2018-2020 posepacks folder
    by ratboysims

    • all 35 in-game posepacks i’ve made from 2018 to 2020, easily downloadable and with new thumbnails all in one single zip file!
    • you can find descriptions and any potential accessories/required items needed for poses here on my downloads page.
    • you can also still find all the posepacks separately on my downloads page if that’s more your style :]
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    -upload, etc anywhere please and thank you!!

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    Game Over

    Contains 6 poses all together

    3 couple poses

    Custom thumbnail


    Please don’t steal and claim it as yours, thank you

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    Old Roads Posepack by Eclypto

    Hi, Hello, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, christmas has been mega crazy lmao. Butttt here I am with a posepack based on  w a l k i n g. Anyways I hope you enjoy these poses and I hope you all had a great New Years <3

    You Will Need:

  • Pose Mod & Teleporter X
  • TOU Please do not reupload my content as your own (or to simsdom)

    Grab it Here (Early Access - Public January 10th)


    ▼ Require attention.

    - Depending on your body type or clothes, your fingers may get smeared.

    - If you have a problem, please tell me.

    - 체형이나 옷에따라 손가락이 묻힐수도 있습니다.

    - 문제점이 있다면, 텀블러 DM, ASK에 남겨주세요.

    pose DL

    2021  Headband DL

    ▼Take the cc the link below▼


    Thank you for Sin-A!! @sims4-sin-a

    It was nice to collaborate with you.

    and then~,Happy New Year~~!!

    I hope 2021 will always be full of good things.

    aorisims - Couple Pose 5


    2 Poses Animated / all in one

    aorisims - Couple Pose 5 :Download 

    You need > Pose Player & Teleport any sim

    Phone > inabadromance


    ▶Do not re-upload my poses & re-distribute

    ▶Do not edit my poses

    ▶Do not sale my poses ​

    ▶Do not claim as your own.

    [Thanks to all cc creator]

    Funeral Pose Pack - NOW FREE!!

    Hi guys! Here is a new pose pack for you! I’ve been working on this for a while now and I am not sharing it with you :D This pose pack is currently on early access but it will be free for everyone in two weeks! For the poses carrying the coffin I used the flag made by @batsfromwesteros that you can find here!

    As always, here are my TOUs:

    Here are my TOUs! Don’t forget to check them!


    Download (Patreon)

    Cool, Whatever Posepack

    Another group/friends pack! Hopefully in time for your Sims’ crazy New Year’s parties. Big thank you to @sofssims​ for sending references, testing it, AND letting me use her Kai in the preview (right-side Sim)!


    Includes 10 Poses (26 Individual Poses)

    Can be used interchangeably with F/M rigs. Sliders/Presets/Baggy clothes may cause clipping. If you use height mods, the poses won’t look right.


    Teleporter and Andrew’s Pose Player


    Tongue by @redheadsims-cc

    TOU: Don’t reupload or claim as own! If there are issues, please let me know.

    DL: SFS | MF

    Please tag me, I’d love to see your photos! Don’t forget to follow if you want first dibs on future downloads ;3

    Happy New Year’s!

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    As a little Christmas gift & general thank you for the support on my story…

    Here is a winter inspired pose pack with 4 couple poses!

    Scarf needed for pose 3 & 4 here.  (note: original creator uses ad.fly link)

    Subtle height difference included. Depending on your sim’s facial structure, there can be a little bit of clipping with the scarf in pose 3. However, I think the pose can also work without the scarf too!

    DOWNLOAD (mega)

    Any problems with the link DM me ^^ have fun & happy holidays!

    Hi !
    In just 5 days it will be Christmas, so inspired by the simklasy, I am flying to you with a package of Christmas poses.I hope you like it. Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

    Download link **klik**

    -Set the teleport as shown in the picture
    -Use this Christmas Present **klik**
    -Use with Andrew poses player
    -Use with Teleport Any Sim

    Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own. Tag #Simlishipose and please show me your pictures



    [TT] Stand By Me

    I have to say, this is so far the biggest posepack I’ve ever made. I felt bad for usually making them 1-4 poses big so here we are! This posepack has nine poses in it and it took me the entire day to get these completed (im not kidding).

