- Beth Beanie Hat - PATREON EARLY ACCESS -

    (the set will be released for public in 2 weeks - 16.01.2021)

    Happy New Year guys!!


    - hat category - 100 swatches - A/T/E + KIDS + TODDLERS - unisex - 15k poly - all LOD’s - custom thumbnails - base game compatible - adults and kids versions compatible with hat slider



    ˗ˏˋChristmas Bonnetˎˊ˗ Original sims 3 version by: @ thenaturecollective​ Christmas recolor by me

    [ Download ] (without adfly) FIXED!

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    ! Please redownload. I added the wrong link, now the bonnet will work!

    Madlen Glenda Hats

    Winter caps for your simmies. Christmas pattern with two additional plain options.

    I’m surprised these weren’t in the game already.

    Available to simmies of all ages!


    DOWNLOAD (Patreon Early Access)

    Beret set


    Hello! I’ve made a set berets, or hats, for all ages & genders, to keep your big and little sims heads warm ⸃₍⁽΄˙̥΄ ⁾₎⸜ Berets in plaid & winter patterns, fruit berets & a deer newsie cap 🦌

  • All are base-game compatible
  • Teen to elder versions, child versions & toddler versions
  • Also enabled for all genders
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Plaid patterns by macrovector / Freepik
  • CC in previews: dark brown cardigan by Gorillax3, pink toddler coat by Madlen, accessory turtleneck by Trillyke, knit dress by Madlen, & child coat also by Madlen ♡
  • I hope you’re having the coziest December ♡


    Early Access on Patreon until Jan 09 ~

    Links on my page & in my bio, or remove brackets:


    ˗ˏˋZig Zag Bonnetˎˊ˗  

    [ Download ]

    (If you use my cc Please tag me @vintage-simmer /ig: @vintage_simmer_) Thanks! 🖤  ⋒

    Winter Baby Set (Part 1)

    💙 🍂 Download everything now on Patreon 💙 🍂 

    Download Emma Set |  Download Sam Set  | Download Ray Sweater (My blog, Early Acces)

    Hello, hello! How are you ^^? I made a lot of things =D. So… little of history here, someone in Patreon told they would love to see a little set like the ones I made for summer but this time, something for autumn. I thought: omg =0, that is a wonderful idea! And decided to make something like that!

    This set is part 1 because I left a lot of things that I like unfinished lol and I want to finish them in another part!

    Hope you like this little set! If you use it, please let me know what do you think about it ^^, also what is your favorite thing! And don’t forget to tag me 😉.

    All the love ❤️.

  • P.S. If you download the beanie, please know, it has some transparency issues I’m still trying to fix.
  • Fluffy Pompoms Hat For Toddlers


    I am pretty excited about this project that I started over a year ago but could not figure out how to make fuzzy pompoms. It took a while to figure it out, and they have some transparency issues if you look from the back but I think it’s the best result that I could achieve. This hat comes with 26 plain and 14 pattern swatches that I poured my soul into. Total 40 swatches. This hat is tagged for the girls and boys as well, as well as for cold weather. Scroll down to see all 40 swatches and links to the sweater and unicorn earrings from the preview.

    This hat is compatible with a hat slider by Iconic Sims. I highly recommend downloading this slider since it will give so much versatility when it comes to fitting the hat to the most custom hairs. All maxis hairs (the one that are made by EA) fit perfectly fine, but custom hairs may clip here and there. This is when har slider becomes very handy. To raise the hat up and scale click and move the spot on the back of the neck (you can use it only when you use short hair, once you scale or move the hat you can select long hair back). To move the hat forward access the slider on the right side. The hat will work with or without the slider but I highly recommend using it.

    DOWNLOAD at GiuliettaSims.com
    HAT SLIDER (recommended)


    ˗ˏˋSBP Zipfelˎˊ˗

    The sims 3 version by @sketchbookpixels

    [ Download ] ( without adfly )

    (If you use my cc Please tag me @vintage-simmer /ig: @vintage_simmer_) Thanks! 🖤  ⋒






    stranger things – strangerville hats for kids & toddlers by sforzinda

    i haven’t seen stranger things at all, but if i had to make a guess, i’d say it includes some kids, things of strange nature, and possibly hats.

    more info, previews, and download links are under the cut.

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    Christmas Sweater

    Christmas Sweater

    Christmas Pants

    Christmas Sweater

    Hat Deer

    Sweater Deer

    Skirt Christmas

    Sweater Gnomes

    Christmas Tights

    Hat Flower


    toddler onion hat.a conversion by blarffy

    yay i did it !!!!! and it actually looks quite good!! so i’m gonna share :)

  • onion
  • comes in six fall-friendly colors inspired from this post
  • proper lods, weight assignment, om g it took forever
  • all ur tod hair will be tucked up into that mamma jamma so it works really well with baby hair details
  • good for ur gnome and smurf children
  • don’t claim as ur own but feel free to recolor!!
  • download ✧・゚: *・゚:*

    my downloads will always be free + ad free

  • but u can donate
  • Sweater Hare

    Knitted Sweater

    Knitted Pants

    Sweater Knitted

    Pants Knitted