- Beth Beanie Hat - PATREON EARLY ACCESS -

    (the set will be released for public in 2 weeks - 16.01.2021)

    Happy New Year guys!!


    - hat category - 100 swatches - A/T/E + KIDS + TODDLERS - unisex - 15k poly - all LOD’s - custom thumbnails - base game compatible - adults and kids versions compatible with hat slider


    • OUTFITOPIA - BLACKing Collection

  • For Boys
  • Only Black Texture
  • Smooth Bones
  • Morphs
  • Custom Thumbn
  • Links to download | Free:

    BLACKing Collection | Download ( All In One )
    Hat | Download
    Glasses | Download
    Earring | Download
    Choker | Download
    Nose Piercing | Download
    Tattoo | Download
    Blazer | Download
    Pants | Download
    Shoes | Download

    New CC every week on my Patreon page!

    If you use please tag #outfitopiain your pictures!

    Thank you! ♥

    ::Download:: (Patreon - Free from 15/01/2021)

    TS3’s version of Agnes Crumplebottom is possibly my favourite premade of all time, so it’s only fair that she gets her own set, inspired by both of her OG relatives Miss Crumplebottom and Mrs Crumplebottom, as well as the latest edition. 

    DOES NOT INCLUDE: Tiny handbag for smacking PDA offenders over the head with.


    Agnes Dress - Long Dresses (collar accessory under lip ring right)  Darling Dress - Long Dresses (blouse overlay under socks) Cornelia Hats (one left, one right) - Brimless Hats (bow overlay under lip ring left) Prudence Hair - Straight hair/Updos/Long hair 


    (Thank you 💜)


  • Custom Thumbnails
  • High/Medium Poly
  • HQ Textures
  • HQ Mod Compatible
  • T.O.U.

  • Don’t Re-Upload
  • Don’t Re-Edit
  • Don’t convert to other games.
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • DOWNLOAD ( No AD FLY !! )


  • Custom Thumbnails
  • High/Medium Poly
  • HQ Textures
  • T.O.U.

  • Don’t Re-Upload
  • Don’t Re-Edit
  • Don’t convert to other games.
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • DOWNLOAD ( No AD FLY !! )

    I reached 400! I can’t believe it!! ﹏╥

    As thanks, here’s part one of my gift. ♥ These are the hats that everybody for sure have noticed that i can’t stop using. I recolored them so i can have pastel variations and thought i’d share it with everyone! (´v`) Mesh needed, so you can check out the original too. I included the super comfy large hoodie as a bonus! It’s really cute in pastels.

    Credits to @casteru​ they are amazing!!

    Backwards Beret
    ○ An ad
    d-on recolor! Mesh required.
    ○ 15 swatches in Bee’s Knees and 25 in my Peppy Pastels palette.

    Taehyung Beret
    An add-on recolor! Mesh required.
    ○ 30 swatches in Bee’s Knees palette. Plains and checkered patterns that i tossed in because i think they turned out nice~
    ○ 25 swatches in my Peppy Pastels palette.

    Bonus: Marishe Large Hoodie
    ○ An add-o
    n recolor! Mesh required.
    ○ 40 swatches. Combination of Bee’s Knees and Peppy Pastels.

    I hope you’ll like them as much as i do. ♥  

    *✧ download: sfs | dropbox

    Madlen Glenda Hats

    Winter caps for your simmies. Christmas pattern with two additional plain options.

    I’m surprised these weren’t in the game already.

    Available to simmies of all ages!


    DOWNLOAD (Patreon Early Access)

    Beret set


    Hello! I’ve made a set berets, or hats, for all ages & genders, to keep your big and little sims heads warm ⸃₍⁽΄˙̥΄ ⁾₎⸜ Berets in plaid & winter patterns, fruit berets & a deer newsie cap 🦌

  • All are base-game compatible
  • Teen to elder versions, child versions & toddler versions
  • Also enabled for all genders
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Plaid patterns by macrovector / Freepik
  • CC in previews: dark brown cardigan by Gorillax3, pink toddler coat by Madlen, accessory turtleneck by Trillyke, knit dress by Madlen, & child coat also by Madlen ♡
  • I hope you’re having the coziest December ♡


    Early Access on Patreon until Jan 09 ~

    Links on my page & in my bio, or remove brackets:


    C H A R L O T T E Hairstyle Pack

    D O W N L O A D (Patreon Early Access)

    So here’s my first special pack for these holidays!

    The hair comes in 2 variants, with and without fringe, which also come with and without hat. Each hair has another 2 variants, chunky and bicolour (not the ones with hat due to S4 limitations).

    Lastly, both the hair and beanie work with all ages. The beanie also comes in EA’s standard cut so you can use it with any hair you want (more or less, as it was made specifically for the braids), and 2 versions that fit perfectly with the braids (with and without fringe).

    Hope you like it! 🥰


  • Teen to Elder
  • Hat
  • Everyday, Party, Formal, Cold Weather.
  • Disabled for Random
  • New mesh.
    1854 poly, normal and specular maps, all LODs.
    Basegame compatible, HQ mod compatible.
    As usual, preview pics are pure screenshots 100% from the game - no color edit, no ReShade, just cleared backgroud. Previews were taken without HQ mod.

