Hi, I am Maria. I am from Georgia. I love The Sims. I love to design and build. I also do recolors, go check out my stuff. This blog is catered to The Sims 4, everything Sims 4 .I tried to make everything a little easier to find This is also a cc find blog.. I hope you guys can find what you are looking for or need. There is also info  and update blogs on here. Have a great day gang! XOXOS

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    - Beth Beanie Hat - PATREON EARLY ACCESS -

    (the set will be released for public in 2 weeks - 16.01.2021)

    Happy New Year guys!!


    - hat category - 100 swatches - A/T/E + KIDS + TODDLERS - unisex - 15k poly - all LOD’s - custom thumbnails - base game compatible - adults and kids versions compatible with hat slider


    C H A R L O T T E Hairstyle Pack

    D O W N L O A D (Patreon Early Access)

    So here’s my first special pack for these holidays!

    The hair comes in 2 variants, with and without fringe, which also come with and without hat. Each hair has another 2 variants, chunky and bicolour (not the ones with hat due to S4 limitations).

    Lastly, both the hair and beanie work with all ages. The beanie also comes in EA’s standard cut so you can use it with any hair you want (more or less, as it was made specifically for the braids), and 2 versions that fit perfectly with the braids (with and without fringe).

    Hope you like it! 🥰

    Autumn Set ( Early Access - Public 11/23 )

    Knitted Autumn Dress

  • 14 swatches
  • All lods
  • HQ compatible
  • Knitted Autumn Beanie

  • 8 swatches
  • All lods
  • HQ compatible
  • Hat slider compatible
  • Autumn Boots

  • 8 swatches
  • All lods
  • HQ compatible
    DOWNLOAD - SIMSDOM (11/23)

    Winter Hat

    Base Game Compatible

  • Felt Hat - 16 Swatches / Female, Male
  • Beanie  No.1 M & S - 37 Swatches / Female, Male
  • Beanie  No.2 M & S - 37 Swatches / Female, Male
  • Beanie  No.3 M & S - 37 Swatches / Female, Male
  • Download ( simfileshare )

    TOU : Please do not re-upload my items Feel Free to recolour / re-texture but do not include mesh

    Merry Christmas you all! ❤

    Hope you all have been good this year and Santa brought you many gifts.

    These are my gifts for you, perfect for these cold days. I made this beanie pack, and it’s the very first time I make one, so you can imagine my struggle to make it look as good as possible. No, really, just making the texture took me an entire day of pain because 3ds max didn’t want to cooperate 😂.

    They’re available on my patreon, and will be posted for everyone in mid January

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                                  🎄 𝟜𝕥𝕙 𝔸𝕕𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕪🎄

    Happy Holidays lovelies! Fourth and last Advent Sunday is here, and I’ve been working intense on these two gifts. So those who might have seen my post earlier this week, how I needed CPR and was thrilled with something. I . MADE . A . HAT!!!! And it fucking works!

    -*’* Star beenie **-

  • Works with @absolutelyiconics hat sliders
  • New Mesh | Brimless
  • All lods
  • BGC & HQ Compatible
  • Disallowed for random
  • 20 Swatches
  • Custom thumbnail
  • -*’* Scarf -*’*

  • New Mesh | Necklace
  • All lods
  • BGC & HQ Compatible
  • Disallowed for random
  • 20 swatches
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Merry Xmas everyone


    𝐵𝒾𝑒 | 𝒮𝒸𝒶𝓇𝒻


    Do not edit my mesh
    ✘ Do not reupload and claim as yours
    ✘ D
    o not convert to IMVU or SL! Convert to Sims 2 / sims 3 is fine ♥
    Recolours allowed. Don’t include mesh!
    ✘ Do not hide recolours of my content behind paywalls!!


    If you wish to support me Buy me a cookie (Paypal)
    Become a regal bird on my patreon ♥


    I would like to thank @alphawolfcc​ for suggesting a beenie! ♥


    Happy Holidays! 🎁 Winterfest 2019 Gifts

    i hope everyone is having a wonderful winter season so far! it’s been a rough one for me but i did have a lot of fun making this little recolor bundle for you guys - it includes two of my favorite winter items: the nutmeg beanie by @saurussims and the carrie puffer jacket by @clumsyalienn! ❤️

    downloads and details under the cut!

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    Sending hugs to you, I hope things get better. Thank you for the lovely gifts. <3 

    Like I said in another post, because of problems and stuff in my life I had to cancel the Advent Calendar event. I release the presents I made so far, some more will be released near future when I finished the thumbnails and checked if they’re working correct.

    I apologize and wish you a wonderful December



    Magpiesan April Coming Soon List

    Notre Dame Hair - release on 04/13/19

    Magpiesan Beanie - release on 04/14/19

    Kasumi Hair & Hairpin set - coming soon

    TSR page :https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/magpiesan

    members : @effiethejay @mmsims @bedisfull @knockkonck @5so0n

    Shawl Collar Sweater

    - 13 swatches - Base game compatible - HQ mod compatible - Shadow map - Normal map - All LODs

    Download + Swatches(Patreon Exclusive)


    Slouchy Beanie

    - 15 swatches - Base game compatible - HQ compatible - All LODs

    Download + Swatches



    cowplant-pizza recolours:

    get to work beanie in fall and winter colours now it’s basically decemeber!!!! 


  • you need get to work
  • fall + winter palettes by @buckyhelps
  • + 24 swatches
  • add ons to the original catalog item
  • tou:

  • do not reupload
  • do not claim as your own
  • give credit when due
  • do not put on simsdom
  • do not put behind paywalls
  • download the mesh

    download  donate

    Colourful and comfortable, these basic items, in colours based of this palette, are perfect for your sims to stay warm through the cold days of autumn.This set includes:

    A warm wooly turtleneck sweater

  • 20 swatches
  • teen to elder
  • found in sweatshirts
  • fitted for female and male frames
  • requires the (free) holiday celebration pack
  • A hat that pretends to be a beanie

  • 15 swatches
  • teen to elder
  • found in (brimless) hats
  • basegame compatible
  • A pair of glasses

  • 30 swatches
  • teen to elder
  • basegame compatible
  • Download (OneDrive)

  • 3 package files
  • no adfly/paywall
  • This started off as wanting a few of my real-life favorite beanies in game, and turned into adding more swatches as well as solid recolors in my palette.  This hat has been recolored a million times, but since I made it I thought I’d share in case anybody else would like it!

  • Requires Get to Work
  • 30 swatches (21 solids from my palette, 5 Hogwarts stripes and 4 real-life beanies)
  • Get the real beanies here:  Neverland–Neverland Shadow–Lost Princess–Snoogans.  I have the Neverland and Snoogans beanies and I love them so much!
  • Download HERE


    In night when colors all to black are cast, Distinction lost, or gone down with the light; The eye a watch to inward senses placed, Not seeing, yet still having powers of sight,

    👻🎃 Happy Simblreen! 👻🎃

    Here are all three of my treats plus two bonus 500 follower gifts! Info and downloads under the cut.

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