Hi, I am Maria. I am from Georgia. I love The Sims. I love to design and build. I also do recolors, go check out my stuff. This blog is catered to The Sims 4, everything Sims 4 .I tried to make everything a little easier to find This is also a cc find blog.. I hope you guys can find what you are looking for or need. There is also info  and update blogs on here. Have a great day gang! XOXOS

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    Download_here! [Thank you♥ hope you like it ]

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Merry Christmas♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Originally, I used the blender 2.70 and 2.76 alternately.

    This time, I used 2.78 to soften the weight.

    But, The jacket is a little stained because normal map and mesh keeps failing.

    Everything else is fine. Please refer to it !

    원래는 블랜더 2.70과 2.76을 번갈아 사용했습니다.

    이번에는 2.78로 사용하여 웨이트를 부드럽게 했어요.

    그러나 매쉬와 노말맵이 계속 실패해서 자켓의 조금 얼룩짐이 있어요.

    그외는 다 괜찮아요. 참고해주세요!

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    -HEIRLOOM COLLECTION- ( Patreon Exclusive - 5 items)

  • Heirloom Choker: A cameo and pearl choker. (20 swatches)
  • Heirloom Hoops: Large pearl hoops. (20 swatches)
  • Heirloom Rings: Cameo and pearl ring set. Both hands. (20 swatches)
  • Bloodline Tee: A bra layered cropped tee. Camo print. (20 swatches)
  • PETTYcoat Petticoat: A corseted petticoat. Marble print. (20 swatches)

    A savage in any timeline…


    Available on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/savagesims

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savagesims_/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SavageSims

    Check out my public release items on my website: https://savagesims.wixsite.com/savagesims

    Hello my babies! I know I have been very absent here for off reasons, but I return with a small pack, but full of affection for you I hope you like it and use it a lot!  

    with love, BFS team

    This pack contains:

    1 top with 7 color options.

    1 dress with 7 color options.

    1 skirt with 7 color options.

    1 sandal with 8 color options.

    1 slide with 6 color options.

    DOWNLOAD ALL (free ads and early acess)

    This collection will be public(ads)  january 5  


    (1-BD352)  // (2-BD353)  //  (3-BD354)  //  (4-BD355) //

    (5-BD356)  //  (6-BD357)  //  (7-BD358)  // (8-BD359) //

    (9-BD360) //   (10-BD361) //  (11-BD362) //  (12-BD363) //

    (13-BD364) //  (14-BD365)  // (15-BD366) //

    (16-BD367) // (17-BD368) //  (18-BD369) //



    Cottage Core Collection

    DOWNLOAD (Early access at my Patreon)
    DOWNLOAD (Release in Dec 17)

    Modern Vintage Collection Part 1

  • New Meshes
  • All lods
  • All maps
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Compatible with HQ and Base Game
  • Clothing created with the first version of the game, can be downloaded by any player, with any version of the game
  • image
  • Colette Dress (Public)
  • Keisy Top  (Public)
  • Taylor Crop Top  (Public)
  • ArmonySkirt  (Public)
  • image

    Please don’t re-upload my cc or include in any pack You can re-color, but do not include the mesh and give me the credits of the mesh.




    Female Skirt Collection

    Base Game Compatible

     Cargo Skirt - 25 Swatches ( Basic 23 + Camouflage 2 )

     Denim Skirt Long - 17 Swatches ( Basic 15 + Paint 2 )

     Denim Skirt Mini - 30 Swatches ( Basic 15 + Ripped 15 )

     Circle Skirt Short
      V1 - 22 Swatches ( Basic )
      V2 - 9 Swatches ( Floral )

    ● Pleated Mini Skirt
      V1 - 25 Swatches ( Basic 22 + Plaid 3 )
      V2 - 20 Swatches ( Two tone color )

     Pencil Skirt
      V1 - 23 Swatches ( Basic )
      V2 - 21 Swatches ( Floral )
      V3 - 35 Swatches ( Random Pattern )

     Simple Skirt Mini
      V1 - 22 Swatches ( Basic )
      V2 - 21 Swatches ( Random Pattern )

     Circle Skirt
      V1 - 22 Swatches ( Basic )
      V2 - 22 Swatches ( Floral )

    Texture Credit : devzummerfish

    Download ( simfileshare )

    TOU : Please do not re-upload my items Feel Free to recolour / re-texture but do not include mesh

    - ̗̀ Ciara Set ̖́- (TS4)

    Download: My Blog (no ads)

  • New Mesh | Top & Bottom.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 30 & 35 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.
  • HQ Compatible.
  • Hello beautiful people 😘! I made something for you!

    Ok little story, I started making this set because I wanted to go from summer > autumn and I wanted this to show, basically. That’s why I came out with this little set (the colors, the pattern everything is autumny for me, and I really like it!)

    Now, there may be some little details, like the top, has some clipping issues, that weren’t really that ugly, and of course, the skirt looks sometimes ugly when is really stretched, but I was comparing it to EA skirts and there weren’t the best either, so yeah, is a cute skirt!

    Hope you like it as much as I do, and if you use, please don’t forget to tag me <3. I love seeing your pics, and photos, and lookbooks, and everything!

    Ramona Skirt

    A really breezy skirt that looks like you snagged it for super cheap at a thrift store. Inspired from this lil thing on pinterest. A sort of sister to my uma dress because of the chiffon layer on top. Hope you enjoy!

  • 30 swatches from @belmisia & @lakemizus lovechild palette + some gingham swatches and vintagey patterns
  • small issues: there is slight clipping when the sim walks at the hem • using boots that are above the calf hides the transparent layer– though the skirt underneath still retains its look.
  • teen-elder; includes all lods + morphs, custom shadow, bump, spec map & thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • let me know if you have any issues!
  • Download. (ALWAYS FREE on patreon)

    UPDATE 6.20.2019 - Fixed up one swatch that showed up as white when it wasn’t supposed to. Fixed leg chops so over the knee boots wouldn’t make the main skirt disappear! Please redownload if needed!

    UPDATED 6.20.2019  (Second update oops!) - Fixed an issue with the GEOMs where the transparency wasn’t showing up right. It should be all set now!

    DOWNLOAD: EP03 MAXI SKIRT & TOP (in Bottoms Category)

    This outfit is a recolour of the EP03 SkirtPaneled(shown below) and is available as a recolour or as an override.  I was not going to recolour this skirt because I just found it too ugly and it has been hidden from my cas since it came out. However, I think I have finally come up with a way to make it wearable and more appealing, even though I still had to keep the overlayed bows (not very obvious on some pictures, but they all have the patterns overlayed). By putting separates together, I have created a full-body outfit (found in the skirts section) and you now have a ready-to-wear beach outfit that is perfect for Island Living.

    There are 18 swatches and each includes a maxi skirt and a macthing top, in a variety of styles - many were inspired by the boho styles at TSR and I have used skirts or tops from Kiara and 1Z, ekinege, serpentrogue, Mh75 and paogae at TSR (linked below).  You will need a nude top but you can layer some baggy or accessory tops. 


    Override replaces this skirt:




    Credits: 1Z, ekinege, serpentrogue, Mh75 and  paogae at TSR and kiara

    Find more of my recolours here

    If you have trouble downloading, right click the download and open in a new tab.

    Thank you to everyone who likes or reblogs.