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  • shadow maps & normal maps
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    • OUTFITOPIA - BLACKing Collection

  • For Boys
  • Only Black Texture
  • Smooth Bones
  • Morphs
  • Custom Thumbn
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    BLACKing Collection | Download ( All In One )
    Hat | Download
    Glasses | Download
    Earring | Download
    Choker | Download
    Nose Piercing | Download
    Tattoo | Download
    Blazer | Download
    Pants | Download
    Shoes | Download

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    The Sims 4.  Men’s Clothes

    DSF SHIRT NOX CAELO download

    DSF PANT NOX CAELO    download

    DSF SHOES NOX CAELO   download


    Making clothes for my Nipsey Hussle sim and I thought some of you all might want to use them. Here’s the information…


    Carhartt Jacket- 6 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random

    NeedsMESH  (layered tee shirt)

    Joggers- 8 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random


    snapbacks- 24 standalone swatches custom thumbnail, not set for random


    Credits: Jacket and snapbacks @ebonixsims​, Joggers @micklayne​, @ptdn, @thedropshops4​, @xxblacksims​, @blvck-life-simz​, @thisisthem​ and many others from the wonderful CC community. Thank you all for your content!

    Tools: Sims4Studio, Paint.net, Google Images, The Marathon Continues

    DOWNLOAD: Sim File Share  One Drive


    Thank you!! <3 



    Three MONTHS. This supposed to be shared for Rosh HaShana, but then I started to add items and… here we are. something could be missed in the little preview pics, in total there are 78 items.

    VERY IMPORTANT! - As I used meshes from the game and EP, GP, SP it’s important that you have them installed. I actually cloned everything as new meshes, but I don’t think is BGC. Any packages has the proper required ldc in the title.

    I don’t know what to say, there are stuff for toddlers (few), children (not so many), and teens to elders (pretty many). Some are just recolors because EA doesn’t understand the meaning of black and white but in general makes cute meshes; some are retextures and recolors, and something is edited meshes, or converted by the age.

    Converted hats for kids and toddlers may look not perfect with some hairs, expecially with alpha. Btw, all the black hats have the side bow and all our shtreimel are synthetic, as the Torah forbids the animal cruelty (and so I do).

    White shirts have plain and ‘with pocket’ swatches. Pants have plain and belted swatches. In general, check every swatch please. Beards come in EA natural swatches more or less.

    There are also the white long socks to be worn with the bekishe.

    Everything comes in black, grey and white.

    Please remember that this is a pack inspired to the hasidic jew fashion but I’m not ultra-hortodox and I’ve never been, so I’m sure there can be inaccurancy.

    This pack doesn’t mean to be perfect, don’t pledge me if you are looking for perfection.

    As this is a very big pack that took much time from me, the tier is level II (3,50€). You may think it isn’t deserving, but I’d like to remember you that when you retexture, or edit meshes, you also have to deal with normal maps, texture positions and other things that took your sight and life away. Anyway all my creations are available for everyone withing 15/20 days after the early access.


    ♦ You CANNOT edit, recolor or convert my works, take parts, nor use them as base, unless it’s for personal use.

    ♦ You CANNOT include my packages in your sharings (just link the Tumblr/Patreon posts).

    ♦ You CANNOT upload my works on any other site.


    EA for meshes

    Google for some textures

    I also recommend you to take a look to @happylifesims coats and hats <3

    @pandorasimbox created beautiful jewish items here. <3

    You can add some stuff from my Clerical Collection too.

    DOWNLOAD ON PATREON (Public on December 30)

    Always thank you for your very very precious support! <3

    Here’s some more recolours from Snowy Escape in L- R: Edited Palm Spring, Cottage Garden & Wildflower!

    It’s 2 hats, the male pants and ski boots!

  • CAS Add-On Swatches
  • You can have all 3 palettes at the same time
  • You need Snowy Escape for these!
  • Beanie Goggles + Hiking Helmet are Unisex
    The other items are named for their frames.
  • I’m lazy as heck so I put them in the folder with my other Snowy recolours.


    Hey Yall Welcome to My Patreon I created this Collection.

    This includes: 

    - Fendi Yellow T-Shirt

    -Fendi Brown Monogram Shirt

    -Fendi Black Fendi T

    -Fendi Joggers


    - I allow recolors but I require credit

    - I allow conversions but I require credit

    Download (FREE)

    Download (Patreon)

    - VIP - Male Outfit ( T Shirt + Pants ) P15 (DEC #1)

  • T Shirt: 10 Colors
  • Pants: 10 Colors
  • Adult-Elder-Teen-Young Adult
  • For Male
  • ————–
  • Compatible with HQ mod-
  • New Mesh
  • All Lods
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Early Access ( Avaible 26.12.2020)
  • **-Please do not re upload or claim as yours feel free to re color but do not include the mesh .


