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    Credits to original creators, not my meshes! Will be deleted on Nov 1st.

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    Whats Included;

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    Money, Money, Money modPack by Erweinna

    Qui a dit un jour que l’argent ne faisait pas le bonheur ?                                 Pas vous en tout cas, n’est-ce pas ?                                                        Décorez vos pièce ou remplissez votre coffre-fort à l’aide de cet ensemble de billets et ces accessoires et que l’argent coule à flots !

    Existe en billets de 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 et 500 €uro.

    Ce ModPack contient :

    Billets en éventail (accessoire)

    Billets en liasses (accessoire) gauche et droite

    Billets au sol

    Pile de billets

    Grosse pile de billets

    Bonus ! Le string range-billets

    Disponible  => ici <=

    Money, Money, Money ModPack by Erweinna

    Who said once that money did not make happiness? Not you anyway, is it? Decorate your room or fill your safe with this set of bills and accessories and the money flows!

    Exists in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 €uro banknotes.

    This ModPack contains:

    Fan banknotes (accessory)

    Bundle tickets (accessory) left and right

    Tickets on the ground

    Stack of banknotes

    Big pile of tickets

    Bonus! The string range-ticke

    Available  => here

    Crédits : Kikovanity, RJayden, NitroPanic
    🌸 Erweinna



     Thank you for support me

     Thank you for using

     Thanks for the original Creator


      Do not claim as your own

      Do not re-upload

    Do not put in any pack

    Recolor Allowed if you put the link of my Tumbl

    RANDOM CLUTTER:download.💊

    items included:dirty old coffee cup, pain pills, milk carton, gauze bandages, brown parcel, and money stack.

    - 6 separate meshes. - base game compatible. - found under decorations or search key words.

    3d model credit1 2 3 4 / conversion by keysims

    TS4 & TS3Luck Set

    Yes, I took these pictures in game and then put them together lol I suck at previews a lot. Trying something different.

    Lol so I don’t know what to name this tbh, so we will call it that for now

    9 items (Located in Clutter, Plants, & Miscellaneous Decor):

  • Lottery Tickets (4 Swatches)- $3 Simoleons
  • Colt 45- $2 Simoleons
  • Colt 45 Bagged -$2 Simoleons
  • Combos(6 Swatches)- $2 Simoleons
  • Cash Money- $200 Simoleons
  • Xanax- $5 Simoleons
  • Blunt_ $5 Simoleons
  • Small Baggie of Weed- $20 Simoleons
  • Backwoods Packet (5 Swatches) $1 Simoleon
  • Meshes Created by me 100%!


    sg5150 Makin’ Bank

    Maxis, 3dregenerator Design

    Mesh Edit / Recolors by sg5150

    Included: Big Brother ATM: 28106 poly. Some High Poly in this set!  Big Brother Wall ATM: 28124 poly, Diamonds and Gold: 756 poly, Diamonds in box: 740 poly, Forklift: 2530 poly, Gold Bars: 4968 poly, Simoleons in the Bank: 7140 poly, Vault: 27186 12361 poly.

    Sims 4


    Updated: The Vault door has been edited now. You will only be able to view it from the outside now as it does not extend through the walls anymore. I didn’t want to do this but I was able to cut nearly 15k poly off of the mesh by doing so. Also it eliminated some very ugly shadows brought on by Maxis update BS. Anyhow the door still looks great.

    South Korean Banknotes + Pinterest Milk Carton Piggy Bank

    So I was on Pinterest lol of course and I saw these super cute milk carton piggy banks and I was like omg so cute I want but because I don’t drink milk I have no need to buy it so i just made a sims version instead. I think they are super cute. Also Also since they were request I also threw in some South Korean Banknotes.
    A special Thank You to Milkybunny for the Korean money textures

    Pinterest Inspired Milk Carton Piggy Bank

    - About 10 or so colors
    -Cost  §1
    -Found in Sculpture(or type in Mocha to fin

    KRW(Korean Won) Coi

    -2 items(front and back so you can see how beautiful they are)
     -5 colors each
    -Cost  1
    -Found in Sculpture(or type in Mocha to fi

    -Korean Banknotes

    -2 items(front and back cause like I said they are pretty)
    -4 colors each
    -Cost  1
    -Found in Sculpture(or type in Mocha to fi

    로드DOWNLOAD Items—-> SFS

    Feel Free to Recolor but please don’t include the mesh. Link back to this post please

    Feel Free to include in house lot cc

    -Feel free to tag me in screenshots @MOCHACHIII or not if you dont wanna i’lljustcryjustsaying

    - Don’t Re-upload or Redistribute or convert to other games without permission

    If there is anything wrong with the objects please let me know


    Spoilt Deco Items

    for your bougie sims

  • So Kate Shoes & Shoe Box
  • Shopping Box
  • Nail Polish
  • Money Stack
  • Download💎


  • Can convert .
  • Do not reupload  .
  • Can accessory .
  • Tag #KIKOVANITY so I can
  • TS4 Free Money Conversion

  • Located in Clutter & Miscellaneous Decor
  • 1 simoleon each

    Credits to @noiranddarksims she gave me permission a while ago and im now just finishing them

    2 Liter Harry Potter Drinks

    May convert to ts3 depends on who wants it I just did this one for fun.. I have others to lol

  • Located in Clutter
  • 2 simoleons
  • Have catalog labels as seen above
  • Mesh to  awrevell texture by me and googl

    I just felt like putting something else that I already had for download


    Tou may do stand alone recolors don’t include mesh. Have fun!


                                          sg5150 Makin’ Bank

    Protect your Gold, Diamonds, Platinum and Even your Milk Chocolate Bars. Mmmmm Yummy! Don’t forget to get your Simoleons at my site too if you have not already.


    Oh.. That is awesome!!  Thank you!!


    Simoleon Coins Version 2 - Now looking like Proper Coins

    With a big thanks to EmmaVane for inspiration and @budgie2budgie for helping find the mesh file, I now present to you my coins as actual coins!

    The Details:

    - They come in 5 amounts ($1, $5, $10, $20 and $50) all under the same catalog entry (so as not to clutter your buymode).

    - Can be found under both Electronics -> Misc or Decoration -> Clutter.

    - Can be dragged and placed in sim inventories.

    - Are stackable.


    This is base game only but does require the latest February 2016 patch ( [PC] / [MAC]) to work.



    Can you drag these into non-active sims inventories?

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that any Sims 4 objects can be dragged from your active sims’ inventories into non-active sim (i.e. a sim not in the household you are currently playing). I tried with every object I could think of including a few custom ones such as Zooroo’s ATM cards. 

    These allow sims to give each other gifts or pay for services by leaving these coins on the other sim’s home or retail lot. 

    But if somebody can find an object (cc or in game) that can be dragged into a non-active sim, please tell me and hopefully I should be able to update these so they can do the same.

    Do these depreciate?

    No, I have turned off the depreciation flag so they will not lose value over time or going between households.

    Can I still use your version 1 coins?
    Of course, these are completely separate non-conflicting objects. If your playing a history challenge (or just like rocks) and want that rocky aesthetic my earlier rock coins can be found here.


    Now I need a bank! :)