RALPH LAUREN Throw Pillows

    Infuse every room with warmth and character. These pillows can be used to dress up your sofa or add texture to your bed. I hope you like them❤️ And if you do, please consider following me😆 Very soon, I am going to release a mansion as Christmas gift🤩

    You need to download mesh by @peacemaker-ic

    Download pillows[Free, No Ad]

    Other CCs featured in this post are by @hel-studio (most beautiful Christmas decors ever!), @m-o-d–e-r-n, @slox


    Ayyye!! All this new CC inspired me to get my weight up! so i’m coming at y’all with some (partial) downloads!

    Included in the download are:

    Recolorable Emoji Pillows- 6 Different Faces

    Recolorable Life Size Lolly-Pop

    Liquor/Water Dispenser- (Hennessy, Moscato, Water)

    Repellent Spray Bottles- (Thot, FuckBoy, SideChick, CopyCat, Basic, Gold Digger)

    Deco Red Iphones (May need to be resized)- (Face down and Face up)

    The rest of the CC will be released soon but its part of something special that i have coming up with some friends! But in the mean time hope y’all enjoy!


    [ B E R A W A ]

    Hi guys ♥  New set is here! Berawa set, named after another little Bali area that I especially like. It’s rustic & cozy, because I just looove that style at the moment. If you like this set & my creations, and would like to support me, you can do so by buying me a KO-FI here: [X] I would be forever grateful ♥ ♥ ♥

    I want to say thank youuu @buildsbylainey for the inspo, help & support: you’re awesomeee ♥ Also, two other awesome people:  @raventons & @owa-x  thank youu my loves for the help with the textures, and for your general cool selves, ILYSM. ♥

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    Dreams set 🌺

    Dreams - decoration set in natural wicker palette includes 2 plants, 2 baskets for plants, 2 trays (one coming as wall decor), basket for cushions, cushions and blanket. Cushions and blanket are separated meshes, so you guys can make more combinations. <3

    This set contains:

    1) Basket v1 (24 swatches - 2 wicker patterns x 12 colors each one)  

    LOD 0 - 1178 polys, LOD 1 - 881.

    2) Basket v2 (24 swatches - 2 wicker patterns x 12 colors each one)  

    LOD 0 - 3952 polys, LOD 1 - 2956.

    3) Basket v3 for cushions and blanket (24 swatches  - 2 wicker patterns x 12 colors each one)  

    LOD 0 - 3706 polys, LOD 1 - 2776.

    4) Cushions for basket (20 swatches - 8 patterns + 12 solid colors)

    LOD 0 - 988 polys, LOD 1 - 596.

    5) Blanket for basket (20 swatches - 8 patterns + 12 solid colors)

    LOD 0 - 2990 polys, LOD 1 - 1822.

    6) Wall decorative tray (24 swatches - 2 wicker patterns x 12 colors each one)

    LOD 0 - 1820 polys, LOD 1 - 1291.

    7) Wicker tray with slots (24 swatches - 2 wicker patterns x 12 colors each one)

    LOD 0 - 1938 polys, LOD 1 - 1301.

    8) Plant v1 (18 swatches - 6 leaves colors x 3 pots colors)

    (for x4 tile in game) LOD 0 - 4630 polys, LOD 1 - 3492, LOD 2 - 2656.

    9) Plant v2 (18 swatches - 6 leaves colors x 3 pots colors) More bushy but also more polygonal. You always can use Plant v1 or have both versions same time to choose which version is more acceptable for you.

    LOD 0 - 9521 polys, LOD 1 - 7224, LOD 2 - 4021.

    Walls by @simspirationbuilds, all other cc by me:candleholders, beads, vase tall and medium, vase small, wireframe house, rug.

    Tech. info:

  • Base game.
  • All meshes completely made by me from vertex to vertex.
  • Easy to find in game by typing Winner9 or Dreams in search tab.
  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Each item costs 1$.
  • Removed option Can be struck by lightning.
  • All LODs, normals and specular maps.
  • Download: Patreon  (Public 21.08.2020)

    🌷 Each saturday new early-access cc on my patreon.

    All my creations made by me specially for sims 4 and optimised for game as much as possible. For each creation I make normals and specular maps, for each mesh - all LOD’s.


    Available for everybody now!  😘

    Bali outdoor bathroom

    Missing my trip in Bali, Indonesian people, lifestyle, food and outdoor bathroom!

    I recolored 5 meshes, original meshes needed:

  • Basket and blanket by Pinkboxdesign 
  • Wall hanging tapestry by IDBD (original mesh included into the zip file, link to download it is no longer available)
  • Cushions by Simcredible 
  • Shell pot vase by Meinkatz 
  • Big wall hanging tapestry by Sjane4prez
  • Wallpapers and floors made by me are also included.

    DOWNLOAD HERE (SimFileshare)

    If you use my CC, please tag me! Terima kasih :)

    I’m WICF friendly, so do not hesitate to ask me for CC

    Solid Colored Sofa Pillows For The Sims 4

    Super quick post! These solid colored pillows is something I did weeks ago but never posted to my tumblr. They are a recolor of Severinka’s pillow mesh so please make sure you download the mesh for these to show in your game. Pillows come in 50 solid colors.

    Solid Color Sofa Pillows —> RECOLOR | MESH

    300+ Follower Gift! | The Pictures & Pillows Collection

    this is a gift to you guys for making 300 followers! I was thinking about what I could make and I came up with doing some recolors for you guys because we all can use more pictures and pillows right? anyways, I hope you guys like it!  

    love, ophelia villa


  • a recolor of @linasims CB2 Pillow Collection
  • you need these: mesh | mesh
  • pictures:

  • a recolor of the alcohone desperado poster 
  • you need the Get Famous EP 
  • tou:

  • please don’t claim as your own
  • please don’t re upload 
  • please tag if you use it 
  • credit:@linasims for the meshes, ana hard, ines longevial, cocorinna, madeline kate, and suzanne dias for the artwork- thank you!

    d o w n l o a d (no adfly)

    simfileshare | google drive

    Sailor Moon Sofa Pillows for The Sims 4

    Sailor Moon is my all time favorite anime! It’s what got me into magical girls to begin with. This was originally sort of like a gag, I wasn’t being serious when I made these couch pillows but a lot of people liked them so I’m uploading them for download. There are 52 swatches total. I love Sailor Moon so I go all out! If you’re wondering about the artwork, that’s also CC that I made and it’s part of my Sailor Moon bedroom set you can find on my page. Enjoy. Don’t forget the mesh.

    Sailor Moon Sofa Pillows —> RECOLOR | MESH