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    taako! and! kravitz! going on a roadtrip! fake dating! fake proposing to each other in shitty diners to get free meals! telling hotel managers they’re just engaged to get the honeymoon suite!! realizing their mistake and having to share one enormous heart shaped bed!!!! with rose petals!!!! everybody keeps congratulating them!!! they practice kissing so it looks legit when one sweeps the other up in his arms and smooches him one good!!!! theyre so convincing they convince themselves and pine after each other and ache to be held in private!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they finally figure it out and decide to date they do it in private, just for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of love!!!!

    That’s absolutely how it would go

    Clint would say “Look, I’m a lover not a fighter.” And the boys would have to remind him he is in fact a fighter.


    <>Clint McElroy (as Merle): Hey baby, I’m a lover not a fighter. We can resolve this peacefully.

    <>Travis McElroy (OOC): That’s literally not true.

    <>CM: What do you mean? I’m a peaceful kinda guy!

    <>TM: Dad, I mean you literally are a fighter, it says so right on your character sheet.

    <>CM: Oh yeah, that’s right.

    <>CM: …but I am still a lover. You wouldn’t be here if I weren’t!

    <>Justin McElroy (as Taako): Yeah, hi, Pan? Can you take my ears, too? Cause, uh, I don’t ever want to hear anything again. Ever.

    Taako would be a Trickery Domain Cleric

    Merle: Archane Archer? Scout?

    Magnus: Abjuration wizard!!

    Magus ate his arcane focus and now casts spells with his muscles

    [ID: A quote tweet from <>@TheZoneCas<>t that reads: “We’re beyond excited to announce <>that #TheZo<>neCast Balance arc will be an animated serie<>s on @peac<>ockTV” /ID]

    <>TAAKO, YOU KNOW, FROM ***TV***???

    [ID: A tweet from @thezonecast that reads: “To clarify, the TAZ animated series is currently in development at Peacock but has not as of yet been picked up as a series. Here’s hoping!” /ID]

    Holy fucking shit. I would pay ten thousand dollars a month to see that

    "Tumblr's really enjoying the narrative of dad and I arguing over who gets to play the attractive character"


    2. It terrifies me that Griffin apparently sees all of our posts. What is this mans tumblr and why is he watching us from the shadows

    Griffin is actually a hacker genius that can hack all of our fan accounts ALL OF THEM that’s how he knows

    Hey, y’all? Hey, y’all???

    This “you can’t be afraid to help just because you messed up, you’re gonna mess up sometimes and people are gonna be hurt but you can’t stop helping”... this is Aubrey’s character arc. Like. Can we go back to... I don’t even know what episode... 16, maybe, where Aubrey goes to Janelle and says she doesn’t want her powers anymore because she keeps hurting people, and Janelle basically gives her a “you’ll get better eventually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” and then goes off to a meeting... This is the resolution for that. This is Aubrey taking her years of guilt, her pain over not being able to control her powers, and her wildly unknown destiny and coming to the conclusion that she’s messed up and she’s messed up a lot, but every single time she has, she’s learned something new and, in the end, she’s been able to turn it around to help others and help herself, and she doesn’t know how this is going to end, if she’s going to be able to meet her goal or if she’s going to even have any powers when this is all over, but she knows that no matter what happens, she’s just going to keep doing what she can to help instead of wallowing in what she’s lost and how she’s messed up. That’s her story. That’s her arc.