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    Contains 6 poses all together

    3 couple poses

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    have you noticed that most my posepacks are named after songs? usually I name them what I’m listening to at that moment haha. I’m not quite sure if this pose works with anything but the couch I used to make it, but you can give it a shot!

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    Couple of Fun Pose Pack - the 200 followers gift!

    Thank you for the 200 followers! I’m so happy for each any every one of you! So here, enjoy this cute, romantic, silly pose pack as my gift!

    1. Hideous Couple - Now this was created for long tables, but! you can make it work with medium size too. For long tables, put 2 teleporters in the absolute middle of the table. For the shorter one, put the in the middle where the left person would sit. (If you have problems with doing this, just message me, I’ll help!)

    2. Are You Ever Going To Kiss Me? - Easy, just put 2 teleporters on the same spot.

    3. Gaming Couple - For these, you’ll need a long couch and @soloriya‘s Controller Accessory! Put the 2 teleporters in the middle of the couch.

    4. Arm Wrestling Couple - This is working with any table which has two chairs facing each other. Put 2 teleporters in the same spot, facing towards the one receiving the kiss!

    5. What a Nice Partner You Have - Easy again, just put 2 teleporters in the middle of a long couch.

    Sorry for the gif previews, tumblr doesn’t love me..

    Download: [SimFileShare]

    Let me know if you found any problems with the poses! And thank you so much for my testers, you are awesome guys!


    Pose pack with 4 group poses Do not reupload and do not claim as yours You will need Andrew’s pose player and Teleport any sim Tag me on instagram @blacksofiax


    Posepack com 4 group poses Não diga que foi você que fez Você precisa do Andrew´s pose player e do Teleport any sim Me marquem no instagram @blacksofiax para eu poder ver <3

    You need | Você precisa:

    @nitropanic shirt
    Game Controller


    Cool Kids | Poses For The Lil’ Gamers

    There’s an amazing lack of gaming poses for kids so I’m trying to fix that. Have some poses + a controller for both kids and adults! There’s a total of 12 poses, and a majority can be mixed with each other. (Could get like 4 kiddos on the couch + 1 on the floor if u fiddled with it)

    do NOT claim as your own or repost
    I take no credit for the controller mesh, that was all by the fantastic @luumia 

    You’ll need:
    Pose Play
    Teleporter m
    Controller accessory (found in bracelets)

    D o w n l o a d | sfs

    Thank you for testing these @loeysims @gunthermunch + @simbiguous !!! Y’all are the best

    If you are going to post my postures on other sites, please indicate the link to me, please observe the copyright.

    Thanks for downloading if so, enjoyable use.

    Mark me;)

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  • (TS4) Random poses for my Story #1 by BexoSims


    You will NEED

    “Andrew’s pose player”
    “Teleporter Any Sim” ( 2 Teleporter in one spot )
    1. Game Con
    troller Acc by @arthurlumierecc
    2. B
    ook Accessory by @soloriya
     Cigarette acc by @hanecco

    Thank you for using my CC, do not forget to mention me @bexosims or the hashtag #bexosims, that I could just find you ♥

    *If you notice flaws, please contact me*

    (TS4) “Gaming” Pose Pack!

    2.9k follower gift! (24 poses)

  • 8 couple poses 
  • 1 group pose for 8
  • In game
  • Custom thumbnails!
  • Requires:
  • Andrews Pose Player
  • Teleport Any Sim
  • All Poses: PS4 controllerby Arthurlumierecc
  • Feel free to tag me #sandy-sims or @sandy-sims so I can check out/reblog your screenies! I’m always happy to take pose ‘suggestions’ through the ask box, but I’ll get to them in my own time! Donations are always appreciated but as always, not necessary!  

    Download: Simsfileshare | Mediafire (no adfly)