NEW HAIRSTYLES FOR SIMS 4, Inspired by Ariana Grande Positions!!!


    Positions (Style 1) - January 1st 2021

    Positions (Style 2) - January 2nd 2021

    Positions (Style 3) - January 4th 2021

    Positions (Style 4) - January 5th 2021


    Positions Bow Headband - January 4th 2021

    Positions Headband -  January 5th 2021

    (headbands are designed to fit these hairstyles only)

    By Downloading any of my stuff you have to agree with this T.O.U.

    Be sure to have the latest game update, headbands can be found under hats category and i hope you guys like these hairs!! :D

    Happy New Year to every single one of you, i hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

    historian recolors p19 ft @simstrouble

    i thought i lost these… the stress 😨ft autumn

    info: these add 28 swatches; meshes are required

    marcia: mesh | recolor
    lena: mesh | recolor
    anita: mesh | recolor
    jacira: mesh | recolor
    shelly: mesh | recolor
    luna: mesh | recolor

    alt dl/zip file

    hestia hair

    i made this hair months ago and forgot to post it until now oops


    - headband is separate from the hair and found in hats  - bgc  - hat compatible  - all 18 ea colours  - disabled for random

    download (patreon; free) | alt (dropbox)


    After Party (Hairstyle)-

    -25+ Color’s (Thanks to Sonyaa)
    -New Mesh!
    -Custom Shadow Map!
    -Hat Compatible!
    -Custom Thumbnail
    -Smooth Bone Alignment!
    **Minimum transparency issues**

    Click Here (TSR Exclusive)


    The Sims Resource, The place of all holy grail content.. The place that started it all for me.. Why is The Sims Resource releasing a collab with over 50 artist you may ask yourself.. or your cat..? TSR wanted to give back to ALL of it’s loyal member’s.. and even none members! We all came together to give your sims something special.. something you can’t get anywhere else, to show our appreciation. I’m so excited to announce TSR HOLIDAY WONDERLAND! The FIRST BIGGEST Artist Collab at TSR! TSR will be releasing NEW content EVERY day from  December 11th - December 15th!! V.I.P Member’s get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to content a little early, So if you haven’t already you should consider a VIP membership, it’s on sale(save up to 50% right now), not to mention you get amazing perks like the DOWNLOAD BASKET (genius move!) where you can download up to 1.04 GB at once!! more info here. But hey, no pressure.. This collab and all exclusive early access content will be available to the public for free. Take a look at all the amazing creations we all came together for down below.. I’m so grateful to have got to be apart of such a great thing. Ps, thanks to cath for being a boss(like she should) and handling all thissss.


    Photo Collab Credit: @darknighttsims

    Crew Leader: @remaron


    Go check it out ;)

    blair hair

    like literally everyone else i edited this hair from snowy escape


    - headband accessory is separate from the hair and found in hats
    - bgc
    - hat compatible
    - all 18 ea colours
    - disabled for random

    download (patreon; free) | alt (dropbox)


    🍭 Sweetish Collection (Early Access) 🍭  

    Created for: The Sims 4

    - New Meshes by Me - Custom Thumbnails - All LODs

    You’ll also need this slider for the heels to raise the feet.

    Credits: Heels - JoshQ, Feet - Magic-Bot, Bow - Newsea, Hair - Cazy, Simpliciaty, Ade, Hair Textures - Simpliciaty


    Early Access (Release 16th of November)

    Caprice Heels

    Sweetish Choker

    Sweetish Top

    Sweetish Hair


    Collection is now out for public downloading on Simsdom!

    Sorry for the lateness <3

    Lachina Hair

  • BGC;
  • Comes will all 18 EA hair colors;
  • Ombre comes with 27 colors from @candysims4 hair palette (Nose Ring Acc);
  • Not Hat Compatible;
  • Custom Thumbnail;
  • Dont repost/use as your own creation.
  • Tag #jaocc for me to see your sims with my cc.
  • DOWNLOAD |Twitter | Twitch

    Sydney Hair Set

  • Base game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • Teen - Elder
  • 18 EA swatches
  • 9K polygons
  • All LODs
  • 2 versions
  • Flower accessory available in 13 swatches in hat category
  • Terms of Use

    DOWNLOAD: The Sims Resource

    Twitter | CC page


    Judith Hair

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Not hat compatible
  • Real black texture
  • All EA swatches
  • 2 Versions : Bangs & no bangs
  • image

    Download | Mirror Download | Follow me on twitter

    Credits : thanks to @simpliciaty-cc​ for letting me use his bandana  💖

    Hope you like it  💖



    Added shadow map and the other swatches 

    please re-download 💖

    Karina Hair

    not an ai like some other Karina’s currently in the world

  • BGC
  • Not Hat Compatible
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Credit to Simpliciaty for the bandana - X
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Terms Of Use
  • Bandana Overlay in hats; solids and patterns

    #112 DOWNLOAD

  • - Base game compatible
  • - Comes in WMS unnaturals, naturals and neutrals
  • - 5 different files to choose from!
  • - ADD-ONS
  • - Clip recolor in 55 WMS colors


    Credits to @rigel-sims and @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the mesh and recolors :D


    palette: Eezo Shot - Defaults, Naturals, Jewels and Unnaturals
    meshes: @simandy​ / @infiniteraptor - Doll Me Up - not included

    other notes: The defaults are meant to replace the EA colours, so I suggest using this method to remove the EA colours.

    Any accessories come in WDWEHTP V4 palette and Eezo Shot Jewels, Unnaturals and Neutrals.

    Chinatsu Hair is texture referenced to “wavy bob”
    Nanako Hair is texture referenced to “long wavy”
    Tomoko Hair is texture referenced to “bangs”

    SFS / google drive mirror / ko-fi

    Going So-Low Hair Set - A Base Game Compatible Hair Set

    Get it so-low? Cause it’s a low ponytail and low bun.  Get it? …I couldn’t come up with a better name Im sorry   With over 70% of the votes, here’s the winner of the last “Pick the WIP”!  Thanks for the input!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Comes in all 18 EA colors
  • Hat Compatible
  • You CAN have both in-game at the same time
  • Bows can be found in the “Hats” category
  • Both come in the Cottage Garden 16 color palette + black and white
  • I included the PSDs to make recoloring easier! They’re in a separate folder :)
  • TOU: Feel free to recolor my CC, just please don’t include the mesh and please don’t put it behind a pay wall(link shortner, etc.)  Don’t link to my CC through ad links either.   My full TOU is here.


    Tag me if you use them, and enjoy! :)

    CC Tops:1 / 2

    Stella Hair

  • BGC
  • Hat Compatible
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Works with my Kira Ombre Accessory
  • Clips come in 25 swatches | palette used
  • Credit to simpliciaty for allowing me to use his clip mesh <3
  • Terms Of Use

    alt download (mediafire)