Pearl Hair

    an afro-textured Gibson Girl updo with a bow, inspired by this lovely girl (x)

    further information:

  • hat compatible
  • base game compatible
  • ea colours
  • disabled for random
  • Downloads: SFS / Mediafire

    @mmoutfitters, @maxismatchccworld

    FY_MM_hair_Betsy N1

  • 18 swatches
  • HQ compatible
  • Hat chops
  • Base game compatible
  • Teen - Young Adult - Adult - Elder
  • All LODs
  • Don’t re-upload my cc
  • Don’t re-edit my cc without my permission
  • Feel free to recolor but don’t include the mesh
  • Patreon(early access)
  • Public release at 1/1/2021
  • Thank you for supporting me♥
  • Thanks to all cc creators♥
  • saurussims

    💜Ingrid Hair by Saurus💜

    The hair y’all suggested names for, and Twitch voted on, than you for your help 🥰

  • BGC
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 swatches
  • All LODs, shadow, specular, normal, proper tags, disabled for random
  • image




    Mica Hair

  • BGC
  • Hat Compatible
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Clip Accessory found in hats
  • Custom Thumbnails for all files
  • Terms Of Use
  • ► Ombré Accessories Info:

  • Found in Accessories
  • 18 EA Colors
  • 20 Tropical Punch colors (credit to ImVikai for helping with the palette)
  • Separate packages for both palettes

    sorbet remix recolors -> @druidsim bobblunt ombres

    these work with any mesh edit of the snowy escape bob, which ea calls “BobBlunt”

    - enabled for all ages and genders
    - x76 unnatural swatches 
    - standalone + custom thumbnail
    - requires meshes! right here

    pictured with polaris by @aloeislandsims

    dl (drive)

    Hello everybody!

    I guess you didn’t see it coming buuuuuuut Savagesims and I just made a collab! (Seriously, not even us saw it coming 😂). You can grab her stuff (the outfits and glasses shown in the pics, among more items) HERE

    C A R D I Hairstyle

    C H A I N  R E A C T I O N Hairstyle

    D O M I N OHairstyle

    D O W N L O A D (Early Access | Public 21/09)

    L A U R E NHairstyle

    D O W N L O A D (Early Access | Public 21/09)

    I also made one last hair that goes more into my comfort zone hahaha.

    Hope you all like it 💕

    NEW HAIRSTYLES FOR SIMS 4, Inspired by Ariana Grande Positions!!!


    Positions (Style 1) - January 1st 2021

    Positions (Style 2) - January 2nd 2021

    Positions (Style 3) - January 4th 2021

    Positions (Style 4) - January 5th 2021


    Positions Bow Headband - January 4th 2021

    Positions Headband -  January 5th 2021

    (headbands are designed to fit these hairstyles only)

    By Downloading any of my stuff you have to agree with this T.O.U.

    Be sure to have the latest game update, headbands can be found under hats category and i hope you guys like these hairs!! :D

    Happy New Year to every single one of you, i hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

    historian recolors p19 ft @simstrouble

    i thought i lost these… the stress 😨ft autumn

    info: these add 28 swatches; meshes are required

    marcia: mesh | recolor
    lena: mesh | recolor
    anita: mesh | recolor
    jacira: mesh | recolor
    shelly: mesh | recolor
    luna: mesh | recolor

    alt dl/zip file

    historian recolors p20 ft @simstrouble​ (again lol)

    whew!! we made it to 20 🌹ft autumn 

    info: these add 28 swatches; meshes are required

    toril: mesh | recolor
    tilly: mesh | recolor
    aslaug: mesh | recolor
    hilary: mesh | recolor
    stephany: mesh | recolor
    shannon: mesh | recolor

    Braided Pony Tail Plain

    (early access)

    Download   (Patreon)

    Download   (My Site)

    Available to the public on January 3, 2021.

    New conversion for your Sims, new request ready. I hope you like!  😊

    Available in default textures, from teen to elder,16 colors.

    Available for the base game.

    Please leave a comment.

    Please respect my policy.


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    astrid accessory bangs

     day 3 of winterfest :)
    ☽  view all my winterfest downloads here! 
    ☽  bangs taken from my astrid hair
    ☽  pictured with fawn ombre hair by @aladdin-the-simmer x @arethabee

    comes with 3 different texture placements
    compatible with @absolutelyiconics hat slider

     teen-elder, all genders and frames
    ☽  tagged as feminine
    ☽  found in hats
    ☽  not allowed for random


     patreon / simfileshare / terms of use

    𝙂𝙩𝙚𝙧 - @imvikai x greenllamas

    After four months of blood, sweat and very glittery tears, we can now say glitter is finally here! This pack has been in the making for a hell of a long time but I think the items are worth the wait.

    Download information:

    You can get all of the clothes from either of our sides of the collab, however there are some items which are exclusive to our sides of the collab. The items that are greyed out in my preview can be obtained on @imvikai‘s blog.

    Basic Item Details:

  • The entire set is Base Game Compatible
  • All of the hairs come in the 18 EA Swatches
  • All of the clothing items come in a 29 swatch palette created for glitter
  • All of the clothing items come in an assortment of patterns (exc. the Butterfly Top)
  • Item Specific Details: (my side)

    Wispa Hair

  • comes with dedicated streaks (found in accessories, face view)
  • comes with hairclips (found in accessories, face view)
  • Rina Hair

  • comes with hairclips (found in accessories, face view)
  • Skye Platforms

  • 17 Swatches
  • Magdalena Boots

  • 17 Swatches
  • Final notes:

  • If there are any glitches with textures, please let me know
  • If there are any glitches with the meshes, please let @imvikai know via ask


    The SCREAM Collection - greenllamas

    The scream collection is a set of 6 items vaguely inspired by the scream movie franchise. I really enjoyed making my coven collection last year so I thought I would have another go at making a spooky themed collection.

    I really can’t be bothered to type out all the details but just trust me that it has all the good stuff (lods, thumbnails, shadow, bump etc.)

    The items come in a modified version of my normal palette and my denim palette for the denim items.

    Hope you enjoy and happy simblreen - even if it isn’t when you’re downloading it.


    search keywords: greenllamas coven, coven collection sims 4 coven


    UPDATE: 27/12/2020

    All of the shadow maps have been given alpha channels which basically means if you saw a tiny bit of texture crunch when using the clothes/hairs with an item it should now be gone. 

    Chances are 96% of you won’t notice the difference but once you see it you cant unsee it lol.

    hestia hair

    i made this hair months ago and forgot to post it until now oops


    - headband is separate from the hair and found in hats  - bgc  - hat compatible  - all 18 ea colours  - disabled for random

    download (patreon; free) | alt (dropbox)

    Adrian Hair

  • Base game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • Teen - Elder
  • 18 EA swatches
  • 20K polygons
  • All LODs
  • Available for both frames
  • image

    Terms of Use

    DOWNLOAD: Patreon | SFS | MediaFire

    Twitter | CC page