RALPH LAUREN Throw Pillows

    Infuse every room with warmth and character. These pillows can be used to dress up your sofa or add texture to your bed. I hope you like them❤️ And if you do, please consider following me😆 Very soon, I am going to release a mansion as Christmas gift🤩

    You need to download mesh by @peacemaker-ic

    Download pillows[Free, No Ad]

    Other CCs featured in this post are by @hel-studio (most beautiful Christmas decors ever!), @m-o-d–e-r-n, @slox

    Advent calendar🎄🎁✨ - Day 23

    You will find minimalistic, modern, vintage, farmhouse and cozy christmas themed items. I have been experimented with different styles, so each of you can find something personal.

    Each day you will find 1-3 new objects.

    Happy holidays! 🎄

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    Haussman set

    This was something I wanted to do a long time ago as I’m from Paris and always loved wall mouldings. I recently received a suggestion from one of my patron that was closed to what I imagined so I finally made it !

    This is a build set that will allow you to design your own moulding pattern: they are 3D meshed and available in various height and width, and in 30 colors + 5 wooden swatches. Along, you’ll also find arched alcoves and little sloted niches with assorted colors.

    It was also the perfect occasion to add a Louise addon: single tile arched windows, available in three heights. Hope you’ll have as much fun making colorful interiors as I had making my previews !

  • Includes 24 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is lowpoly
  • All items come in 30 colors + 5 wooden swatches (except the Louise windows which are available in 6 original swatches, same as the previous set, and also because colored windows from the outside would have been weird)
  • You’ll need to enter the cheat code bb.moveobjects to place items inside the niches.
  • The alcoves and niches are made with window cutout so they will have a white block behind the wall to compensate their depth.
  • Available in early access on my Patreon !

    Public release the 10th of january 2021.

    Versailles Treillage

    These magnificent trellises, inspired by those of the Bosquet de l'Encelade, in the gardens of Versailles, will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance and refinement to your gardens.

    Happy Simming!


    Polygon Counts:
    Object: High/Medium/Low
    Pilaster: 1012/884/824
    Wall: 363/363/363
    Outer Corner: 681/681/681
    Arch: 2453/2453/1037
    Niche: 1811/1731/1651

    Additional Credits
    Blender, TSRW, S4S, S4PE.

    DOWNLOAD (ModTheSims)

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    Lyne Curb Appeal

    Give your sims’ property a makeover with these house numbers, doorbell, camera, mailbox and lights. Combine the minimalist look of the plaque with the large numbers for maximum visibility.

    Free to downlo
    ad: NynaeveDesign.com

    500 Follower Gift
    Peace’s Beddings Mega Recol

    Woohoo 500 Follower. As a lover of the popular Beddings by Peacemaker and the Cottage Garden Palette I decided to make a huge recolor with different pattern and structures but in the same style for double, single and toddler beds. 

    Beside the ones which are separated by Brazenlotus and Peacemaker’s  Beddings I don’t use any other. You won’t find fancy patterns and crazy colors here. Simply because I love muted colors and if pattern I prefer minimalistic ones regardless the age.


  • “Roughly Monochroma” double bedcovers (short & floor version) contain 15 different minimalistic pattern swatches each in black, white and gray with three simlish patterns “Dreams”, Get Naked” and “My Love”.
  • “Roughly Monochroma” single and toddler bedcovers have of course two slightly changed simlish swatches “Dreams, “Babe” and “#chillout”. Other swatches remain the same.
  • All other beddings with different textures are in my adjusted version of the “Garden Cottage” palette available
  • 20 package files are available as Floor & Short Version in 4 variations (Knit, Linen, Solid and Quilt)
  • The Toddlers have only 5 package files = 5 variations (Knit, Linen, Solid, Quilt and my Monochroma patterns)
  • Overall you will have 25 package files with a huge variety of over 610 swatches with different fabrics but same style for Adults, Kids/Teens and Toddlers.

    Meshes (by Peacemaker@peacemaker-ic​.❤️ )
    You will need both bedding meshes from following sets Mid Century Abode, and all three bedding meshes from  Roarsome Bedroom.


  • Compatibility: Basegame
  • Maxis Match
  • Colors: Correctly Tagged
  • Amount: 25 package files with a total of over 610 swatches
  • Palette: Cottage Garden (20 Swatches + Black/White/Gray). Plus I adjusted one color the light brown and changed it to beige.
  • Variations

  • 5x Roughly Monochroma Bedcover (Black, White & Gray = 45 swatches)
  • 5x Hopkins Bedcover (Knit = 20 swatches)
  • 5x Laurel Bedcover (Linen = 20 swatches)
  • 5x Moonrise Bedcover (Solid = 20 swatches)
  • 5x Ranford Bedcover (Quilt = 20 swatches)
  • Download: SFS | Alternative: Mediafire [always adfree]

    It took me three days to adjust the UV-Map texture in order to give all beddings the same style. I’m not a CC creator yet, might need to dive into this. But if you like my texture edits, please don’t be shy and tell what you think of my designed patterns below 😊. 

    Hope you enjoy my recolors. Thank you Simmers, for loving my builds, stories and whatever I do as well thank you for your support and follow.

    Much love, Malia

    A new recolor set, a new collection of blankets and pillows (you know, I’m obsessed). 


    - Bed Blanket v1, 22 Swatches, Mesh by Severinka 

    - Bed Pillows v1, 22 Swatches, Mesh by Novvvas

    - Bed Blanket v2, 22 Swatches, Mesh by Pilar 

    - Bed Pillows v2, 22 Swatches, Mesh by Pilar 

    - Curtains, 22 Swatches, Mesh by 2Sis 

    - Large Curtains, 22 Swatches, Mesh by 2Sis 

    DOWNLOAD at Blooming Rosy 

    The Halcyon Kitchen Collection

    Part one of the Halcyon Kitchen Collection is now available.

    The set comprises of counters, island, cabinets & fridge nooks. All with 21 colour swatches and 3 worktops. All base game compatible

    Part 2 will follow later this month with more furniture & appliances to complete the set.

    Early access now available for $5 Patrons

    Public release to follow on 8th August