2018-2020 posepacks folder
    by ratboysims

    • all 35 in-game posepacks i’ve made from 2018 to 2020, easily downloadable and with new thumbnails all in one single zip file!
    • you can find descriptions and any potential accessories/required items needed for poses here on my downloads page.
    • you can also still find all the posepacks separately on my downloads page if that’s more your style :]
    • !!do NOT re-host, re
    -upload, etc anywhere please and thank you!!

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    DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)
    ↪ DOWNLOAD (dropbox, no ads)

    Funeral Pose Pack - NOW FREE!!

    Hi guys! Here is a new pose pack for you! I’ve been working on this for a while now and I am not sharing it with you :D This pose pack is currently on early access but it will be free for everyone in two weeks! For the poses carrying the coffin I used the flag made by @batsfromwesteros that you can find here!

    As always, here are my TOUs:

    Here are my TOUs! Don’t forget to check them!


    Download (Patreon)

    [ROSELIPA] Woman Like Me

    About this pose pack:

    In Game Pose

    ♥  2 group poses  for Female

    ♥  Use with  Andrew poses player [DL]

    ♥  Use with Teleport Any Sim [DL]

    ♥  Enjoy the game ♥ ​

    Thanks to all CC Creators!!! Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own Tag me on Instagram please. show me your pictures♥

    White Marble Release : 1/7/21 Public Release : 1/31/21


    Cool, Whatever Posepack

    Another group/friends pack! Hopefully in time for your Sims’ crazy New Year’s parties. Big thank you to @sofssims​ for sending references, testing it, AND letting me use her Kai in the preview (right-side Sim)!


    Includes 10 Poses (26 Individual Poses)

    Can be used interchangeably with F/M rigs. Sliders/Presets/Baggy clothes may cause clipping. If you use height mods, the poses won’t look right.


    Teleporter and Andrew’s Pose Player


    Tongue by @redheadsims-cc

    TOU: Don’t reupload or claim as own! If there are issues, please let me know.

    DL: SFS | MF

    Please tag me, I’d love to see your photos! Don’t forget to follow if you want first dibs on future downloads ;3

    Happy New Year’s!

    Buy me a coffee if you’d like

    (TS4) New year 2021 poses |Pose Pack|

    Download: patreon (early access, Jan 18) | simfileshare

    ENG | You will NEED
    - andrew’s pose player
    - teleporter any sim (x5 on the same spot)
    or using mc command center

  • Including: 2 poses
  • | Tag ‘’ helgatisha ‘’ so I can see it

    RUS | Вам НЕН
    - andrew’s p
    ose player
    - teleport
    er any sim (5 шт. в одном и том ж месте)
    ли с помощью  mc command center

  • входит: 2 позы
  • | Тэг ‘’ helgatisha‘’ так я увижу вас


    🎁MelonSloth’s Christmas calendar - Day 13 - Family portrait pose set🎄

    Gather around for a portrait to remember! This set comes with 1 pose set with 9 poses, with an age range from toddler to elder, or well, adult, but they share the same rig. 

  • Base game compatible.
  • 9 poses, 5 adult, 2 children, 2 toddler.
  • Is recommended to be placed in the middle of three seat couch.
  • Custom thumbnails (yeah seriously)
  • Is named MelonSloth - Big family portrait in-game.
  • Download here

    Needs pose player and teleport any sim to work –> Link

    Yo yo what’s poppin??

    Today, I bring you sleep over poses for all ages!!

    These poses really should have been out like ages ago, but so much has happened in my life I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and finish these poses until now

    Sooo sorry for the person who requested these poses!!

    Anywho, thank you for downloading and all the support! I hope you enjoy!! (stay safe everyone!!) (more poses coming tomorrow, this time male ones)


    Download here (SFS)

    Download here (MediaFire)


    Items Needed

    Adult Glass

    Adult Teddy Bear

    Adult Snack Bag

    Adult Pop Can

    Child Drinks

    Child Teddy Bear

    Child Cup

    Child Ice Cream

    Toddler Ice Cream

    Toddler Teddy Bear

    Toddler Sippy Cup

    Toddler Cookie


    If there are any problems or you need help, pls do let me know! I don’t bite unless I needs to…. o(^▽^)o

    Place the merged file or the poses you chose and place them into your mods folder. Additional help? Lets meh know

    If you use my poses pls tag me, ty! Either using abashfulsimmer, kiyyah or kiya


    Like me!


    Hello Everyone I’m here again with a new set of poses, this one is not pg 18+ lol

    (but I’m going to release one coming soon hahaha)

    I wanted to do a female posepack,  this pack includes 12 different poses for your sims! it includes the *all in one* except the pose #9 cuz that pose need a table!

    special thanks to @sunflowerplumbob  for recommend some poses! ;)

    so enjoy!



    Hello everyone, did you miss me? lol  I’m here again with a new posepack for your sims 4, the name it has nothing to do with the pack, but I just like to put those kind of names to my poses lol. 

    So the pack is a group pack with 6 different poses for 4 sims, is only All in one so you will not find ndividual poses for each.

    so hope you like them!


    City Lights 3!!!

    Hi guys i hope you are well and safe!!!

      Todays upload is the Group tag pose with the option Group dinner out (2 couples)  that got the 28% of your votes! Pose pack contains 3 objects, 4 acc made by me and 17 poses in total which are devided in 4 scenes and every pose has a description in order for you to use correctly. The beautiful lot i used  was by the amazing Blooming Rosy 


    Many thanks to all the creators i used their cc for the preview photos <3

     P l e a s e  RESPECT my TOU

  • DONT R E - E D I T
  • DONT R E - U P L O A D
  • DONT C L A I M  A S  Y O U R  O W N
  • You need:

  • Pose Player  and  Sim teleporter  by the amazing  Andrew
  • Table and Dining chair by the amazing foreverdesignscreations
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    Hello there, we are back with random unreleased poses merged in one posepack. because why not :D
    Mug accessory by r-jayden
    • Pack with 7 poses
    • You’ll need Andrew’s pose player & Teleport any sim
    • Do not repost, reupload or claim as yours
    • Tag me if you use them, id love to see♥
    @ts4-poses​ thank you♥

    DOWNLOAD [mediafire, no adfly]
    [Other poses]

    Hi everyone!

    Life has been really tasking recently but I’ve been making it work. (Also BTS just had a comeback and that cheered me up real quick). So I decided to come out with this pose pack that I’ve been working on. It’s called ‘She’s Mine’. For those of you simmers who enjoy a little love triangle drama. It’s a pose pack of 7 story poses for 3 sims (one of whom is taller than the other two). Hope you enjoy!!

    SFS I Patreon

    (Instructions Below the cut)

    @ts4-poses @sosa-royals 


    Keep reading


    3 couple poses + 1 trio pose;
    Base game bed.

    You’ll need:
    Cigarette a
    cc @onebillionpixels
    Wine Glass
    acc @natalia-audi


    These poses will be available to public on  December 9.





    Jacuzzi Party - a group pose for 5

    Instructions :

    - Place 5 teleporters in the middle of a hot tub (I used Spa Day one) 

    - You also need champagne glasses by @beverlyallitsims and the champagne bottleby Treefriend. 

    T.O.U. :

    - Please don’t reupload, post on any paysite or claim as yours

    DOWNLOAD HERE (SimfileShare)

    Thank you all cc and mod creators !