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    [ID: Two drawings that mirror each other. The first is of Aubrey, a small human child and her mother. Aubrey has like brown skin with dark brown, curly hair in a bun. The woman also has brown skin skin and shoulder-length hair that is very dark brown. The mother wears a sleeveless red dress and boots, while aurbey wears an orange top and red bottoms. The woman’s back is turned to us as she is seated on her knees and holding up a pendant made of an orange crystal and silver chain.

    The second image is of Argonaut, a small water Genasi child and his mother. Argo has like blue skin with dark blue, water-like hair and fin-like ears. The woman is similar, with greener-toned skin and hair that goes past her shoulders. They are both wearing loose garments of various shades of blue. The woman’s back is turned to us as she is seated on her knees and holding up a large gold pendant that looks like a coin. End ID]

    <>McElroys stop making me emotional about moms challenge

    "Tumblr's really enjoying the narrative of dad and I arguing over who gets to play the attractive character"


    2. It terrifies me that Griffin apparently sees all of our posts. What is this mans tumblr and why is he watching us from the shadows

    Griffin is actually a hacker genius that can hack all of our fan accounts ALL OF THEM that’s how he knows

    love that he added the pronouns 🤗

    [image id: a tweet from travis mcelroy of a list of character names and pronouns from episode two of taz: graduation, as well as a hashtag for TheZoneCast. the list goes: Jackle (he/him), Festo (they/them), Pip (she/her), Dip (she/Her), Mimi (they/them), Ramos (she/her), Riveau (he/him), Bartholemus (he/him). end id]