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    I have recently hit 300 songs on here, chances are i have songs from at least one of your faves. If you wanna find more Kpop to listen to i recommend either following or at least listening to this playlist. I’ve got all the genres Of Kpop so you’re bound to find something you like. I’d like to think i have artists that you don’t know about and i definitely have some underrated artists, it is also in alphabetical order so you can easily find your faves. There are some song that are out of order because i have “sections” but most of the time it’s in order and all of an artists songs will be in the same place. If an artist is in a section chances are i only have 1 or 2 of their song. I’ve got about half the members of wanna one as soloists. And if not i have them in a band ex. CIX and AB6IX. I also care an awful lot about transitions and “flow” there are parts especially in the “sections” that i tried to make sure to transition properly, or it starts faster, then slower and then faster again through the section. That’s how i fit ballads in without it being weird. And some artists i have a lot of songs and those are individual sections that should have nice transitions. I know for sure the bts and seventeen sections are like that.


    Going to do something I don't like to do to help another fandom:

    Pentagon's fanbase, Universe, have been trying to get word from Cube Entertainment on member Yanan who has been missing from promotions for three comebacks. Yanan, who had been missing due to health reasons, made a post on Weibo months ago saying he was ready to go back to the group, but was being told by Cube that he couldn't without being given a proper explanation as to why! Universe have tried sending letters and blowing up Cube with emails and in comments, but to no avail. Now, they're trying to mass unfollow Cube to try and get their attention and HOPEFULLY get an answer. Universe are asking for help, because they are a pretty small fandom, so as someone who is not part of their fandom, I'm asking as an NCTzen, EXO-L, Elf, and FIX for you guys to think how you would feel if a member from your favorite group was being mistreated. How would it feel for people to band with you to help you make and impact? How would it feel if you hadn't seen your group as a whole for 200+ days, without any answers to why or what's to happen! As a kpop community, I'm asking whomever is willing to please help Universe, who are desperately missing Yanan.