    I hope you like them.  ♥

    💖 You can check out my Patreon for special cc and other early access content. 💖- 

    Set - Garret

  • New mesh (EA-mesh edit)
  • Shirt with medium sleeves + Shirt with long sleeves + Pants
  • For shirts: 60 swatches
  • For pants: 15 swatches
  • Male only
  • Adult only
  • For humans, vampires and aliens


    Public view - 04 December 2020




  • Simple open shirt
  • pants with suspenders
  • oversized sweater
  • All items are :

  • new mesh
  • all LOD
  • custom thumbnail
  • low poly
  • 10_25 swatches
  • HQ compatible
  • Please do not re upload or claim as yours
  • feel free to re color but do not include the mesh .

    ENJOY :)

    Now avalible for public download


    Now avalible for public download


  • Base Game
  • Recolour or Override
  • Maxis-Match
  • EA Mesh
  • 16 swatches
  • Patterns can be found on my pinterest for credit
  • This set is all about high-end male businesswear with a dash of personailty in the ties. The set has a suit, a jacket, a shirt & tie, dress pants and shoes that all match but can be worn with other outfits/shoes.

    Override replaces these pants:




    …or the full ‘Business Meeting’ set can be downloaded all-in-one on my Patreon once the full set has been published . I am WCIF friendly but please note that my sims only wear my own recolours so if they are not on my download pages then they are not yet publicly released and can be found on my patreon.

    If you have trouble downloading, right click the download and open in a new tab.

    Thank you to everyone who likes and reblogs.

    @maxismatchccworld @ts4mmcc @simblrcollective​ @sccfinds​ @love4sims4


    - VIP - Male Jogger P08 (OCT #5)

  • 10 Colors
  • Adult-Elder-Teen-Young Adult
  • For Male
  • ————–
  • Compatible with HQ mod-
  • New Mesh
  • All Lods
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Early Access ( Avaible 02.11.2020)
  • **-Please do not re upload or claim as yours feel free to re color but do not include the mesh .


    I hope you like them.  ♥

    💖 You can check out my Patreon for special cc and other early access content. 💖


    FREE !

    it’s my first cc release!!

    Georgetown Prep Football Outfits

    I’m always desperate for more athletic wear for my sims, and when i was looking at pictures, I saw this one and noticed that we have the meshes for this, I’d just need to recolor. So I did! Sorry packs are required. :( When I learn blender enough, I’ll make sure I can make things BGC, but I’m not there yet. <3 If anyone out there is willing to make these BGC + let me include the meshes, please lmk! <3


  • Sweaters
  • -> in these colors + gray, in both striped and plain chest versions.
  • -> REQ: Cats & Dogs
  • cropped pants
  • -> in a bunch of tan/brown swatches + white and gray
  • -> REQ: Laundry Day
  • socks 
  • -> in colors to match the sweaters
  • Era: Victorian + Edwardian + beyond

    TOU: Do whatever, just credit & don’t put it behind paywalls or adfly type poop or claim its yours etc. 

    Pls tag if you use them in screencaps or whatever just because it would make me super happy and excited to see them in action! :)

    download: SFS |mediafir| Patreon (free, no adfly)

    I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing so please lmk if there are any issues… though I won’t know what on earth to do about them…  But i know people who to bug to help me figure it out.  ::sweat smile::.


    This is the Georgetown Prep football team of 1906, but the stripey athletic sweaters had been in vogue in the Victorian era too.

    First release of the Little Sims on the Prairie Project!

    If you look through photographs of non-rich men from the 19th century, you see a whole lot of suspenders + vests. And while TS4cc land has oh-so-many suspender options, vests are much harder to come by. So, I decided to give the Willow Creek Frontier boys some more options. :)


    - 4 BG compatible shirts with the mandarin-type collar common in the 19th century & vests, open & closed, with and without lapels

    - 1 pair of BG Tuxedo Pants recolors

    All with swatches from my Victorian Evening, Hickory & Ash, and Pelt & Leather color palettes.

    Please let me know f you have any problems with these, and I’d love if you’d tag me (@ameyasims everywhere) if you post any screenshots! I’d love to see these in action!

    & I’d love if you’d tag me if you post pictures/video with these in them so I can see! ^_^

    Download at Patreon (free, no ads)
    ALT DL: SFS | MediaFire