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    <>Condé Nast has suspended Bon Appétit video editor Matt Hunziker “pending investigation” by the company.

    Condé Nast has suspended Bon Appétit video editor Matt Hunziker, the publisher confirmed to Business Insider.

    Condé Nast Entertainment president Oren Katzeff said during a June 25 staff meeting that Hunziker has been suspended “pending investigation” by the company, according to a recording reviewed by Business Insider.

    “There have been many concerns raised about Matt that the company is obligated to investigate and he has been suspended until we reach a resolution,” a Condé Nast spokesperson said in a statement.

    The spokesperson did not detail what concerns sparked the suspension. Katzeff did not provide reasons for the suspension on the call, citing policies from legal and human resources.

    Sohlae, Priya and Carla standing up for Hunzi on social media. CN are really doing themselves a favour by suspending the fan favourite editor, huh?

     Over the last few weeks, we have seen a reckoning unfold across corporate America. We have seen how structural racism in the work place contributes to the racial wealth gap, and how Black and POC workers are exploited by major corporations - the same corporations that are posting #blm and #solidarity graphics.

    More then ever, we need accomplices. We need white alllies who have a seat at the table to do the work of actively dismantling white supremacy in all aspects of our lives.
    i from @bonappetitmag has always been that accomplice. His suspension is a retaliatory move and we will not tolerate it.

    stop acting like BLM is over and that its now fine to ignore petitions that still need to be signed + voices that still need to be heard. black lives will always matter and i'm lined up to go to multiple protests within the next week so i implore everyone to continue supporting black people however you can and to not let this die

    People thinking this is over because they were charged are so wrong, what happens is cops get a jury of other white (usually racist) men and they get off. We also don’t know how long until it goes to trial it could be a year

    ways to help protestors if you are unable to protest

    everybody has to do their part. as a reference, this was posted on 1 june 2020. if any links are broken or direct to a place they should not, please feel free to add on with corrections. if there is new information with better knowledge, please feel free to share. thank you.

    1. donate

    do <>not donate to shaun king. he has repeatedly collected money to “support” black people, but no one knows where the money is.


    note: <>washington dc and <>new jersey have cashless bail systems.


    note: more links are listed in the masterposts below.

    2. educate yourself

    it isn’t enough to sign petitions and reblog/retweet/etc. nonblack people, including people of color, owe it to black people to educate themselves and correct themselves and the people around them on anti-blackness.

    note: more links are in the masterposts linked below.

    3. give out supplies to protestors

    people need supplies to protest safely, and even if they bring supplies with them, they can often run out. if you’re able, stock up and hand them out to people protesting. for more supplies to donate, see the “george floyd action” google docs link in section 5.

    • <>water bottles (dehydration and heatstroke are not things people should have to deal with alongside bastard cops. if the police in your area are particularly violent or known to use tear gas, get the ones with the sports cap/suction-thing/etc so people can use them as emergency eye-flushes.)
    • <>snacks (make sure to take into account that people have allergies of all sorts. foods will have a little label that says “may contain” and then list any potential allergens. write the allergens on the ziploc (or any container you use) in permanent marker, or better yet, write the snacks included in the pack.)
    • <>masks (don’t forget there’s still a pandemic going on. also it will aid in deterring facial recognition when the police try to track down protestors,  also part two, if the cops use tear gas, wearing a mask (with the combination of a scarf or bandana) will lessen the adverse effects. lessen, not stop.)
    • <>bandanas, scarves, etc. and goggles (ski goggles, swimming goggles, etc.) (see above for explanation on the scarves. same goes for the goggles. anti–tear gas and anti–facial recognition.)
    • <>clean shirts (for people who are heavily gassed. also helps deter recognition through clothing.)
    • <>wound care supplies (band-aids, packets of neosporin packets or a similar antibiotic, alcohol wipes, etc.; if you can, decant bactine into those little travel bottles.)
    • <>a sharpie or another type of marker (for writing bail numbers or emergency contacts on arms, hands, etc. it’s not enough to have your city’s bail fund number stored on your phone; the police won’t give it to you to look it up. give people a marker so they can write it down, preferably not washable so it isn’t easily removed.)


    <>tear gas: if you’re hit, get out as fast and as soon as you can. take anyone you can with you. the longer you’re in the gas, the harder it will be for you to see, and it can irritate your airways, making it hard to breathe. if you’re hit, don’t run; it’ll only make things worse on your lungs. when you leave the area, take a cold shower. don’t use hot water (it will only reactivate the agent); don’t bathe (it will only spread the CS around). (source 1) (source 2) (cdc fact sheet on tear gas)

    • move them to a clean and ventilated area where it’s as safe as possible.
    • ask them if they’re wearing contact lenses. have them remove it. if they’re wearing glasses, rinse it with water.
    • solution of half liquid antacid, half water. spray from the inside going out, with the head tilted back and slightly towards the side being rinsed. if they say it’s okay, open the eye slightly while doing this. (source)

    <>bullet wounds: the most important thing is to stop the bleeding. be sure to check for an exit wound and cover that as well. treat both wounds, but treat the worse one first.


    • <>adult cpr tutorial<> (youtube video by cincinnati children’s; think of “staying alive” by the beegees or “uptown funk”)

    4. be a source of information

    be responsible with this. people’s lives are at stake. that being said, the media is a fucking joke and the best way to get accurate information in a grassroots rebellion is amongst ourselves. record everything, but if you are going to share any information at all, be sure to blur people’s faces.


    remember to keep phones OFF unless absolutely necessary. cell phone towers, stingrays, location notifs can all be used to track you and other protestors. don’t fuck around. if your phone must be on, keep it on airplane mode as often as possible and only communicate using encrypted methods. no, snapchat doesn’t count. (a twitter thread on stingrays, for those interested)

    5. miscellaneous links and links for protestors

    If you like excel sheets and comprehensive information, Patia’s Fantasy World launches database of anti-racist resources and you can find it here!