sorbet remix recolors -> @druidsim bobblunt ombres

    these work with any mesh edit of the snowy escape bob, which ea calls “BobBlunt”

    - enabled for all ages and genders
    - x76 unnatural swatches 
    - standalone + custom thumbnail
    - requires meshes! right here

    pictured with polaris by @aloeislandsims

    dl (drive)

    Hello everybody!

    I guess you didn’t see it coming buuuuuuut Savagesims and I just made a collab! (Seriously, not even us saw it coming 😂). You can grab her stuff (the outfits and glasses shown in the pics, among more items) HERE

    C A R D I Hairstyle

    C H A I N  R E A C T I O N Hairstyle

    D O M I N OHairstyle

    D O W N L O A D (Early Access | Public 21/09)

    L A U R E NHairstyle

    D O W N L O A D (Early Access | Public 21/09)

    I also made one last hair that goes more into my comfort zone hahaha.

    Hope you all like it 💕

    NEW HAIRSTYLES FOR SIMS 4, Inspired by Ariana Grande Positions!!!


    Positions (Style 1) - January 1st 2021

    Positions (Style 2) - January 2nd 2021

    Positions (Style 3) - January 4th 2021

    Positions (Style 4) - January 5th 2021


    Positions Bow Headband - January 4th 2021

    Positions Headband -  January 5th 2021

    (headbands are designed to fit these hairstyles only)

    By Downloading any of my stuff you have to agree with this T.O.U.

    Be sure to have the latest game update, headbands can be found under hats category and i hope you guys like these hairs!! :D

    Happy New Year to every single one of you, i hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

    historian recolors p20 ft @simstrouble​ (again lol)

    whew!! we made it to 20 🌹ft autumn 

    info: these add 28 swatches; meshes are required

    toril: mesh | recolor
    tilly: mesh | recolor
    aslaug: mesh | recolor
    hilary: mesh | recolor
    stephany: mesh | recolor
    shannon: mesh | recolor

    ○● DOWNLOAD ●○
    ACCESS -

    (the set will be released for public in 2 weeks - 03.01.2021)

    Soooo this is my hair attempt for the first time in a loooong time. It’s not perfect, I got frustrated with it and abandoned it for a while before coming back to it but overall I think it still came out okay. It definitely taught me a few more things and what not to do in the future haha.


    - hair category - A/T/E + KIDS + TODDLERS versions - unisex - 34k poly - all LOD’s - hats compatible - HQ compatible - custom thumbnails - base game compatible


    ANGIE by simstrouble

    An edit mesh from Snowy Escape. It has two versions, with and without strands in case some people don’t enjoy them. Keep on simming 🧉

  • Base Game Compatible
  • 2 Versions: With and without strands
  • EA 18 Swatches; fixed black and white
  • 7k poly; Mesh by EA, strands by me
  • All LODs, Hat Compatible, All Maps
  • download (patreon, free)


    Enrique and I decided to team up and create a set of 4 iconic looks for your sims! Inspired by street style, this collection mixes statement items with wadrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched to create unique looks that reflect your ever changing style. The 4 hairstyles in this collection are enough to make any influencer instantly jealous, and can be styled with simlish hair clips and statment jewellery to really make an impact. And the shoes… the SHOES!

    The collection is available for early access now! The clothing and shoes are available on Sentate’s patreon, the Hair and Accessories are available on Enrique’s Patreon. Public release will be on the 4th of September.


    Clothing & Shoes - DOWNLOAD


    Hair and Accessories - DOWNLOAD


    - Enrique & Sentate x

    ASLAUGby simstrouble

    This is a remake of my old Brigitte Hairstyle from 2019. Hope you like it!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • EA 18 Swatches; fixed black and white
  • All LODs, Hat Chops, All Maps
  • UPDATE 19th December 2020: Totally remade the mesh, I’ve made new bangs for it. If you want the old version you can download it here.

    download (patreon, always free)

    C H A R L O T T E Hairstyle Pack

    D O W N L O A D (Patreon Early Access)

    So here’s my first special pack for these holidays!

    The hair comes in 2 variants, with and without fringe, which also come with and without hat. Each hair has another 2 variants, chunky and bicolour (not the ones with hat due to S4 limitations).

    Lastly, both the hair and beanie work with all ages. The beanie also comes in EA’s standard cut so you can use it with any hair you want (more or less, as it was made specifically for the braids), and 2 versions that fit perfectly with the braids (with and without fringe).

    Hope you like it! 🥰


    👻 Long sleek middle part hairstyle, with 4 dye options: solids, underlayer, strands & streaks! 👻

  • 54 swatches;
  • Two Tone retextures have 25 swatches and need the “Solids” version to work;
  • Toddler & Child versions available;
  • Enabled for all genders;
  • HQ mod compatible;
  • Custom Shadow Map;
  • Smooth weighting;
  • Hat compatible;
  • All LOD’s;
  • Thanks to Agustin& Goppolsme (The original creator is linked so you can download and support them, without them this work wouldn’t have been possible! ♥);
  • [ DOWNLOAD ON MY BLOG ] - (no adfly!)

    New CC two times a week on my Patreon page!

    If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pictures!

    Thank you!


    ♥ Alice Hair *FREE*  (available now)

    ♠ Supremacy Hair *PATREON* (available now)

    ♣ Bethlehem Hair *TSR VIP EA* (available now, public for everyone in 6 days - 12/19/2020) 


    ♥ Miss Baker Hair *FREE*  (available now)

    ♠ Rapunzel Hair *PATREON*  (available now)