    There are three shape types depending on the angle - to fit as much hairstyles as possible. The first one is raised on the forehead and shifted back, the second one is shifted a bit forward and down the forehead, the third one is angled to the right and is slightly bigger than the first two. 2 and 3 cut the hairstyle aflat and 1 - diagonally. Btw, I suggest to use the third one with long volume hairs. But please keep in mind that some custom hairs can’t be used with hats, and there’s literally nothing I can do about it, since it happens because of the way hair meshes work. So. You can download any package you’d like or the merged one - all three packages are standalone and can be used in any combination [ but please, don’t put the merged package with one of these three in your Mods folder at the same time ].

    Hope you’ll find this useful - tag me if you do, it’s a pleasure to see your pictures!
    Happy simming, have fun and don’t forget to read my TOU.


    Credits go to @dearkims, @imhosims and @arcorn for the poses and to all the creators of cc used on the preview pics.

    Lady Hat V2

    - 25 swatches - BGC

    Thank you for your love & support !!!

    Enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

    DOWNLOAD no adfly

    Version 1 is available here.

    Special thanks to all the great creators whose CC I used on my models!

    Exclusive CC! Early releases! Ad free CC! All at my Patreon!

    French Hen Hat + Dress

    On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

    A 1940s suit dress with matching fedora hat, decorated with a feather. The dress comes in 5 warm woolen swatches and 5 lighter cotton swatches (x). The hat comes in 10 matching swatches, and is compatible with @absolutelyiconics hat slider mod.  The set is base game compatible, with all LOD and shadow maps. Thank you to all the creators whose CC I used in the preview!

    Download: SFS / Mediafire (always free / no ads)

    @maxismatchccworld, @mmoutfitters, @gracisims​​

    Please let me know if you find any problems.

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    [sakura.flora x Katrina-y]


    big thanks to my girl @katrina-y​  the  shoots are  stunning!


    [sakura.flora] Street-Hipster packM&FM_V2(with pin&tag)

  • Male&Female hat
  • New mesh
  • All LOD
  • HD Compatible
  • 18 swatches
  • DOWNLOAD(patreon)


    [sakura.flora] Street-Hipster pack_M&FM_V1(without pin&tag)

  • Male&Female hat
  • New mesh
  • All LOD
  • HD Compatible
  • 6 swatches

    * T. O. U *

  • Do not unauthorized distribution.
  • Do not re-edit & recolor it without my permission.
  • Do not claim my creations as your own.
  • Do not convert my creation to TS2 TS3 or other games without my permission.
  • Please be sure to mark sources.
  • Street-Hipster Chic tattoo by @katrina-y​  Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ❤

    ADVENT DAY 14 : Retro-inspired 1 - 40s

    (Click on the picture above to see more detail of swatches)


    BG Skirted Swimsuit

  • DOWNLOAD OVERRIDE (16 swatches)
  • DOWNLOAD RECOLOUR (16 swatches)
  • BG Sun Hat

  • DOWNLOAD OVERRIDE (16 swatches)
  • DOWNLOAD RECOLOUR (16 swatches)
  • EP05 Straw Hat

  • DOWNLOAD OVERRIDE (16 swatches)
  • DOWNLOAD RECOLOUR (16 swatches)
  • EP06 Wide Leg Jumpsuit

  • DOWNLOAD OVERRIDE (14 swatches)
  • DOWNLOAD RECOLOUR (12 swatches)
  • Madlen’s Bolsward Shoes

  • DOWNLOAD RECOLOUR (8 swatches)
  • Thank you to everyone who likes and reblogs. Come back tomorrow for more…


    Making clothes for my Nipsey Hussle sim and I thought some of you all might want to use them. Here’s the information…


    Carhartt Jacket- 6 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random

    NeedsMESH  (layered tee shirt)

    Joggers- 8 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random


    snapbacks- 24 standalone swatches custom thumbnail, not set for random


    Credits: Jacket and snapbacks @ebonixsims​, Joggers @micklayne​, @ptdn, @thedropshops4​, @xxblacksims​, @blvck-life-simz​, @thisisthem​ and many others from the wonderful CC community. Thank you all for your content!

    Tools: Sims4Studio, Paint.net, Google Images, The Marathon Continues

    DOWNLOAD: Sim File Share  One Drive


    Thank you!! <3 


    ˗ˏˋZig Zag Bonnetˎˊ˗  

    [ Download ]

    (If you use my cc Please tag me @vintage-simmer /ig: @vintage_simmer_) Thanks! 🖤  ⋒

    Here’s some more recolours from Snowy Escape in L- R: Edited Palm Spring, Cottage Garden & Wildflower!

    It’s 2 hats, the male pants and ski boots!

  • CAS Add-On Swatches
  • You can have all 3 palettes at the same time
  • You need Snowy Escape for these!
  • Beanie Goggles + Hiking Helmet are Unisex
    The other items are named for their frames.
  • I’m lazy as heck so I put them in the folder with my other Snowy recolours.

    Fluffy Pompoms Hat

    This hat is converted from the one that I made for toddlers. It comes with 26 plain and 14 pattern swatches that I poured my soul into. Total 40 swatches. 

    This hat is compatible with a hat slider by Iconic Sims. I highly recommend downloading this slider since it will give so much versatility when it comes to fitting the hat to the most custom hairs. All maxis hairs (the one that are made by EA) fit perfectly fine, but custom hairs may clip here and there. This is when har slider becomes very handy. To raise the hat up and scale click and move the spot on the back of the neck (you can use it only when you use short hair, once you scale or move the hat you can select long hair back). To move the hat forward access the slider on the right side. The hat will work with or without the slider but I highly recommend using it.

    DOWNLOAD at GiuliettaSims.com

    HAT SLIDER (recommended)

    Toddlers version