Dameon Dreads : Ebonixsims Retexture

  • 12 Days of CC: Day 2 of 12
  • You can find Day 1 CC HERE
  • This hair is a retexture and slight mesh edit of one of my favorite hairs by @ebonixsims Guttasims Dameon Dreads and I thought it would look great in the maxis textures.  This hair is compatible with @nolan-sims Yvette Hair Ombre Accessory.

    This hair comes with an accessory to change half of the locs. This hair also comes with accessory clips.


    mesh included hat compatible EA 18 swatches  don’t re-upload/claim as your own

    Vertices: 10865 Polygons: 17722

    download: patreon

    PEDRO by simstrouble

    An edit mesh from Snowy Escape. Kinda reminds me of P*dro P*scal fluffy hair, hence the name! Works for both frame. Enjoy 🍫

  • Base Game Compatible
  • EA 18 Swatches; fixed black and white
  • 5k poly; Mesh by EA, strands by me
  • All LODs, Hat Compatible, All Maps
  • download (patreon, free)


    Hello! This hair is a little edit of the EA short hair for females to make them less plastic.

    - All genders and ages

    - EA swatches (more or less)

    - No shine

    - Thumbnail

    I cloned them as a new mesh from the Snowy Escape EP shaved hair, I hope they are BGC, but I’m not sure.

    DOWNLOAD ON PATREON (public on December 24)

    Thank you for your precious support! <33


    - EA

    New hairs on my patreon:) 

    thank you so much for your support:) ❤

    Mariyah curly puffs for all ages 🖤

    Brian Braided pony 🖤


    Christmas Night Stuff 

    A Fan made stuff pack by @cmpixels and @simsulfurtrash

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    This was a long process but it’s finally here :) We worked hard and we hope you enjoy the pack!

    Nearly everything is Base game compatible!

  • All the hairs are Base game compatible, have hat chops and proper LOD’s
  • All the clothing items are recolored in my new Christmas Joy -palette
  • Most clothing items don’t have shadows or normals (sorry)
  • No Adflies or anything
  • The Christmas Beanie requires the free holiday update
  • 21 items altogether
  • Items were divided between the two of us :)
  • @cmpixels did most of the previews, I only helped a little
  • Feel free to ask us anything :)
  • Credits: 

    EA, Sims4Studio, @simsulfurtrash for the palette


    SimFileShare  - OneDrive


    SimFileShare  - OneDrive