LA CORNUE - A stove and matching range hood recolor set

    I did this recolor set because I need some luxury stove for my Christmas mansion. The stove is recolored after a ridiculously expensive high-end French stove LA CORNUE. So I can’t help but to set it at §50,000 and set the hood at §25,000🤣 This set can be used to decorate from mansion to country cottage. So I hope you like it as much as I do💗 

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    Grab the stove mesh HEREand range hood mesh HERE (stove mesh originally created by Phoenix Phaerie for ts2)

    And big thank you to all CC creators @aggressivekitty @hel-studio @eniosta and many more!

    Functional toaster. Sims 4.

    Hello! I have finished this so much needed toaster. With this your sims  can craft ten types of toasts: nutella, fried beans, strawberry jam, blackberry jam, peanut butter and banana, cream cheese , hummus, cream and berries, butter and avocado. 

    Just click on the toaster and the recipes will appear, after crafting them, they will appear in your sim inventory.

    The toaster is located at:

    function—> appliances—> kitchen appliances and cost 70. It cames in six colors.

    Here it is a video in action.

    Download here. No ads.

    No Occluder Small & Large Appliances Default Replacement

    Putting this in a separate post to make it easier to link to.

    This file is a must-have if you use any of my kitchens. Since I changed the cabinet shader to fix colouring and shading issues, appliances, both small and large, have occluders that darken cabinets and make them look horrible. This solves that for all Maxis objects released so far (or recolours with a linked light source). All this file includes is default replacement light resources for all appliances that had occluders and will fix the issue.

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    Avis Kitchen Appliances

    Whether your sim is looking for a high-end range, a budget dishwasher, or a coffee machine, these appliances will fill every cooking need they may have.

    Game-ready low poly, optimized for low-end computers.
    The fridge, stove, range hood, and dishwasher come in 16 colors and match the counters and cabinets.
    The sink, microwave, and coffee maker come in black, silver and white.

    Happy Simming!

    Free to download:

    I really like the “Auld Crow” vintage stove from the Sims 4 base game… but none of the stove hoods really go with it. Soooo… I made one! This is a brand new mesh with “Maxis Matching” color options. It does work under cabinets too, though the results will vary depending on the depth of the cabinet you are using.


    Simfileshare  / Mega


    Simfileshare  /  Mega

    Along with the Auld Crow Range Hood… I did some “antiqued jewel tone” standalone recolors of the Auld Crow stove, ice box refrigerator and my range hood mesh. The zip file linked above includes all three files.

    [Appliances] illy coffee machine 
일리 커피 머신 /イリーコーヒーマシン 
base game compatible / 3swatch 
-recolor OK but, don’t include the mesh.Link back to this post please ! 
-don’t re-upload or redistribute 
- 리컬러 가능합니다. 배포시 메쉬는 포함시키지 마세요. 이 포스트로 링크 걸어주세요 ! 
- 리업로드 또는 재배포 금지. 
- リーカラーはできます,配布する時にmeshを入れないでください。このポストのリンクをかけてください ! 
- リーアップロード or 再配布はできません。 
Thank you.


    MDN Stainless Steel Appliance Set (Post Updated)

    -This Set Contains 3 Items- Smart Fridge (Fully Functional) 2 Swatches $2 Microwave (Fully Functional) 2 Swatches $2 Cabinet Microwave (Decorative) 2 Swatches $2 USE ALT TO MOVE TO WHERE YOUD LIKE IT TO BE

    Click Here To Direct To Post On Website

    ˗ˏˋ SMEGlish ˎˊ˗ this set is just about ready! It includes 16 >•>fully functional<•< appliances! I don’t mess around with that decor only stuff. In the case of the tea kettle, I loveddd the taller height aesthetically… however, the tea pours out below the spout. So I went for the best of both worlds and made a taller one with the animation slightly off, and a shorter one with the animation spot on. Choose to your liking!! ☕️

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    Crisp Cooler

    I wanted some new cute fridges since my favorite fridge recolors have been deleted :< So here is a cute fridge recolor with three swatches like magnets & this cute chalkboard. :) Let me know if there are any problems!

    Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: melunn

    ========= INFO =========  ◆

  • § 420
  • Find it by searching sul–sul in search bar
  • ========= TERMS OF USE =========  ◆

  • Don’t reupload
  • Credit if you recolor
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download

     Kitchen Classics Throwback Stove

    The Kitchen Classics Throwback Stove comes in 2 versions:

    The Silver Back-plate Version:

    and  The Colored Back-plate Version:

    The stove costs $1500,

    comes in 37 color swatches,

    and has a custom thumbnail

    For the stove to show up in your game it requires the following pack:

    Below is a side-by-side comparison of the 2 stove versions in a Kitchen:

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    Ambitious Washer & Dryer

    I’ve created a fully-functional washer and dryer (Laundry Day required) based off the modern ones from The Sims 3: Ambitions. They are not exactly identical, as they are slightly shorter, both the washer and dryer are front-loaders and the drum looks the same as the Laundry Day machines rather than The Sims 3 ones. You can tell the washer and dryer apart from the drum and also from the top part with the buttons (the first one in the image is the washer and the second one is the dryer). I didn’t change the animation, so sims won’t really use those buttons on the top, but I did change the display symbols to the top part and they actually light up. Since the buttons are on the top, the dryer cannot be stacked on top of the washer. The washer costs §800 and the dryer costs §825 and they both come in 13 color swatches as seen below:


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    Hey everyone! By very popular demand, i’ve finally made a dishwasher! I’ve seen requests for a dishwasher since literally my first kitchen appliances uploads and i don’t know why it scared me so much, it was so fun to make! It obviously follows the usual color palette of H&B 2018. I’ve decided to make this item the last item of this collection. I think it’s time to move on, you know? But yeah, here she is in all her glory! You can find more information about the object polygon count, texture size and much more over the MTS post. 

    Enjoy 💖


    Volta Appliances - Modern and Unique Design for your Kitchens

    This set consists of rejects. Not because i hated them, but because they were not what i envisioned once they came into being. These were the appliances initially meant to be included with Mina Kitchen, but I felt they competed too much and clashed with the understated design of the kitchen. However, unlike some rejected projects, i still liked them enough to keep them and continue polishing the idea into something that stands on it’s own. So this set may have been born from a rejected idea, but it is much more then that now.

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    Fixed low LOD issure with under-cabinet rangehood