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    Girls are so fun!


    Friends with benefits works for both sexes!! 😈


    When your girlfriend started lactating because of all the attention you lavished on her breasts, you were both pretty turned on by it. Better still, she always seemed to be full, and after a few days it was apparent that all that milk was filling her up more and more, making her boobs grow larger. Some days you’d come home to find her milking herself into a glass and drinking it. You, of course, preferred to go straight to the source and just suck on her swollen nipples. A move that inevitably led to the two of you spending the night horny as hell and fucking like rabbits.

    As the weeks went by, she showed no signs of stopping. What were once perky C cups were now basketball sized milk jugs. But it wasn’t just her tits. Her hips were much wider now, her ass stuck out almost as far behind as her tits did in front, like a flesh counterweight. Her libido had gone through the roof. It wasn’t just her, either. You were definitely growing. Your pants were too short, too tight around your muscular legs. What few shirts still fit were like a second skin. And it was impossible to hide the near constant erection. You had exploded in size, nearly a foot long now, with heavy baseball sized nuts. If it hadn’t been for her being on the pill, there was no doubt your girlfriend would have been very pregnant by now.

    Still, it was easier for you to go out then for her, so you did the shopping. And after one particularly long trip, you came home to the sound of moaning. At first you figured she was just enjoying herself, but you could hear other voices.

    That’s how all this started. She had finally told two of her best friends what was going on, because she knew how eager they would be to see if they would grow too. And when you walked in to find them sucking on her nipples, you had been unable to resist joining in. You dumped untold amounts of cum down the throats and onto the cheats and faces of all three. That weekend was a blur of sex, including the first (though not last) time you had three women take turns blowing you.

    The girls moved in not long after that. In the span of the weekend they had already started to grow themselves, their own breasts filling with milk. The four of you were just the beginning, soon you would look to share the fun with more people.


    I want this ❤️


    Wish I was that man

    You were not joking when you said you were going to put a baby in my belly, were you? I mean, I knew you weren’t at the time, but this is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? I think everyone in a ten-mile radius can tell that you put a baby in me.

    And just between me and you, I don’t know if I can last much longer. My body was not meant to stretch like this. I mean, just look how big you’ve made me. My skin is barely containing your massive child.

    I’m just glad I’m due next week. Now I just pray that this little girl of mine decides to come out on time.

    Well... What are you waiting for?

    Don’t just stare at my massive belly.

    I said I’m starving, so prepare me a heavy feast to fill me and our dozen babies up nicely while you rub my sore belly as it swells and tightens with each large helping of food!

    I know I’m growing so much everyday and it’s kinda shocking, but I know you love it too.  I have a lot more growing to do this final trimester, so you need to help keep my belly nice and full so these babies can grow big and strong!  Just make sure to rub my belly nice and thoroughly.

    If I’m stuffed full enough to make it to breakfast without needing a snack tonight, then you get a special treat in the morning!


    Do you ever wonder what you’ll look like, when it finally happens and you’re fully pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know what cup size your breasts will eventually grow to? Will you have brown nipples, or dark red ones? Will your belly hang low or stick out proudly? Will it be king of egg-shaped, or almost perfectly round? How much of a waddle will your widened hips give you? Will your skin clear up, your hair thicken, and your libido skyrocket through the roof?

    Whatever the answers or permutations, one thing is clear: your pregnancy will make you more beautiful than you ever have been before.


    That's for sure