Oh my goodness, guys you have to check this out! This is freakin awesome! 

    THAYBRANE STATION - download

    BITS & BOBS:

  • 50 x 40 lot
  • All credit goes to the CC creators
  • 5.34 GB all togther (189 pieces of CC). All CC & Tray Files included in the .rar file.
  • 3 floors with a ticket office, seating area, ticket machines, ATM’s, escalators & lift, lower level with two resturants/coffee shops and an additional lower level with seating area as well as a train/subway. Also at the back of the station, two non-functional subway-esque entrances into the station and a bus stop.
  • You can do whatever you like with it please do not re-upload elsewhere to claim it as yours. if you use it in your story/gameplay, please tag me so I can see :-)

    I finally did it! It’s 24\7 Japanese Bar. I was thinking a lot about how i want it to look like and i can tell that i’m totally satisfied. And it has no CC! 

    Bar 20x15 lot 41 621 $ NO CC 

    And i would be super grateful if you support me on YouTube :https://youtu.be/GhvBA6O5Nw4

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    Use the moveobjects cheat before placing the lot!

    DL :

    OriginID: NastyaSim17

    202012  Japanese Chaya 「茶屋」NOCC



    I remade the Yasaka cafe room so that it could be set up in the town of Komorebi.

    Cafe  2015 


     Please use after setting 「bb.moveobjects」 of cheat code on

    5-3-1 Shinrinyoku Dining

    This was supposed to be a residential lot… but it just didn’t work. The garden was too pretty to let this build gather dust, so now it’s a restaurant!

  • No CC
  • 30x20
  • Build in Mt. Komorebi
  • NOT playtested
  • Turn on bb. moveobjects cheat before placing the lot!
  • [SFS] Download
    Gallery ID: MusiLizzy

    Sims 4 - Palais des Orchidées

    Yay! My sims will finally have a second option if they want to eat out, especially if they want to eat in a slightly more fancy setting than a simple dinner.

    I feel that the hardest part when I create a new build is to find a name for it, even if most of you don’t really read them as they are in French! I now have only one lot left to create to make Windenburg complete… but it’s a 64x64 one, so wish me luck!

    Info : 30x20, Restaurant.

    Playtested as usual, without CC, use bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot.

    Download the tray files (for both lots) : SimFileShare.

    Or use my Origin  ID simsontherope to find it in the gallery!

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    H  Ä C K E B E R G A     L A K E

    Wedding venue. 

    This lot has a small bar, a dining area, an “aisle area” or whatever that is called and a dressing room with a make up table, clothing for the bride, etc. 

    I have left my comfort zone totally with this one. Crazy stuff. I am not sure if I love it or hate it, but here we are.

    Huge thanks to @miljamaison, @sundays-sims and @hel-studio. You are my angels. Also: Thank you so much to @annkatrinesims for pointing out I never make small lots. This one is very tiny, but fits a lot of stuff. 

    Please note this build is not functional. 

    I’ve used two objects in this lot that is pay CC, however, they are not super featured and can easily be replaced with other objects. They are amazing tho, so you should get them, haha. It is this wedding dress by Leosims, and these deserts by AggressiveKitty.

    Other cc you need can be found here:
    LHB: X
    Severinka: X
    Wondymoon: X X
    Animefemme: X
    Hephaestionsims: X
    KH: X
    Leo: X
    oy: X
    Slox: X X
    Sundays: X

    This lot will be public at 2020-22-07
    For now, download here: X 

    Hope you enjoy it and that your sims live happily ever after. 

    haledela Smuggler’s Cove Cantina

  • $148,920| 40 x 30| 2 Bath
  • traits: convival - great acoustics - dog hangout (for fun)
  • extras: there’s a pool?
  • Built on the Cantina “El Arbol Del Jaguar lot in Selvadorada
  • part of my rebuild project
  • CC free but I have all the packs.
  • please enable move objects.
  • see my other builds by clicking this sentence!
  • links are always free with no ads!
  • download: simfileshare or Patreon!

    wedding venue.

    it’s 6:30 a.m. and wedding venue is the best, most original name i can come up with right now lol.

  • cc free;
  • 30x20 generic lot;
  • you need outdoor retreat if you want that tree! the one from movie hangout should be a good alternative though :-)
  • make sure bb.moveobjects is on before placing!
  • @s4-builds @maxismatchccworld​ @simblrcollective​ thank you ♥!
  • image

    download tray files // gallery: alienships

    ps - i recorded a speed build of this venue if you want to get a better look of the build and listen to some great lo fi music! i don’t have a mic yet, so for now enjoy the music! x


    I made this park mainly for me to do screenshots ( I needed a very specific one..hehe) but I thought maybe someone else might want it too?

    It looks boring but I put lots of lights on so at night time, it really lights up 😊

    It’s built at the 40x30 lot at Brindleton Bay and you need THIS CC !!!! otherwise the trees won’t turn up…

    DOWNLOAD (SFS, no adfly)


    This is incredible!!!!  I love it!! Thank you!! 


    Toy Store

    Created for: The Sims 4


    In this magic shop you can find Saint Nicholas.

    by Danuta720

  • Value: 107807
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Stories: 2
  • Lot Size: 30x20
  • Custom content: CC used