Well... What are you waiting for?

    Don’t just stare at my massive belly.

    I said I’m starving, so prepare me a heavy feast to fill me and our dozen babies up nicely while you rub my sore belly as it swells and tightens with each large helping of food!

    I know I’m growing so much everyday and it’s kinda shocking, but I know you love it too.  I have a lot more growing to do this final trimester, so you need to help keep my belly nice and full so these babies can grow big and strong!  Just make sure to rub my belly nice and thoroughly.

    If I’m stuffed full enough to make it to breakfast without needing a snack tonight, then you get a special treat in the morning!


    To my future wife….. (whoever it shall be)

    There will be no condoms…

    There will be no birth control…

    There will be no pulling out…

    There will only be your bare pussy wrapped around my cock balls deep inside of you as it throbs and fills you with my seed.

    UPDATE: people have told me what a “ Hot fantasy” this is. But let me tell you this is exactly how I want it in real life.


    Take note future husband.


    I think the same.