RALPH LAUREN Throw Pillows

    Infuse every room with warmth and character. These pillows can be used to dress up your sofa or add texture to your bed. I hope you like them❤️ And if you do, please consider following me😆 Very soon, I am going to release a mansion as Christmas gift🤩

    You need to download mesh by @peacemaker-ic

    Download pillows[Free, No Ad]

    Other CCs featured in this post are by @hel-studio (most beautiful Christmas decors ever!), @m-o-d–e-r-n, @slox

    LA CORNUE - A stove and matching range hood recolor set

    I did this recolor set because I need some luxury stove for my Christmas mansion. The stove is recolored after a ridiculously expensive high-end French stove LA CORNUE. So I can’t help but to set it at §50,000 and set the hood at §25,000🤣 This set can be used to decorate from mansion to country cottage. So I hope you like it as much as I do💗 

    DOWNLOAD [Free, No Ad]

    Grab the stove mesh HEREand range hood mesh HERE (stove mesh originally created by Phoenix Phaerie for ts2)

    And big thank you to all CC creators @aggressivekitty @hel-studio @eniosta and many more!

    Hi folks! Hope you are having an amazing day. I made a luxury bathroom set.

    What you will get:

    CWB Symphony Bathtub

    CWB Symphony Freestanding Washbasin

    CWB Colosseum Mirror

    This is an exclusive set I made for my 1st-50th of patrons. Now, there are only 10+ places left to get this set. Every tier will get it, but wagyu tier is the most worth and most yummy! It will not be released ever again😉

    !!JOIN THE FARM NOW!! If you join, you will also get this living room set and there are many recolor and builds waiting for you

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    Decorations are by me, @hel-studio, @aggressivekitty@simvaultthings Wallpaper by @tilly-tiger


    Merry Christmas everyone! I brought you 3 original meshes:

    Caffeine Bookcase / Kiki Side table / Rive vase

    But giving it straight away is no fun, so I made a little game😉

    How to play:

    1. Each item is already been randomly assigned a number from 1 to 3.

    2. Send me only ONE number in my ASK (off-anon only), message will be ignored.

    3. I will send you a download link assigned to the number you choose.

    This game is over on 28th Dec 2020, 0.00AM GMT+7

    You can send the ask only once. So choose wisely and have fun! 

    Then all three item will be available for public download on 7th of January 2021

    But if you don’t want to participate in this game and just want to download everything right away. >>> DOWNLOAD HERE for 3$

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    Finally, my Christmas gift is here😅 A mystery white mansion in the pine forest. I try to create dream-like luxury Christmas scene inside the mansion. I hope you like it.❤️❤️ 

    Lot description:

    - 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom

    - Pack needed: Outdoor Retreat, Get Famous, City Living, Get Together, Dine Out, StrangerVille, Holiday

    !!use bb.moveobjects on before placing!!

    *The house is tested and fully playable* (move/delete the stool next to the master bed in order to use both sides of the bed)

    You need to download these CC separately

    Estrella recolor set by me (recolor files included, but you need to download the mesh)

    @felixandresims​ - Free CC, fews other paid CCs are used, you can get them here

    List of Felixandre CC not included

    @hel-studio - I used many of her stuff, mainly Christmas CCs. Get them here! They are beyond beautiful!!

    List of Hel-studio CC not included

    @novvvas - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    @aggressivekitty - Silver Dining

    The studded lamp and end table in bedroom are soon to be released by @simvaultthings  Replace them with other stuff you have for now. Sorry…… 

    DOWNLOAD TRAY HERE for 3$ on Patreon Join now and get this CC gift!!

    Public release 24/12/20 04:37AM GMT+7

    Download CC

    If you have problem with the build, tray file, or cc, please do not hesitate to message me 😀


    Now free for everyone‼️❤️