I am obsessed with this.

    So because parkour is such a ridiculously male dominated sport, the "correct technique" for a lot of these movements that you're taught when you become an instructor plays to a male body's strengths: upper body strength, higher center of gravity, etc.

    She demolishes this course by moving in ways that make sense for her body. She doesn't muscle her way up to her over a wall, she just throws a leg up over the wall. She doesn't use upper body strength to do the salmon ladder, she uses her hips!!! And it's fucking incredible.

    So many girls and young women walk away from parkour because every movement caters to the strengths of men, because doing what makes sense for their bodies is seen as "bad technique" to be trained away.

    If pre-transition me had seen this I would have cried tears of joy.


    She is taking advantage of the strengths of HER body rather than the "correct" strengths, and it is HELLA FUCKIN IMPRESSIVE.

    Like, that salmon ladder omg??? Any male trainer who wasn't willing to work with a person's distinct strengths would tell her she should hang by her arms and go up one rung at a time. But she uses her core strength to go from being above the bar to swinging and using momentum to move it up FOUR RUNGS and then in an equally smooth move across to the other side.

    She probably wouldn't be able to finish this course if she stuck to the "correct" way of doing things, but she's doing them in ways that allows her to use her strength to her advantage, and so she fuckin demolishes it.

    I'm just fuckin in love.




    Go girl


    I’m literally in love with her


    If I wasn’t gay before…


    Shaina West aka. The Samurider is an Actor, Stunt Person, Martial Artist, Personal Trainer, Influencer and Brand Ambassador. She draws inspiration from her love of Japanese culture, martial arts, samurai, anime and motorbikes.

    btw: she’s in the upcoming Black Widow movie 😍 and—


    holyfuckingshitballs. 💖 


    [i am looking respectfully]


    Black cats are lucky. (vialeahweissmuller)


    MAN [IN THICK ACCENT]: Black cat bring good luck.  Not bad luck.  I have black cat - See, him face - And I am not dead today: Good luck!


    “See him face”

    I sure fucking do see him face


    Reblog him face for good luck in 2021


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    i think of this video once a week



    A man stands in front of the camera with the caption “A story time from when I was a girl” next to him and trans flags adorning the video.

    “Ayo, let me give y’all a story time.
    You know I’m transgender, I was born a girl I transitioned into a man but let me give y’all a story time from when I was a girl.

    So, me and all my stud friends, we getting ready to go to this party we all dressed in all white. 
    One of my friends decided like, ‘Ay y’all, let’s all wear our straps to the party.’
    So we all dumb, ‘Aight, bet!’
    So, we all wear it to the party.

    We get to the party, it’s a basement party, back in the day, you know what I’m saying, so, nobody can really see.
    So, this girl get to twerking on me, she feeling me, giving me her number, dadadadada (said to mean etc.)

    We meet up after the party at her house, me and all my friends.
    So, we all go into seperate rooms dadadadada.
    So, we did what we had to do.

    So, I ain’t talk to shawty for like, two and a half months and I get a random text from this number like, ‘Yeah, like I been trying to call you and talk to you.’
    And I’m like, ‘For what?’ you know what I’m saying, [I’m trying to] ignore you, like, it was a one night thing.
    She’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m pregnant and it’s your baby dadadadada…’
    And I’m like, ‘Shawty, I’m a girl.’ and like, showing her pictures of like, what, me in a sports bra.
    No, she like ‘No, that’s your sister I’m not stupid I know who I had sex with that night.’

    Um, so, to this day I got a child out there.
    Hey son-”


    finally. the first transmasc absentee father