Hi, I am Maria. I am from Georgia. I love The Sims. I love to design and build. I also do recolors, go check out my stuff. This blog is catered to The Sims 4, everything Sims 4 .I tried to make everything a little easier to find This is also a cc find blog.. I hope you guys can find what you are looking for or need. There is also info  and update blogs on here. Have a great day gang! XOXOS

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    [EnriqueS4] Daliah Hairstyle

  • New Mesh
  • 18 EA Swatches
  • All Lods
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Teen to Elder
  • Works with hats
  • If you use my cc don’t forget to tag me as well like #enriques4 or @enriques4, for see your sims using my cc.
  • If you have any question or an issues, please let me know, i will try to fixed as soon as posible!!
  • Hope you like it!
  • DOWNLOAD (TheSimsResource)



    I needed a new updo so here we are! Hope you enjoy!

    Details: 18 EA swatches

    Base game

  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Custom Shadow, Specular and Bump Map
  • Terms of Use:

  • Do not re-upload any of my content.
  • Don’t claim my work as your own.
  • If you want to use any of my meshes please send an ask!
  • Recoloring is fine, but don’t include the mesh. Please tag me, because I would love to see it! 😊
  • Download: Patreon (free)

    Download: SimFileShare

    Created with:

    Sims 4 Studio, Blender and Photoshop  


    Now available for everyone. 

    RECOLOR #49: @savvysweet‘s Sailor Space Buns

    Guess who’s back! Uni is finally over for the term so here’s a new recolor to celebrate!

  • base game compatible
  • comes in WMS unnaturals, naturals, and neutrals
  • addons to the original item
  • 4 files to choose from
  • TOU: Don’t claim as your own, don’t upload anywhere else, and don’t put behind paywalls.

    MESH NEEDED! Get it here.

    DOWNLOAD (SFS, no adfly) / alt. (gdrive, no adfly)

    credits to @savvysweet for the amazing mesh and @wildlyminiaturesandwichfor the palette.

    @mmfinds@s4hairs @maxismatchccworld

    This is a lil late gift for me hitting 20k. Thank you all so much!

    Channelle Hair - alpha hair inspired.

  • BGC;
  • Comes will all 18 EA hair colors;
  • Hat Compatible;
  • Pins on the Hat Section;
  • Custom Thumbnail;
  • Dont repost/use as your own creation.
  • Tag #jaocc for me to see your sims with my cc.
  • Nyah Hair - pinterest hair.

  • BGC;
  • Comes will all 18 EA hair colors;
  • Not Hat Compatible;
  • Overlay for the Headband over Hats;
  • Custom Thumbnail;
  • Dont repost/use as your own creation.
  • Tag #jaocc for me to see your sims with my cc.
  • Dada Hair - and i oop- hair.

  • BGC;
  • Comes will all 18 EA hair colors;
  • Not Hat Compatible;
  • Custom Thumbnail;
  • Dont repost/use as your own creation.
  • Tag #jaocc for me to see your sims with my cc.
  • DOWNLOAD | Alt

    Blair Braids, Brook Braids & Sailor Space Buns Hair in Sorbets Remix

    Recolor of @savvysweet Blair Braids Hair, Brook Braids Hair & Sailor Space Buns Hair in @noodlescc 76 Sorbets Remix Palette

  • You will need the meshes
  • BGC
  • Addons not Standalone
  • Meshes + Download under the cut
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    Happy Simblreen

    Hi y’all, Here are the CC pieces that I gave out during Simblreen. I truly hope everyone enjoyed Simblreen. Thank you to all who participated and who sent me those wonderful messages.


    Blair Braids

  • not hat compatible
  • EA 18 swatches
  • Brook Braids

  • not hat compatible
  • EA 18 swatches
  • Sailor Space Buns

  • not hat compatible
  • EA 18 swatches
  • image

    download: patreon | simfileshare | dropbox

    JellyBean! Comes in the normal color palette and the rainbow/streaky palette from Get Famous. Should theoretically be compatible with Tai’s Overlay for even more color combos! Don’t worry, it’s BGC. It just uses the same texture.

    Download ->Dropbox Ea』   『Dropbox Rainbow』

    Hairtie Overlay』

    Category: Hair
    Age: Teen- Elder
    Gender: Female
    t:  17k  Mid-High 
    ches: 18 Ea + 18 Ea Streak, Same as the Get Famous ponytail. + 3 Hair tie swatches, same as the original.
    Chops:  ✓
    Morphs:  Experimental! 

    Inspo: Ashanti, SL Hair by Limerence

    T.o.u: Recolors ✓  Including the Mesh  ✓    More info.

    Roxie hair by @musicalsimmer1

    Super cute edit of the Strangerville braids - recoloured in all 75 WMS swatches.

  • base game compatible 
  • female: teen to elder
  • comes in all @wildlyminiaturesandwich unnaturals, naturals and neutrals
  • separate files
  • you’ll need the mesh for this to work 
  • Download:
    Recolour - SFS (no adfly)

    Zen Faux Locs Bun

  • 🌹DiversedKing Fauxlocbun🌹
  • ✨Tou✨
  • {❗️do not convert}❗️
  • {❗️do not share or claim as your own}❗️
  • {❗️100% meshes by me}❗️
  • {❗️do not reupload anywhere}❗️
  • Make sure to tag me in pictures 🌙
  • “💫Where do you get your inspo”🌈
  • ☀️From secondlife and Pinterest ☀️                             


    SheSpeaksSimlish‘s Braid Double Buns+ Top Knot Hairs in Noodles Sorbet!

  • Recolored in Noodles’ 65 colors + pure white.
  • Adds swatches to original.
  • Mesh is required! You can get them here.
  • Please don’t reupload or claim this recolor as your own.
  • Credits to: Sims 4 Studio, @shespeakssimlish and @noodlessorbets (tainoodles) for actions/palette.

    Download (Sim File Share)

    Braid Double Buns

    Braid Top Knot

    Drippinsims / Nakia braids

    Hey Guys,This hair is A start of many more on my website/Patreon


    All ages

    Mixed and regular textured


    Without asking me

    Do not recolor

    without asking me


    Download*click the second picture for the download*