    Which is literally everything.


    You just pulled your pants down and showed your whole ass, so I don’t particularly feel the need to defend myself to you.


    “I’m totally winning this argument, even though I can’t actually come up with a real criticism of your point or defend my NPC argument, which is why I have to block you on your own post so I can get the last word”

    Sure, Jan.


    Just taking a casual glance over their blog…and, yeah…they strike me as the kind of person who likely gets high off their own fumes, and can’t tolerate for even one femtosecond that they might be wrong about something.

    Like, it took less than one scroll of the mousewheel to find a “DA EBIL RIGHT WING” style post. Brainrot and codswallop abounds.


    not exactly a shock


    It’s almost like the sort of people that write Star Trek episodes are the sort of people that think other people that write Star Trek episodes like this are prophets, because they’ll set society up to fail by supporting the very problems that LEAD to these issues.

    Which effectively makes their writing as heavy handed and ridiculous as watching a Hallmark channel movie where the main conflict is the main character has, “lost their faith in god,” which has just lead to their life being destroyed, and it coincidentally lining up with grandma’s belief that they should just reconnect with The Lord and then everything will be good again (”thanks, grandma! I just needed more Jesus in my life!”)

    The sort of people that genuinly believe this crap try so hard to be on the same spiritual level of the religious morality stories with their sci-fi futurism that “proves their points” about borders, blaming people who have money for people that don’t and blaming any rival to the State that has any space in the hearts of different people and cultures for why there’s bigotry and injustice in the world.

    The sort of people that draw from their own ridiculous equivalent of, “Revelations” and other absolutely insane doomsday event prophecy, only they call it, “Late Stage Capitalism,” instead of, “The Apocalypse,” and they bemoan every single sign that plays into their ideological world view while sagaciously nodding about those poor unenlightened fools that dare question the position of their church and mythology.

    Considering BLM was just, “the classes rise up against society,” just sold to the sort of people that absolutely can’t join or be part of anything unless it’s married to the tribalism of their own ethnic background, like tricking a toddler to eat celery by marrying it to peanut butter and then smugging about how you “tricked a kid into eating what’s good for them,” it was just more “class disparity and protesting.” Just through the spectrum of race-as-culture.

    When you rabblerouse and try to ENCOURAGE the misc. demographics weave a whole narrative about how them Ebil Majorities are oppressing and plotting against you and you and your people need Yours so you protest and “fight back” in the name of your own group, OF COURSE you’re going to see shit like that occurring. It’s why that shit exists today, and of course it’s going to be why it exists and manifests in fiction. It’s as easily predictable as the rhetoric and appearances of antifa, because the very people demanding social issues be viewed this way and then changed according to those views, are writing the stories about why the social unrest exists and how to fix it, according to their own self-indulgent bias.

    And this is why I just don’t really care for Star Trek. It spends so much time giving a platform to assholes and those assholes wanking themselves off.


    *slams desk*





    I’m running a normal phpbb forum rn on a domain i own. it costs pennies and is so easy even my dumb ass can do it. there’s nothing stopping you except the zillennial fear of “fucking up” which isn’t real i promise. just do it anyway


    in almost every other children's book where the main heroine is swept away to a land of whimsy she's shown having a lovely time; braving dangers occasionally, trying to find her way home, sure, but ultimately delighting in the magic around her. meanwhile alice spends her entire time in wonderland like


    look, here’s the thing: alice in wonderland’s enduring fucking charm is that it perfectly captures the vibe of being a very tired and annoyed child who is nonetheless required to play along with adult nonsense.

    alice is dragged from place to place without warning, forced to play stupid games with no good prizes, grilled over her schooling and manners and recitation and dress, scolded, judged, insulted to her face, sent away, given gifts she didn’t ask for and doesn’t like, corrected incorrectly, been subject to shifting and arbitrary rules, and then when she gets snappish with all this bullshit everyone acts like a little girl’s temper is the end of the fucking world.

    alice in wonderland isn’t a drug trip or a nightmare or a metaphor, that’s just what being ten years old is LIKE. that’s why kids love it so much. even if they can’t quite articulate how, they recognize themselves in it.


    It’s also a massive parody written by an angry mathematician parodizing his contemporary opponents in the field.


    More and more non white people are going to be kicked out of the oppression club for unacceptable opinions.


    Can never get enough of this GIF


    This means that they intend to start yammering even more about this. This means that more people will have the opportunity to learn when they say sonething is, “white supremacist,” they don’t necessarily it’s some milquetoast dude named David Supposki from Milwaukee with a shitty buzzed haircut on the sides of his heads, wielding a tiki torch with a polo shirt and whining about Mexican immigrants polluting the gene pool.

    When they say, “white supremacy,” it gets into logical leaps, sociological cancer and liberally manipulated ways to construe the philosophy that you cannot even have a United States of America without superimposing the idea it’s set up culturally as a white supremacist power structure just on the basis that it is somewhat capitalist and has a majority of non-Hispanic whites, and that’s “all it needs” to be interpreted, according to their magical totally-not-conflict-of-interest having ways of interpreting shit, as inherently white supremacist.

    And by extension any person of any background that disagrees with this very skewed, extreme, absurd idea of what constitutes “white supremacism” will get verbally lumped into the pile with the tiki torch burners, told they aren’t welcome on the Right Side of History and to go hang out with the Fox News types. That’s a routing and declaration of intentions to platform the liberal democrat party with Marxist horseshit and if you aren’t on board with that then you will be politically and socially marginalized, and they will go out of their way to defame and attribute what you are to Nazis, then err on the side of caution by “punching all Nazis.”

    Their big problem now is a great deal of the United States territories are not white majorities, and we have access to international news to see exactly how they’re treating black, Asian, Native American and Hispanic people that won’t walk their lines. They get punched, they get spit on, they get ridiculous articles written about them like they’re Clayton Bigsbies, they get marginalized by the people screaming about how they should shut up and let their group represent their interests, or else goodbye to their reputations.

    And the more they can’t use the basic language of “we’re against white supremacism” but are forced to REALLY CLARIFY that there’s an asterisk there, and it doesn’t mean what you would think that means, the more this entire movement is going to get abraded into pulp. And I am all for it. We can make a diverse coalition of tearing this trash heap, recycling it and incinerating the shitty thoughts that led to this point of view, finally have harmony and peace and trust regardless of groups and the hidden agitator driving people that skew conservative nuts can finally be silenced and let them relax and be more rational.


    on the bright side they’re going to have to admit they’re using ‘white’ to refer to a set of values instead of a skin color, instead of being able to conflate the two. “being punctual is white supremacy” will mean “ expecting people to be on time is what my enemies do” instead of “expecting people to be on time is racist”