The continuation of the eternal debate between me and @cecesgrowinggirls: in a growth competition, who would win- her, the cowgirl goddess, or a fusion of all seven of Maddie’s coven witches?

    To keep things fun & interesting, the losing party is writing the story. So, vote for Maddie and friends, so Cece can actually have a story to work on :P

    Voting goes until next Friday night (7/20)


    Show @tierynbe just how wrong he is and vote for me! You know you want to see me crush the competition!




    Y’all know seven powerful body-changing witches would beat one puny cowgirl goddess


    But well, she's a goddess! On the other hand... Ahhhh can't choose!


    I basically already know the result of this but… I’ll leave it up to democracy anyway. Since I didn’t think to do it before today’s segment I’ll add the possible milk tomorrow night in the Grande™ Finale™

    Obviously voting goes until I start writing tomorrow