    Things to note:

  • These poses include height differences
  • One pose uses a bench and may clip with a couch or chair
  • The stool is from Jungle Adventure but there’s probably something equivalent in height somewhere???
  • Some clipping may occur
  • Please do not reupload, do not claim as yours, and don’t put these behind a paywall
  • Feel free to tag me on here or instagram :)
  • Place multiple teleporters in the same spot
  • Let me know if there’s any issue!
  • Download (sfs)


    [Namifly] Please don't go away Ts4 Posepack


    New posepack on my Patreon!

    Download HERE.

    You’ll Need:

    - Suitbag normal open

    - Teleporter Mod - Andrew’s Studio

    If you’ll use my pose, tag me on instagram, I’m curious to see how you will use it –> NAMIFLYSIMS INSTAGRAM


    @ts4-poses @maxismatchccworld​ @ts4cc-finds​ @ts4maxismatch​

    [Namifly] Drunk friend Ts4 Posepack


    New posepack on my Patreon!

    10 poses!

    Download HERE!

    You’ll Need:- Teleporter Mod - Andrew’s Studio

    If you’ll use my pose, tag me on instagram, I’m curious to see how you will use it –> namifly’s Instagram

    @ts4-poses- @maxismatchccworld​



    12 couple poses + 2 single poses on the bed (you can see them in the first 2 images here).

    There are 2 couple poses (6 and 7) for which you will need this top. But don’t worry because I made a version of each pose that work without the top so it’s not a problem.

    For the first couple poses, you will need 3 squares of space on the ground. You’ll also find instructions in the pose list ingame.


    On my blog (no ads)

    @ts4-poses @maxismatchccworld

    [Namifly] Beer and sofa TS4 Posepack


    I used three seater sofa (no cc)

    You’ll Need:

    - Cas canned beer set HERE

    - Three seater sofa (no cc)

    - Teleporter Mod - Andrew’s Studio

    If you like my creations follow me also on INSTAGRAM .:3


    @maxismatchccworld @ts4-poses​ @ts4cc-finds​ @ts4maxismatch​ 

    You and me this Xstmas!!!

    Hi guys hope you are safe and well!!!

     Last upload for this month is  the Lovemaking tag with the option “Floor” that got the 52% of your votes pose pack contains 18 in total very hot poses, also in the rar file you’ll find the accessories i made for this tag 1) Champagne Bottle and 2) Champagne glass, as always i hope you like it :)

    Many thanks to all the creators i used their cc for the preview photos <3

    P l e a s e RESPECT my TOU

  • DONT R E - E D I T
  • DONT R E - U P L O A D
  • DONT C L A I M  A S  Y O U R  O W N
  • DONTS H A R E  M Y  F I L E S 
  • If you use my poses or animations please link my Patreon or Tumblr page
  • You need:

  • Pose Player  and  Sim teleporter  by the amazing  Andrew
  • Floor cushions by the amazing @wondymoondesign
  • I Forgive You Pose Pack

    In the dead of the night, I present to you a new pose pack. It is made for a 3 seater couch! Haha, I hope you enjoy~

    If you have any issues, please let me know!

    -5 2 person sitting poses

    What you need:
    -Andrew’s Pose Player
    -Teleport Any S
    -Opened Bo
    ok (Right) by @mel-bennett

    -If you use please tag me on Instagram @bored.sims or on here! Completely optional, but I’d love to see <3


    ꜱᴀᴍ'ꜱ ꜱɪᴍꜱ ꜱᴛᴏʀʏᴛᴇʟᴇʀꜱ ꜱᴛᴀʀᴛᴇʀ ᴋɪᴛ ᴘᴏꜱᴇ ᴘᴀᴄᴋꜱ

    Included: (54 Pose Packs Total)
    - 15 Child Emotions Poses
    - 15 Adult Emotions Poses 
    - 8 Conversation Poses
    - 15 Reactions Poses 
    - 1 Kiss Pa

    - Not all packs need to be in game to work, I know it’s a lot, just pick and choose the files you need when you need them
    - A lot of packs are mix and matchable to get optimal viewpoints
    - Any Look Up and Look Down packs are compatible with each oth

    You Need:
    - Pose Player
    - Teleporter Mod

    See the whole calendar: HERE!

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    Pick N’ ChooseSFS

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    Thank you all for the wonderful advent season! I hope you all enjoy the poses and I can’t wait to see the wonderful stories you tell! Much love from me to you! ❤️