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2020-09-17 10:39:10

    Do you ever wonder what you’ll look like, when it finally happens and you’re fully pregnant? Aren’t you curious to know what cup size your breasts will eventually grow to? Will you have brown nipples, or dark red ones? Will your belly hang low or stick out proudly? Will it be king of egg-shaped, or almost perfectly round? How much of a waddle will your widened hips give you? Will your skin clear up, your hair thicken, and your libido skyrocket through the roof?

    Whatever the answers or permutations, one thing is clear: your pregnancy will make you more beautiful than you ever have been before.


    That's for sure


    It’s addicting, isn’t it? Having this gorgeously round belly to stroke, and play with, and rest your hands on. It feels so good having it there, to feel connected to the life growing inside you, a reminder of your purpose as a fertile woman.

    It’s getting so hard to remember a time when it wasn’t there, when you had just a flat little nothing instead of the gloriously feminine bump that suits you so well. Soon, unfortunately too soon, it will go away, but never fear: it will be just for a few weeks until your man cums in you again and restarts your transformation. And each time he does your bump will come back bigger, and rounder, and softer.


    My god, the first one 🤤🤤🤤😛😛😛